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It's been a long looong time since I wrote in openrice, and of course I really miss it. So when i have some spare time like now, I decided to write some reviews. Thanks to openrice that now I have a tablet PC's, so that I can write some revoews using it. And also lucky that I have just had some trip to Bali and Lombok lately, so I decided to share some restaurant review there. Okay, i spent about 4 days in Bali and I have tried some local and international foods there. But right now, i want to s
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It's been a long looong time since I wrote in openrice, and of course I really miss it. So when i have some spare time like now, I decided to write some reviews. Thanks to openrice that now I have a tablet PC's, so that I can write some revoews using it. And also lucky that I have just had some trip to Bali and Lombok lately, so I decided to share some restaurant review there. Okay, i spent about 4 days in Bali and I have tried some local and international foods there. But right now, i want to share a restaurant called "Arena". Errr, not really a restaurant I guess, because as you can see in the pics, they also used to be a pubs. We can find many restaurant that have a concept like Arena in Bali. Yeah, as here, we can find a lot of foreign tourists that need a place to dine and drink.
Nah from our tour-guide, we heard that actually they have 2 locations in Bali. He said some place that i didn't know (and i also don't remember) and the others are the one that we visited in Sanur area. I remembered that it was located in a quite big street. Honestly, if I was alone, I wouldn't have visited this place. Why? Because from the outside, this place looked expensive hahaha. But again, lucky that day, it was one of my friend's birthday. Yeah and we were treated by him. Thank you so much bro hahahaha. Okay, back to business, we came there for a lunch before going back to Jakarta as our guide said that the location was no far from the airport.
When we came there, we are the only visitors there. The waitress said that rarely would the place get crowded for lunch, but for a dinner, you should have booked unless you want to stand there and wait for an empty table. Nah from the concept i guess you can imagine some old American restaurant with a woody interior and small bar in the corner. They also have a billiard table, but i didn't manage to photograph them because i was more interested with their many selections of food. For the capacity, let's say about 20 - 30 tables with 4 seats each. Not a really big place i guess, but it's a homy and cozy restaurant. Because when we came there, it was just around their opening hour, so the place was very clean and well organized. It's well air-conditioned as Bali is hotter than Jakarta. The toilet (yes, it's important for me ...) was also clean enough.

The waitress here was very polite and they also speak English fluently. When we asked about some menu, they could explain it clearly, so I guess the service was good enough. I don't know if it's in their peak hour because by that time, I only saw about 2 - 3 waitresses there.

Okay, about the food and beverage there, I have said that the concept was about a restaurant and a pub, so we can find a lot of alcoholic drinks here. But we didn't come here to drink so nobody ordered their cocktails. Sorry I can't share about that as I'm also not an alcoholic drinker. About the food, actually that time I didn't expect anything good, but I was wrong because they had a lot varieties of dish. Mostly are westerns such as steaks, pasta, soup, etc. Umm, and I guess they also served pork here so you've better asked first for your food as not all of them have a clear explanation about the contains.

Well, here are some foods that we ordered ...
Calamari Ring, Rp. 50k ++
Actually we didn't intend to order some appetizers, because rarely have us a 3 course dinner like the westerns. But one of my friend ordered it to make it her lunch. Too bad when it came, the portions were quite small and because the appearance was interesting, we decided that it would be our appetizer for the lunch hahaha. Poor my friend, but don't worry because finally she could choose another dish. This menu actually was what we called "Cumi Goreng Tepung". And for me, anything that was fried with the flour will always be good. The size of the squid itself was not big, so it was easy to eat. The taste is good and not to crispy. We could still tasted the squid's taste, not only the flour. Also it was also not to salty nor so oily. Everything was perfect except the portion hahaha. Served with a Tartar dipping that had a garlic aroma and was one of my favorite sauce. An excellent dish to start our lunch.
Fresh Salad and Garlic Bread, Free
Mmm, first we were surprised because we didn’t order any salad by that time. But the waitress explained that it was part of our next dishes which was Carbonara. The salad came in a small bowl, but I suggest it’s only consisted of a slice of lettuce with a selection of dressing. My friend chose a mayonnaise dressing which was a standard dressing. Nothing special, but I guess it’s a bonus after all. For the garlic bread, the size was quite large and the taste was also good. Crispy with mild garlic aroma that was not too stinky. It’s better to be eaten together with the salad.
Fettucini Carbonara, Rp 45k ++
One of my friends was a carbonara freak. So when he saw this menu in the list, he just ordered it. For me, what a pity to order some “ standard” menu in this kind of restaurant. But I guess it’s depend on the person. Well, for the carbonara, they provided it with two kind of smoked meat. My friend ordered it with the pork bacon. A good choice of course because when I tried some of the dish, the taste was really great and the bacon was surprisingly match with the flavor of the creamy sauce of carbonara. The pasta was perfectly cooked and the creamy sauce was perfectly matched in quantity or quality. The portion in the picture might be not to large, but my friend said that it was enough for him.
Fish and Chips, Rp 60k ++
Some of my friends are Muslims, so at the first time they were a little bit perturbed with the menu here. But the waitress convinced that they even use the different kitchen for the cooking of the food, so I think it’s safe for them. She finally ordered a Fish and Chips, a safe menu I guess for everyone as this menu is an all time favorite dish. For me, the best fish and chips will always belongs to F*sh n Co. For the menu here, they didn't use a Dori Fish, which for me is the best fish for fish and chips. So, a little bit fishy aroma did exist. The battered layer was crispy but not too thick as you could still taste the fish. Served with a Tartar sauce that was the same with the calamari I guess. You could choose the side this whether French fries or mashed potato. Watch out, the portion of this menu was big enough for two girls.
Ayam Bakar Bumbu Rujak, Rp 40k ++
This menu was not written in their menu list, but my friend saw it on the wall. Well, a little bit strange I guess as Arena was a western restaurant ... , and pub of course. But nothing is impossible as they also served this traditional food. Yes, it was also written in Bahasa Indonesia, not “Rojak Grilled Chicken” or anything else. I don’t know if you could choose the leg or the breast, but the last one that we ordered, we got a large chicken leg, perfectly grilled with a red colored seasoning. The taste was as you can imagine, spicy enough for me, but i guessed they have adjusted it with the “Bule’s” taste as it was a little bit sweet too. Served with a “Sambal Kangkung” side dish and also a portion of plain rice. Surprisingly the taste of this food was good and even though the portion was quite big, my friend managed to get rid of it.
Honey Grilled US Pork Baby Back Ribs, Rp 90k ++
Finally, here was the ultimate food, as the waitress said that it was their favorite and special menu there. Who could resist this grilled baby back ribs. To be honest, I have never tried this food elsewhere before. But my friend said that the ribs here was even more delicious than the ribs in To** R***s in Jakarta. The meat was very juicy and soooo tender. Grilled perfectly with a rich honey sauce that was not too sweet. Then it was battered with the BBQ sauce that was delicious too. Everything is perfect and it was also not too lardy. I guess the portion was for one person only as it only consisted of five pieces of ribs and served with a selection of mashed potato or fries. At the end, we finally shared this food together as the taste was also made us addicted.

Ice Tea, Rp 10k ++
Finally, Indonesians ... , even when eating some western food like this one, me and my friends could not forget some Indonesian taste. So we ordered some Ice Tea (Sweet or Plain) to accompany our foods. It’s not a good match as I once heard that originally, the steak is best eaten with soda or beer. Well, but I love sweet ice tea hehehe. The taste of the tea was just like tea. Nothing special but because I love tea, so I will just say that the taste was good enough. The sugar was served separately and you can adjust the sweetness of this tea. The glass was quite big enough but you couldn’t refill it.

Overall, Arena is a quite interesting place as it serve many varieties of food, mainly western. The place was cozy enough and nice place to hang out. The price is, you can say medium – high, but still affordable for us. After we finished our lunch, I saw some foreign tourist came by. So I guess this place was also quite famous out there. The taste of the food is delicious. I do really love this place. Psssst, my friend said that the price on the other branch is more expensive than this one.

Hmm, don’t forget the 10% Tax and around 11% of Service Charge ...
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