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Level3 2012-11-12
I was craving for authentic Japanese food, so my internet browsing pointed me to Akane as one of them. My wife and I went there to try the restaurant.The restaurant is located at Crowne Plaza Hotel. At our arrival, we were seated right away since we had a reservation already. The place was packed; many diners were Japanese expats. We just knew that Akane allows smoking in all seating areas. The high ceiling at least diluted the smoke rather quickly.Ambiance The interior mixes wooden material and minimalistic design for Japanese feel. The yellow dim lighting made Akane more chic. The entrance to Akane Tokyo Cuisine Akane's chic interiorFor the food, we ordered Oden Moriawase (assorted hotchpotch) and Sashimi Moriawase (assorted fresh raw fish). For our drinks, we had hot ocha. We saved Akane’s Yakitori Moriawase (8 kinds grilled chicken skewers), Rp 90k for our next visit. We were served with our ocha and complimentary tofu appetizer. We waited for a short time to have the Oden delivered first, then later followed by our Sashimi. Our table setting Akane's complimentary tofu appetizerOden Moriawase (assorted hotchpotch), Rp 105k Akane’s Oden contained radish, chicken egg, potato, konnyaku jelly, deep fried bean curd, fish cake (chikuwa), and another fish cake that tasted like egg-white (hanpen). Both of us liked Oden in general, including Akane’s Oden, especially konnyaku, chikuwa, and hanpen. The soup was too salty to our liking, and we’d also like a stronger broth. Customers can also specify the ingredients, which each would cost between Rp 9k – Rp 29k, except for beef muscle that cost Rp 43k. Oden Moriawase, Rp 105kSashimi Moriawase (assorted fresh raw fish), Rp 195k The plating itself already looked nice. The sashimi contained: egg omelet (tamago), salmon roe (ikura), scallop (hotate-gai), fatty tuna (oh-toro), fatty tuna (chu-toro), tuna (maguro), yellowtail (hamachi), squid (ika), shrimp (ebi), capelin roe (masago), herring (kohada), halibut (hirame), and salmon (sake) sushi. The sashimi was fresh. The tuna sushi and salmon sushi were soft and creamy; the toro sushi was very rich (and my wife didn’t like this one); ikura and masago definitely went into my favorite items as well. The ika sushi was a little rubbery but still tasted good. Akane's Sashimi Moriawase, Rp 195k.First row (left to right): Tamago, IkuraSecond row: Hotate-gai, Oh-toro, Chu-toro, Maguro, Hamachi, IkaThird row: EbiFourth row: Masago, Kohada, Hirame, SakeFinally, when we were done eating the main course, Akane provided us with complimentary soybean pudding (tofu hua) topped with a slice of fresh strawberry. The soybean pudding had soft texture with strong soy flavor. It was slightly sweetened. The desserts ended our dinner perfectly. Complimentary dessert of soybean puddingWe spent less than Rp 350k at Akane. The hot ocha was complimentary. I’d say that the price was expected for such dishes at a hotel restaurant.We’d love to come back to this authentic Japanese restaurant. We hope that there won’t be any smokers nearby for our next visit. continue reading
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Level4 2012-04-12
Ini pertama kalinya g ke resto ini.. Resto jepang yg terletak di Hotel Crowne Plaza Lt. GF tepat di samping pintu masuk lobi utama.. Tempatnya cukup luas dan sangat identik dgn kayu".. G suka dgn service di resto" jepang apa lag yg termasuk berkelas.. Sangat ramah, sopan dan respon mereka ke customer ok bgt..Food:Hamburg 300gSashimiGrilled ShitakeGrilled SquidDari menu" yg dipesan yg paling menggoda itu adalah hamburg.. Daging hamburgnya sangat tebal dan juicy bgt.. Dagingnya empuk dan ga alot.. Di siram sauce di atasnya yg rasanya cenderung manis, membuatnya makin yummy.. Utk sashiminya, isi salah satu yg fresh dan yummy.. Cukup tebal dan ga amis.. Sintake grill nya rasanya kenyal" gtu tp hambar, jadi makannnya musti di celup ke kecap gtu biar ada rasanya.. Grill cuminya seh lumayan enak.. Cuminya di panggang dgn sempurna, wangi dan kenyalnya pas.. JAdi wkt dikunyah ga sulit..Kesimpulan:Yummy food di akane.. Oh iy qta jg mendapat mango milk puding yg bikin g ketagihan, itu free... continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)