RMS Restaurants Other Restaurants
Restaurant Data Management
Special designed restaurant page  
Real-time updates and display of restaurant information such as
signature dishes, opening hours, etc.
Display restaurant logo  
Hyperlink to restaurant's offical website  
Manage and display up to 20 restaurant photos  
Show restaurant video  
Manage and display other manus, including dine-in menu
and wine list
Release lastest news and promotional messages  
Issue coupons (subject to approval by OpenRice)  
Release restaurant news (subject to approval by OpenRice)  
Customer Relationship Management
Respond to customer restaurant reviews publicly or privately on
on behalf of the restaurant
Email alert for new restaurant review  
Restaurant page shows profile pictures of Facebook fans  
Promotion Opportunities for the restaurant
Show more photos and includes notice board link in the
search results
Restaurant name marked with striking graphics  
Exposure on the page of other restaurants in the same cuisine type  
Coupons featured in other restaurant profile pages  
Other restaurants of the same cuisine type will not
appear on your restaurant page
Become an OpenRice-recommended restaurant