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Veteran Gourmet 2014-12-18
Garcon is only 10-minute-walk away from my boardinghouse and that's why, it becomes one of my most favorite places to go for dessert. Yes, desserts. Maybe many people love to go here for their authentic French dishes, but for me, their desserts are must-have! I really love this spacious restaurant as it is not only cozy for spending quite long time, but it is also able to make me feel the luxurious atmosphere due to its classic and elegant design. Moreover, as the venue has dim lighting and the seats are not really visible from the outside part of the restaurant, it somehow creates more privacy for the guests who dine in here.Gateau Au Fromage Blanc Passion (IDR 40k)Let’s start with something fresh. Combining the infamous rare cheesecake with refreshing passion fruit, which I believe you would rarely find or even have never found, this cake has delivered a brilliant innovation through a slice of cake. You could enjoy the ideal mixture of sweet and sour taste through a beautifully served slice of cake. For you who did not really like too creamy cheesecake, this cake would once again encourage you to order it. Moreover, at the bottom part, you could find the thin crispy crust that perfectly suited the moist texture of the cheesecake on top of it.Angeline (IDR 45k)At a glimpse, this cake might look like cheesecake. However, it was totally different in actual. For you who desired slight alcohol taste to be enjoyed in your piece of cake, Angeline would surely be your angel. Blending burnt white chocolate mousse with Bailey’s toffee, this cake would give the answer to your craving. The unique Bailey’s toffee flavor perfectly balanced the sweet taste from the white chocolate mousse. Besides, the bottom part was also exceptional. It was somehow looked like cookie crumble, but with more moist and spongy texture, which of course added extra point to this cake. Overall, your taste bud would surely miss this unforgettable flavor.Babel (IDR 40k)In the middle of my confusion in choosing which cake to try first, I then picked Babel. Why? As I read through the explanation shown on the display, this cake was the combination of Chocolate Genoise (Italian sponge cake) and banana mousse. The first thing coming into my mind was what could go wrong when chocolate met banana? Surely nothing! Moreover, this cake’s presentation was just too good to be true! It looked engaging yet tempting. Taking the first bite, my mind was immediately blown away! It was SOOOO GOOD! The sponge cake was so moist and was not too sweet. The banana mousse completed with its refreshing taste and scent, which were perfectly blended into the cake. Coming as the extra bonus was the chocolate macaron on top of the cake, which did not only make Babel look more attractive, but also became additional happiness for your taste bud. Not to forget, there was one last hidden surprise from this cake, the peanut butter in the middle of it, which was invisible from the outer appearance of the cake. What else could I ask besides “May I have some more?”Rocher Monaco (IDR 40k) Are you a chocolate lover? Then gimme a hi-five! So here was Rocher Monaco, the hazelnut chocolate tart which certainly would not fail to satisfy you. It’s just SUPER DUPER YUMMMM! So chocolate and absolutely so so so me! I can’t help myself from taking morespoons of it. Every single element of this cake was amazing. Pie crust was crispy, hazelnut chocolate taste was strong, and the chocolate glazing was gorgeous! Presentation wise, I thought Rocher Monaco was the winner of the most elegant appearance among all cakes. So if you’retrying to find a place to go for dessert, I believe now you’ve had the answer.Perfect taste, perfect place, perfect service; I am indeed a highly satisfied customer. Some of you now might wonder, “Then how about the savoury dishes?” As I said, I firstly fell in love with Garcon because of their desserts. However, I do feel curious to try their savoury dishes. You needn't worry because once I try it, you’ll surely get the update!Find me on:http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @jessica_gaby continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Novice Gourmet 2014-11-18
Garcon merupakan salah satu restoran yang ada di mall plaza senayan, restoran ini merupakan french resto, selain menyediakana makanan restoran ini juga menyediakan berbagai macam cake, dari sliced cake ataupun whole cake, teman teman bisa nih kalau mau kue ulang tahun pakai kue dari sini karena disini rasa kuenya juga enak enak, datang dan disambut pelayan gw masuk dan diberikan menu, desaiinyapun bagus, diamana ada etalase didepannya yang memajang bermacam macam kue yang bisa dilihat.Disini ada makanan yang bisa dinikmatin seperti makanan  pembuka yang bisa dinikmatin ada sup jamur, sup bawang, ada mushroom tart, escargots, ada cheese platters, ada juga kentang goreng menu wajib kayaknya ya di setiap resto, ada kroket, chicken wings dan calamari juga, nah ada salad nih, pilihan saladnya juga ada banyak kok yang bisa dimakan, ada menu utama seperti pasta dan risottonya juga wajib dicoba risottonya enak enak, kemudian ada menu fish dan seaffod, japanes scallopnya enak deh, dan king prawnnya juga enak, selain itu ada dory fish,pomfret fillet, nah untuk dagingnya disni ada roast chicken,duck, lamb wagyu, beef cheek, dan ada juga burger yang bisa dinikmatin, trus untuk  minumannya juga banyak pilihannya ada fresh juice , special juice, teh water, soft drinks, cocktail, chocolate, beer dan wine. untuk penutup pastinya ada ue kue yang bisa dicoba disini, ada kue mille fuillenya enak deh dan kue kue lain serta ada ice cream juga. harganya ya lumayanlah buat di kantong tapi rasanya enak untuk dimulut.Silahkan datang dan mencoba ya continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Novice Gourmet 2013-12-22
Ah, inilah salah satu dari sekian dessert yang paling enak yang pernah gw coba. Apa itu vanilla mille feuille? Ini adalah dessert yang unik, kombinasi dari biskuit, krim, dan kue vanilla yang enaakkk. Vanillanya pas, ga bikin enek. Seluruh kombinasi ini menyatu dan jadilah sepotong dessert yang meleleh di mulut. Di Garcon, pilihan dessert emang banyak dan enak-enak sih. Untuk harga segitu, gw rasa cukup normal karena yang dijual bener-bener unik dan enak. Worth the try lah, apalagi kalo sambil nongkrong di bistro & bar yang keren ini continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)