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Level3 2016-02-25
Sesekali main sama teman-teman gereja ke tempat ini, ke daerah Greenville sini jarang sebenarnya, tapi karena ada salah satu teman yang ulang tahun dan dia bikin diner birthday disini jadi bisa cobain restoran ini.19th Avenue kedengarannya asik ya nama tempatnya, memang tempatnya cozy dan nyaman banget buat nongkrong dan ngumpul-ngumpul disini. Buat yang suka nongkrong sambil minum bir cocok disini.Lalu, gw coba pesen minuman Green Tea Smoothies, rasa Green Tea-nya berasa banget, terus di blended!!! Duh, enak banget terus di atasnya dikasih juga setengah Oreo.Ada banyak macam makanan dan minuman, sayangnya gw cuma foto minuman gw ini dan makanan dan minuman yang lain nggak gw foto.So, buat yang suka nongkrong, nge-bir, nobar bola rame-rame, atau mau spending friday nite ini salah satu tempat rekomemdasi disini. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-10-12
Decoration(No, not now.. you can look away later when you finished reading this review!)I reckon many of you have heard about this restaurant before, 19th Avenue is a cool restaurant and bar with industrial concept located in West Jakarta, specifically at Green Ville. 19th Avenue has been established since 2012 and recently they decided to re-brand their restaurant with bunch of new menus. They claim that the new menus are more unique and more delicious than the previous one, so I guess it's worth a try!InteriorBarDecorationThe restaurant has two floors and both floors are big and spacey enough, I reckon they can accommodate up to 150 people in total. The place itself is quite dark and has a minimal amount of lighting, so it's a bit hard to take a great pictures (I did my best though, so don't worry and hope you guys like it!). But the good things were, the place was cozy enough because of dim lighting and it was not really crowded that day. I personally love everything about the decoration and I wouldn't mind to spend hours here!Let's talk about their foods!BBQ Beef Ribs with Waffle Potato and Coleslaw (IDR 129k)BBQ Beef Ribs with Waffle Potato and Coleslaw(Look at those sexy beef ribs!)The BBQ Beef Ribs was served along with waffle potato and coleslaw and it was superb! The Beef Ribs was chewy and tender, though I would like it more if it was more tender and the BBQ sauce was nice. I personally love the well-seasoned waffle potato, it had a perfect level of crispness and I wouldn't mind to devour all of those waffle potatoes by myself!BBQ Beef Ribs with Waffle Potato and ColeslawPepper Chicken with Mashed Potato and Black Pepper Sauce (IDR 76k)Pepper Chicken with Mashed Potato and Black Pepper SauceThe Pepper Chicken was topped with black pepper sauce and served along with mashed potato. The chicken was tender and seasoned nicely, but it was too oily for my liking. The sauce was light, watery and I could barely feel the black pepper flavor. As for the potato, I'm not a big fan of mashed potato, it was very soft and tasted pretty decent for me.Pepper Chicken with Mashed Potato and Black Pepper SauceOverall, I had a great time at 19th Avenue, the food they served tasted pretty decent and some were pretty delicious, the service was okay and it was indeed a cool place to hang out with friends. I didn't get to try their dish before they decided to re-brand, so I cannot provide comparison between the new menus and old menus. But, I can say that the new menus was indeed unique and even though the price was quite high, I do think that some were worth to try. (especially those karaage and fries!)Last but not least, thanks to 19th Avenue for having me! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-09-05
Hai openricers.. Kali ini gw mau review salah satu restoran yang ada di Jakarta Barat.Kali ini gathering openrice di 19th Avenue, Green Ville di Jakarta Barat. Awalnya ragu buat ksana karna jauh banget, eh pas dijalanin ternyata ga jauh2 banget dari kantor gw di cilandak hahaahaSampe parkirannya tampak depan resto ini tidak terlalu terang, ada pintu raksaksa untuk masuk kedalamnya. Suasana didalem juga aga remang2 haha tapi suasananya asik banget buat nongkrong.Ternyata 19th Avenue bakal rebranding restonya, jadi semuanya apalagi menu2nya akan lebih oke kedepannya.Lanjut ke inti makanannya, awalnya kita disuguhin appetizer yaitu Mushroom Soup, Tommato Soup, Mini Garden Salad, Nacos Mexicanos, Mushroom Ajilo dan Karage and Fries. Berhubung gw ga terlalu suka mushroom jadi nilai mushroom gw taro paling bawah, paling atas Mini Garden Salad.Untuk maincourse nya ada BBQ Beef Robs with Waffle Potatto an Coleslaw yang JUARA NO 1 diantara semua menu yang gw makan, ini enak bangetttt sampe ke salad2nya. Harus dicoba kalo kesini.Selain itu ada Pepper Chicken with Mashed Potato.Selain itu ada Pasta yang enaak banget dan juga 3 vatian Pizza yang unik, salah satunya yang berwarna black berasal dari tinta cumi.Minumannya pun disajikan sangat menarik dan tentu dengan rasa yang sangat menyegarkan.So, kalo mau ke resto yang bisa haha hihi serasa dirumah, 19th Avenue pilihan yang pas. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-09-03
Hi Openricers.West Jakarta maybe isn't as hip as Pantai Indah Kapuk, or South Jakarta in particular when it comes about good and hip spots for dining. You will find a lot of malls and shopping centers here, but to find a great spot with a line of nice restaurants wouldn't be as easy as if you go to Pantai Indah Kapuk, or Senopati.Having to work at an office located in West Jakarta, it sure helps to know that there is one cool spot to hang out after work and get a decent meal. I'm talking about 19th Avenue.This restaurant is located at Greenville. The restaurant's name, if I may guess, must be derived from its location which is at Greenville avenue no. 19. Just a guess though.The outlook of the restaurant is pretty catchy. You can never miss this restaurant since it has a big signage too on the side of the street.The theme of the interior is industrial. When I arrived here, what I found at first sight was this big giant metal door as the restaurant's main entrance. Pretty unique, right? But it's kinda heavy too. Don't worry though, there will be someone opening the door for you.Entering the restaurant, I was bedazzled with the beautiful interior inside. Since it's applying industrial theme, there are a lot of hard material involved in the interior design. Wire fences on the walls. Dark colored stone for the tiles. Dark wood for tables and chairs. A lot of picture frames with unique messages in it. The lights were dimmed to give more comfort. So yes, it's so unique, cozy, and comfortable.I was seated at the second floor. In this floor most seats are sofas so it's more comfortable up here I think.So what about the food? Let's see what I tasted that day.Chef Mini Garden Salad - IDR 42K.Since this is a foodtasting event, I can't really be detailed about the whole dish (do forgive me). Well, you know how it is in a foodtasting event, you took snapshots of this dish and decided not to tasted it first because you want to take photos of another dish and when you went back to try suddenly it's all out. Yeah, that's pretty much what happened to me. But according to my foodie friend, well it's quite decent. I don't know what exact ingredients are used there, but I reckon there were some mushrooms, tomatoes, and bellpeppers involved. Sorry can't inform you about the taste, but if you should ever come to 19th avenue do please order it and let me know how it taste.Mushroom Soup - IDR 35K.This one is my favourite. It tasted pretty good. It came with a slice of baguette that had melted cheese on its top. Yummy. The sensation of chewing that baguette after dipping it in the soup was exquisite. I sure do hope there wasn't only one baguette served in the menu since it's tasty.Tomato Soup - IDR 35K.At first glance I thought this was a bowl of pumpkin soup. Looking at its pale orange color, I'd never guess this is tomato soup. Well, I prefer tomato soup to be reddish, and had a sweet savory taste. This one is more sour. And for my palate I don't really like a taste of sour tomatoes. But the overall taste was nice, just not my desired palate.Nachos Mexicanos - IDR 52K.What's great about the nachos is that they poured salt in it so it didn't went bland like regular nachos elsewhere. Since it was also seasoned with jalapeno and chilli con-carne well it had a bit of spicy punch. Mexican food should be spicy, right? So it's a well executed dish.Karage & Fries - IDR 48K.A nice dish. Tasted a little salty but hey, I loved salty food. The chicken was crunchy, and the batter was seasoned perfectly. The fries on the other hand, maybe needed to be salted a bit more.Mushroom de Ajilo - IDR 42K.It's actually had a decent seasoning. But I felt that the mushrooms weren't that fresh. Maybe just my bad luck that day. But if you do like mushrooms, you will like this menu.Aglio Olio with Prawn & Mushroom - IDR 62K.Served with big chunks of prawn. Visually, it looked so appetizing. The taste was also delicious too. The pasta, in this case is the spaghetti, was seasoned nicely. The mushroom and the prawn were so savory. Loving it.Cheese Madness - IDR 58K.I just loved cheese and this dish had me sent to cheese haven. Super delicious. The cheese wasn't that heavy so eating it mouthful after a mouthful was nice. The fettucine was cooked al-dente and the smoked beef was so generous. There are just a lot to love about this dish. Cheese lover, this is a must try!Gyutan Don Teriyaki - IDR 68K.Japanese-style rice bowl with deliciously cooked ox tongue covered in a savory teriyaki sauce and also katsuobushi. Enough said. I just want to tell you that this dish is so recommended. I rarely eat ox tongue, but I'm sure gonna love it thanks to this dish.Chicken Katsu Curry - IDR 62K.I loved the big portion of this dish. But maybe for my palate the curry sauce needed more flavor booster. I'd prefer a bold flavor when it comes to curry, and this one was a bit mild. The chicken katsu however, came with diced potatoes, diced sweet potatoes, rice and nori. The texture was a feast. Pepper Chicken - IDR 76K.A nice perfectly grilled chicken. The seasoning was great. The meat was so tender and juicy. I found some fat still lying around. But it's no problem though, some people might found this fat to be an elevating factor of the dish. The mashed potato that came along was also savory, and the gravy tasted excellent.BBQ Beef Ribs - IDR 129K.The most loveable dish that day. Every component of this dish was just stunning. Visually speaking, it's sooo appetizing. The taste was awesomely delicious. The meat was just executed to perfection. Juicy and so sooo tender. And you just gotta love the waffle fries. They're so crunchy and savory. A very recommended menu.19th Avenue Awesome Pizza - IDR 98K.A signature pizza dish from the restaurant. The dough was mixed along with squid ink in the process, resulting in a black pizza dough that had a unique taste. The toppings were bellpeppers, caramelized onions and seafood (in this case mostly prawns). The dough are quite thin, resembling the genuine Italian pizza. It's overall taste was good and pretty savory too. I just felt that maybe it's too oily though.Pesto Champion - IDR 88K.Never had pesto incorporated in any dish besides pasta before. This is my first time trying a pizza that uses pesto sauce instead of tomato sauce as its base. Well to be frank, it actually tasted nice. The toppings were mushrooms, basil leaves, onions and bellpeppers. If you want to try a twisted kind of pizza, you've got to try this one.Wild Fungi - IDR 86K.Mushroom feast! Yes, that's pretty much to say to describe this pizza. It uses three kinds of mushrooms: portabella mushrooms, champignon mushrooms, and button mushrooms as its toppings alongside with mozzarella cheese and onions. The base was tomato sauce. Yummy, and personally I liked it.Now let's move to the beverages. At 19th Avenue there are quite a lot of choices of beverages, starting from choices of teas, coffees, juices, sodas, smoothies, mocktails, and beers. Here are some that I tried.19th Avenue Ice Chocolate - IDR 36K.This is a smoothie made from fresh milk, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream. It tasted nice and the sweetness was just moderate for me. Just hoped that the chocolate had a bitter punch though.Fresh Milk - IDR 19K.The taste was really just like what a fresh milk should be. If you ever had tasted any UHT white milk, well that's the taste I'm talking about. What's good about it was that they didn't add any sugar so the milk stayed at its original flavor and not turning to be a milk candy.Banana Berry - IDR 38K.An overall refreshing drink. Sweet and nice, especially topped with that whipped cream. Yum!Blue Lychee Soda - IDR 36K.A mocktail. I loved it. So refreshing. And there were also a couple of lychee fruits inside.Pepppermint Lemonade - IDR 36K.The lemon taste was pretty strong. So yes it tasted more sour. And since it's incorporated with soda then there's a sparkling sensation when I drank it.Mango Tango - IDR 49K.I highly recommend this one. This drink is a mix between fresh milk, mango ice cream, mango extract and strawberry fruit. The taste is delicious. All ingredients mixed up so well. The texture of the smoothie was so soft too, and you might get some bity surprise from the strawberry fruits.19th Avenue Lemon Tea - IDR 36K.Given the restaurant's name stitched to menu is a whole lot of pressure. When I see menu like these, I put high expectations. And surely this signature lemon tea from 19th Avenue was no disappointments. It tasted pretty nice. I can surely taste the strong lemon, but it's not so overwhelming the tea either. A perfect balance. What a perfect drink after those savory dishes.Choices of Ice Cream (Single Scoop) - IDR 19K.There are quite a lot of choices of ice cream to choose from. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mango, green tea, and coffee. This one is the strawberry ice cream. Served with whipped cream and strawberry sauce. The ice cream was nice, soft and not too sugary. A good way to close my meal that day.Overall conclusion, this is a good spot to hang out if ever you should travel around West Jakarta and feel bored of going to the mall.It has got great ambience, a good service, and food that might be comfy to the tummy.A nice to hang out with its location that's quite strategic amongst the culinary area of Greenville.Prices are classified medium, starting from IDR 19K up to IDR 129K. Do remember there are 10% tax and 5% service charge.So, give it a try. Some menus might become your favourite. Well, I have my own favourite menus at 19th Avenue now, and can't wait to get back there and have them again.Keep on chewing!Jazzy DeeFor more of my culinary journey, visit: http://designerdoyanmakan.blogspot.comTwitter: @jzzydeeInstagram: @jzzydeeQuestions: http://ask.fm/jzzydee continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2014-09-02
Hey guys, This time I'm gonna review one of the restaurant in the West Jakarta alias Jakarta Barat, yang pasti identik dengan banyaknya komplek perumahan serta dua mall besar yaitu Taman Anggrek & Central Park. Nama resto ini adalah 19th Avenue, dari storefront nya sendiri sudah terlihat konsep Vintage-nya yang kental, mulai dari pintu (yang seperti gerbang penjara ), tembok yang diberi tulisan, pencahayaan nya yang remang-remang, serta interiornya yang benar-benar menunjukkan nuansa Vintage.Resto ini termasuk besar dan luas loh, terdiri dari 2 lantai. Di kedua lantai terdapat mini bar yang lumayan asik, and oohhhh! there's a mini photo studio inside this resto Buat kalian yang suka narsis kayaknya bisa tuh foto-foto di mini studio itu, hanya ada satu sofa merah kecil dengan background tembok sih, but it's kinda cool, Gw liat juga disediakan standing flash, maybe you can ask the employee if you want to use it Hmmm.... Tempat kayaknya udah asik banget nih untuk nongkrong-nongkrong, sekarang kita review ya makanannya!Tomato Cream SoupSebenernya gw gak terlalu suka tomat kalau di jadikan bahan makanan sih, dan soup ini juga agak terlalu manis menurut gw. Sehingga kurang cocok dipadukan dengan garlic bread nya. Tapi untuk yang suka tomat, you might like this one.Mushroom SoupI like this one, both soup and the bread. Terutama rotinya sih, karena topping keju nya. Tapi menurut gw, soup nya terlalu 'berat' karena terasa banget seratnya.Nachos MexicanoNachos khas Meksiko ini disajikan dengan irisan bawang bombai, tomat, taburan selada, dan beberapa bahan lain serta ditaburi dengan mayonise. Nachosnya lumayan enak, asinnya pas, gak terlalu hambar seperti nachos biasanya.Karage and FriesSalah satu favorite gw nih. Beberapa temen gw bilang bahwa Karage nya terlalu asin, tapi buat gw sih wenaaak Daging ayamnya juga empuk, dan kulitnya crunchy. A perfect combination with the fries!Mushroom AjiloHonestly, I don't really like this one. Umm, the taste wasn't too fresh. Gw gak terlalu suka bumbu nya, so I just tried a lil bite.Cheese Madness Pasta With Smoked BeefMenu ini adalah spageti yang disiram dengan keju dan potongan daging, rasanya enak. Perpaduan keju, daging dan spageti yang kenyal bener-bener enak di lidah. You gotta try it.Aglio Olio With Prawn and MushroomSpageti Aglio Olio yang disajikan dengan udang yang cukup besar menurut gw, serta mushroom yang fresh. Gw suka spagetinya, not too salty.Gyutan DonIni adalah salah satu menu makanan jepang di 19th Avenue, yaitu potongan lidah sapi yang disajikan diatas nasi dan di taburi Katsoubushi. Lidah sapinya lumayan banyak, rasanya juga fresh. Paling manteb kalau dimakan selagi hangat.Chicken Katsu KariChicken katsu dengan bumbu kari ditambah dengan kentang serta ubi rebus dan ditaburi nori, ohiya gak lupa juga nasinya Untuk chicken katsu nya sih enak, dagingnya empuk pas dilidah, hanya bumbu karinya aja yang kurang 'nampol' hahaBlack Pizza Prawn De AjiloSalah satu Pizza unik yang disediakan 19th, warnanya hitam yang dihasilkan dari tinta cumi dengan topping udang. Tapi menurut gw, tekstur pizza nya terlalu mushy.. I don't know why.Green Pesto PizzaPertama liat, cukup unik juga karena diatasnya diberi daun berwarna hijau (which make this pizza called Green Pesto I guess). Dilengkapi topping mushroom di pinggirannya, it's kinda good.Wild Fungi PizzaCukup mirip dengan Green Pesto Pizza, hanya bedanya saus yang di taburi di atas pizzanya berwarna merah, sama-sama dilengkapi dengan topping mushroom dan daun berwarna hijau.BBQ Beef Ribs With Waffle Potato And ColeslawI'm fond of this one! Well, sebagai pencinta Iga, menu ini benar-benar uwenakkkkkkkkk.... Ribs nya itu bener-bener empuk, tapi untuk yan gak suka lemak mungkin gak ada suka dengan menu ini (untung gw suka) haha. Kentangnya sendiri bener-bener enak, empuk, salad nya fresh. Cuma kurang suka sama saus tomatnya, too sweet.Pepper Chicken With Mashed Potato, Black Pepper SauceChicken steak satu ini menurut gw enak, kematengan dagingnya pas dan empuk. Sedikit berlemak, untuk mashed potatonya IMHO terlalu lembut, people have different taste tho? Black Pepper Sauce nya enak, perfectly fit with the chicken.Semua makanan sudah di review, sekarang saatnya review minuman.White MilkThe taste is so-so... White Milk biasa, Not to die for Lemon TeaGw suka banget sama lemon tea ini, dunno why beda dari yang lain, rasanya gak terlalu pekat, gak terlalu asam ataupun manis, perfectly fit with me.Chocolate with AstorSama seperti White Milk, rasanya so-so. Di blend cukup lembut, ditambah cream diatasnya.Lemon SquashMinuman satu ini cukup enak, kinda sour. Pas untuk menemani Pizza yang disajikan.Mango TangoWell, katanya minuman satu ini diracik oleh Ownernya sendiri loh! Terbuat dari bahan utama mangga, rasanya enak, rasa mangga dan susunya bener-bener pas. I gotta try it again.Terakhir kita disajikan Ice Cream Strawberry, a lovely dessert Overall, 19th Avenue is one of the restaurant that you have to try! Apalagi untuk kalian yang suka nongkrong-nongkrong bareng temen, dengan konsep restaurant yang vintage banget. Ditambah mereka menyediakan menu western dan Asia. Ohiya resto ini juga menyediakan Beer. Jadi buat yang lagi jalan-jalan di daerah Jakarta barat atau lagi pengen kulineran daerah sini, kunjungi aja 19th Avenue continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)