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OCT 12

Hi there! Couple days ago I found new tea store in Central Park (wait another one? Yes it is) and give addition in tea store list in Central Park : Chatime, Calais,Quickly and also Come Buy (Come Buy one come very soon due to their outlet is almost finished near Gong Cha).

Gong Cha itself, like many others, franchised from Taiwan, homeland of tea drink stated since 2006. Gong Cha is Chinese language of Imperial Tea or I can’t say, Tea served only for special person like Emperor.
Gong Cha's photo in Slipi )
Gong Cha location in Central Park located near Sushi Tei and The Duck King. Simple outlet with comfort seating area, consisted of few wood chair and couch chair, maybe in total for maximum 15 persons. Since it newly opened, there were some ballons decoration in front of the store. In overall, their design is pretty good, clean and simple. Provided seating area really a great facility.Their menu actually very simple and lack of variety compared to other brand. Their menu divided into several categories :

House Special Gong Cha
-Green Tea 20.000 / Earl Grey Tea 20.000 / Winter Melon 23.000

Milk Tea Series
-Black Milk Tea 18.000 / Earl Grey Milk Tea 18.000 / Caramel Milk Tea 20.000 / Chocolate milk 20.000

Brewed Tea
-Black Tea 15.000 / Green Tea 15.000 / Allean Tea 15.000 / Roselle Tea 18.000 / Winter Melon 18.000

-Iced Coffee 18.000 / Winter Melon Latte 20.000 / GongCha Iced Coffee 23.000

Fusion Drinks
-Mango Yoghurt 20.000 / Yoghurt Green Tea 20.000 / Lemon Winter Melon 20.000From what I see, Gong Cha more focusing on selling tea drink with some tea variety I have never seen sold in others tea shop brand. Unfortunately, there are only one cup size available in Gong Cha, very different from other brands who sold two drink size : regular and large

Based on the photo, I really interested to buy this menu, and after the waiteress recommend this menu too and explaining about this house special category, me and my girlfiriend decided to buy 2 type of tea from this category.

bowlWinter Melon Gong Cha House Special
Add topping Pearl
Price 23.000 + 3.000

The unique component from this tea is the thick milk cream floating at the top, separated from the tea itself. As you see, this drink like divided into 3 layer : milk cream, tea, and pearl on the bottom of the glass. The milk cream added with few Matcha powder too. As explained by one waiter, he very kindly explain to me how to drink this tea to feel each component. We should open the cup (top of the cup is not press like the common packaging). First I drink the cream milk only. The cream milk tasted a little saltiness inside with light flavor. Maybe it’s like a rock salt cheese, but this one have lighter flavor. Then I drink the tea with my straw. Winter Melon is commonly known as Kundur in Indonesia. The Winter Melon tasted great with, strong and real flavor of winter melon and, for me, level of sweetness is just perfect (normal sugar). As each person preferences maybe different, Gong Cha also offer personalization for ice and sweetness level.

Finally I mixed the winter melon and cream milk. The color felt like milk tea, but the flavor obviously different with common milk tea. It have saltiness flavor and the cream milk itself not really sweet, so what I can taste after mixing this drink more to sweetness of wintermelon, not the milk, and sweetness of wintermelon.

Above my early expectation, I really love this drink, tasted really great and also very unique, with high quality winter melon tea used.
Gong Cha's photo in Slipi )
bowl Earl Gong Cha House Special
Price 23.000 + 3.000

This drink ordered without any topping. Basicly same with above, this drink also presented with cream milk on the top. Unfortunately It already mixed when I want to take a picture.
Earl Grey have strong flavor of tea compared to others, and from what I taste, Earl Grey in Gong Cha have really great taste of Earl Grey. The taste felt so authentic and real. If you like Earl Grey, you must try Gong Cha’s earl grey, so good !

This drink use 100%(normal) sweetness level, and felt a little oversweet for my girlfriend, maybe should try for 75% sweetness level. The cream milk flavor is light, so the cream milk not overpowered taste of earl grey since the cream milk more dominated with salty flavor than sweet flavor.
Gong Cha's photo in Slipi )
If you authentic taste of tea lover, I think you will like Gong Cha. They have strong and authentic tea flavor as their speciality. Their Gong Cha House Special drink is so damn unique yet good and delicious. The price is quite expensive actually for some product, but since what I categorized expensive is their signature drink and it tasted really great, I will comeback again to buy their winter melon house special again. Another point lacking is no large size. Only regular size available, so maybe this factor that make this drink feel a bit expensive.

So for me, Gong Cha is new and great tea house in Jakarta which offer great taste and disctintive selection of tea.
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