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Level4 2013-12-05
On the main street of Ubud, Warung Ijo has a very narrow entrance, often blocked by parked scooters. Wriggle your way through, as it's definitely worth it. A self service buffet with a large choice of meat, fish and vegetable dishes offers plenty of options. Red and green sambal is available for customers who like their food nice and spicy. You can scoop as much as you want for the buffet meals and they will give you the card how much you have to pay for it... after they check the meals that you had.There are some ala carte items which you can order separately. Other thing that I like about this small restaurant is they are clean. With open kitchen, you can see how they always make sure everything is clean and not smell bad.The food is solid and good. The best time to visit this place is lunch time when the menu already completed and ready. They're still open until about 7-8 pm, but of course there is not much left on their buffet meals. I ordered THE NASI RAMES (20k) so I could try a couple different dishes.The nasi rames was fantastic... four dishes around a pile of super soft fragrant rice. All the side dishes were good. Sayur Lodeh: The lodeh was basically vegetables basked in coconut milk, and it was not light on the coconut. Ayam Kalasan: BBQ fried chicken. It was a little sweet, but the chicken was made so tender and mouthwatering. My personal ALL time favorite is oseng-oseng tempe. The sweet soy sauce and combination of many spices makes this any vegetarian's dream dish. And last but not least, a spring roll. And for Moslem people, yes, it's halal! continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-04
kalau yang ini salah satu resto halal di area ubud. dari depan tidak terlalu kentara bahwa ini adalaha resto karena bagian depannya berbagi dengan money changer, dan plang namanya tidak terlalu mencolok. tapi berjalan sedikit ke bagian belakang dan terlihatlah deretan meja kursi lesehan drengan warna hijau mencolok. untuk memesan makanan, bisa menuju etalase untuk memilih pilihan ramesan, atau bisa juga memesan dari buku menu. salah satu menu yang dipesan adalah es pisang ijo kalau tidak salah sekitar rp 20.000 selain itu nasi goreng rp 25000. pelayanannya cukup cepat dan tidak lama makanan sudah tersaji. dari keduanya yang lebih enak es pisang ijonya, satu pisang dibungkus adonan tepung beras, bukan crepe seperti yang biasa ada di pasaran, jadi rasanya lebih enak. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)