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Irin Huang
Irin Huang
Value for money
We spent...
Approx. Rp.200.000
MAY 12

It's always been my sweet memory ;)
Last year, I went to Segarra Restaurant to have dinner with my bf.. People said we could see sunset from there at about 5 P.M. but we came late sad and it was raining when we got there so we could not enjoy the beach area.. In the middle of the dinner, thank God the rain stopped! Then we moved to the orbit sofa.. I heard that there was a minimum purchase to enjoy the orbit sofa..Rp 300.000 if I''m not mistaken..
The food was great and the drink was awesome smile I ate spaghetti with many olive slices and cheesy bread which I forgot the exact name. The spaghetti was very yummy.. The taste was very different from the spaghetti in Pizza Hut although you can see how plain is the spaghetti and first I saw the spaghetti I thought it wouldnt be that tasty. Oh, we also ordered a plate of sushi.. the cheese in the sushi was much and verryyy delicious.. Even the side dishes were very yummy..
A plate of Spaghetti cost almost Rp 100.000 and so did the sushi.
The atmosphere was so elegant and romantic especially at the beach area, the orbit sofa was on the sand and the sofa faced the sea.. The sofa was quite big so you could make private space in it..
The service was satisfying with quite speedy delivery.. The place was also clean and awesome..

Later I will definitely go there again <3

Happy Anniversary for us! Jadi ceritanya g sm cowo g kesini bwt ngerayain taon pertama qta. g pilih disini setelah searching2 tempat oke d google, ktny sih disini lumayan romantis gitu, trs ga ...
Segarra ancol adalah resto yang ada di ancol yang mempunyai pemandangan yang paling bagus di ancol,,benar - benar cantik nih restoran,,,sumpah.... Tempat ini sangat romantis,Tempat ini sangat c...