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Dae Jang Geum

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Value for money
JUN 11

During my short holiday in Yogyakarta and with my parent own house on the way to Kaliurang, so when we headed down town, we often use few diferrent roads. Once we passed jalan Palagan and saw big establieshement with Korean sign. In instant I mentioned that we need to stop by and try their dishes.

The building of this restaurant just like a set in a many korean dramas or movies, with traditional architecture. The word Dae Jang Geum mean Palace Jewel and certainly we feel like dining in a palace.

So the next day we stopped by and order several different dishes, from spicy tofu soup, galbi, bulgogi, bibimbap and side dishes came, such as kimchi etc..

I had and always love Korean food and whats amazing that the taste of all the food serve in Dae Jang Geum Yogyakarta were blown my mind away... I wish my tummy are bigger so could have more food.

The delicious taste still stuck in my mind and cant wait to go back to Yogyakarta for my next holiday.... very very recommended...!!!
Nama ini mungkin akan terasa familiar bagi kamu yang udah pernah nonton film Korea nya dulu.. Jang Geum ini menceritakan tentang si wanita yang bekerja di dapur kerajaan dan selalu bikin resep men...