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Veteran Gourmet 2016-07-25
“I hope I can handle the garlicky flavour!”That’s what I said in my mind when I visited this Italian restaurant that seems to be obsessed with garlic. All the way from South Korea, Mad For Garlic currently operates in four different countries with a total of 40 outlets, including two in Jakarta.It was an undeniably late lunch when I visited the restaurant, but I still found quite a few tables being occupied. I was wondering whether they had their lunch late or they really love the place.FoodMFG Cobb Salad (IDR 100K++)The salad was certainly refreshing and enjoyable, but the seasoning was a little bit lacking. It needed tiny bit sprinkles of salt and vinegar.Lobster Cream Pasta (IDR 220K++)The flavourful pasta was well cooked and stunningly creamy. I was pleased to see that they weren’t stingy about the lobster meat.Garlic Snowing Pizza (IDR 140K++)Never did I realise that a garlic pizza would be this heavenly. It didn’t have a pungent smell of garlic, just some crunchy pieces resting on top of the thin, crispy pizza. Oh, and have I mentioned the sweet white sauce that was insanely satisfying, the chewy shrimps and the little pineapple cuts that amped up the flavour? This pizza creation was a brilliant one!This place is a good one for having a late lunch, as the service was quite quick, and the food was absolutely delightful. TBH, I was a little surprised by the food, as I thought all of them would be infused with too much garlic taste. I would certainly come back for the pizza! But, it would be better if I don’t find any mosquitoes on my next visit.*Nona Tukang Makan was not invited or paid by any individual or business to write this review. The opinion stated is strictly hers. continue reading
Review (38)
Veteran Gourmet 2014-07-24
(Who love garlic?)Me! Me! Me! I really really love garlic since I was little, I don't know why, but I love the smell and taste of garlic. (though the aftermath of eating garlic is quite discomforting) So as a garlic-lover, I decided to eat at Mad for Garlic that day, a restaurant that specialized in serving garlic-based Italian cuisine.Even though they serve garlic-based Italian cuisine, Mad for Garlic was actually originated in Korea in 2001. They already have branches in Korea and Singapore, and the one in Indonesia is located in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, one of the biggest malls in Jakarta, I bet you won't have any difficulties in finding this restaurant.The interior is decorated like medieval European rustic tavern, there are garlic hanging here and there. (I bet draculas won't be able to enter this restaurant, lol!) The place was quite, cozy and a little bit dark, the restaurant itself is spacey and I reckon they can accommodate more than 100 people.They have smoking area and non-smoking area, I opted for the non-smoking area that day. It was not really crowded that day, I bet because it's not time to break the fast yet. The place was quite, the only thing I could hear was some Western songs that are played from the speakers.Without further ado, let's talk about their food!Crispy Chicken Salad (IDR 60k)The Crispy Chicken Salad is basically salad topped with chicken and crispy fried wonton skin. Not a big fan of vegetables or salad, it tasted pretty okay for me. The only thing I questioned was where is the crispy chicken, because the skinless chicken fillet was definitely not crispy at all, and they definitely write "crispy chicken and oriental salad dressing" on the menu. I guess the 'crispy' word refers to fried wonton skin not the chicken.Chicken & Pasta Combo (IDR 120k)The Chicken & Pasta Combo was super duper freaking delicious. The pasta tasted pretty decent and the chicken was to die for, it was seasoned nicely, tender, flavorful and perfectly grilled. To make it clear, this was my favorite menu at Mad for Garlic, I won't mind to have this menu again every time I go to Mad for Garlic!Overall, it was a nice visit to Mad for Garlic, I felt like I have fulfilled my craving for garlic that day. The service was friendly and quick, the food was nice and the ambiance was cozy. I wouldn't mind to have another visit to Mad for Garlic, especially for the Chicken & Pasta Combo! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Novice Gourmet 2013-12-14
Buat openricers yang ngaku suka banget sama bawang putih, ada satu restoran di Grand Indonesia yang menyajikan bawang putih lho sebagai hidangan utamanya iya bawang putih, tapi jangan judge dulu rasanya, soalnya menu-menu disini oke punya dengan rasa yang enak tentunya Letaknya ada di West mal Grand Indonesia, dan berada di Ground floor, dari halaman luar udah keliatan kok restorannya, jadi gak pusing kan nyarinya?Suasanannya asik banget, tempatnya emang agak terkesan gelap namun minimalis menurut saya. Konsep dna interiornya juga sangat pas. Nyaman deh disini. Pelayanannya juga bagus dan sangat baik. Kebersihan restoran juga sangat bagus openricers. Dan ktita bakal liat nbanyak pernak-pernik bawang yang lucu disini Untuk makanan sendiri, pilihannya cukup banyak tapi menu utama lebih ke pasta/nasi/steak sih. Saya pun memesan Garlicpeno pasta, harganya cukup manusiawi,hanya 55K. Isinya sendiri spaghetti dengan bumbu seperti aglio oglio dengan saus yang sedikit pedas, lalu diatasnya ada bawang putih goreng. Pas liat sih udah no hope gitu, eh tau-tau pas nyoba rasanya enak juga lho.. hehe bener kata orang, jangan judge cover sebelum coba isinya . Tapi buat 55K sih too simple sih hehe.Overall sih buat yang suka sama bawang putih wajib nih cobain Mad for garlic. Rasa bawangnya heavenly banget, enak enak enak continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Rising Gourmet 2013-06-02
Mad for garlic yang ada di grand indonesia ini resto nya cukup nyaman sekali atmosphere nya,dan pada waktu saya makan di resto ini sedang ada beberapa orang yang makan disini,dan waktu datang makan ke resto mad for garlic ini saya juga disambut dengan sangat baik sekali oleh pelayan yang ada di resto ini....Dan pelayan yang ada di resto mad for garlic ini juga cukup membantu sekali dalam memberikan saran sewaktu saya memilih menu makanan yang ada di resto ini,karena pelayan yang ada di resto mad for garlic ini cukup informatif sekali dalam memberikan informasi menu makanan yang ingin saya makan....Ketika saya makan disini saya memesan izza mad for garlic adalah menu pizza yang saya pesan ketika itu dan pizza yang saya pesan ini dibuat nya dengan bertekstur tipis,dan diatas pizza nya terdapt daging asapnya dan taburan grlic nya,uda gitu terdapat juga cheese dan bubuk cabe hijau nya dan pas saya makan rasa pizza ini pun terasa cukup nyumy banget deh rasanya....Spinach salad adalah menu salad yang terdiri dari daun bayam,potongan daging bacon dan serta diberi taburan bawang putih goreng nya..dan rasa dari menu salad ini pun terasa cukup nikmat dan enak banget rasanya.dan saya pun cukup menyukai menu yang saya pesan ini... continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)