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Level3 2015-07-13
amber ini terletak di senopati. tempatnya bener" bagus dekorasinya! di sini ada 2 lantai lantai 1 nya bagus lantai 2 nya juga baguss! kuenya juga lucu lucu! 😍😍 enak jugaa cuma yg kemaren gw cobain terlalu manis si menurut gw. ice lemon teanya super enak beda dari yg lain! 👌 continue reading
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Level3 2015-03-04
Amber Chocolate Bar is not really a café that specializes in chocolate bar. It is more like a grouping of 3 restaurants in 1 building. On the first floor, there is a Pastry Boutique, which we will discuss further in the new paragraph. On the second one, there is a restaurant called library where you can savor your meals while enjoying the classy library-like interior. There is also a sky lounge on the third floor, which can quench your thirst of alcohol.I will only discuss about the Pastry Boutique because there was where I ate. The Pastry Boutique was charmingly designed with dominance of pastels and flowers. It was soooo stunning.DessertsChocolate Melt (IDR 70K++)It came with mini dark chocolate (the staff said so) macarons, fruits, and vanilla ice cream.I have to admit that the shape of the chocolate lava was a bit off but it melted beautifully and it was smooth inside, no lumps at all. The mini macarons were truly delicious. As for the ice cream, it was glorious. I’m sure this work of art will amaze even the pickiest dessertian ever.Pistachio And Raspberry Chocolate Mousse (IDR 50K++)Most of my fellow foodies recommended me to try this. I can’t denied that this green (it’s actually pink inside) igloo like cake was pleasurable. Sweet but not overly because the raspberry was stronger in flavor. I would recommend this to those of you who doesn’t really like chocolate. Some of you may think,” Who the hell doesn’t like chocolate?” Believe me, not everyone in this world falls in love with chocolate.Strawberry Sasha (IDR 35K++)I’ll tell you the truth. I adore this red cake more than the previous one. Just look at that almond&cream sitting in the middle. It may be a little bit sour but it was delightful for me. Superb texture and flavor!Chocolate Mousse with Cold Cream Brulee (IDR 40K++)While the texture was smooth, the cake was chocolaty. It wasn’t bad. It was just kind of overshadowed by the other gorgeous cakes.Macarons (IDR 15K++/pcs)None of the macarons failed in texture. The green tea one was kind of sweet nothing bitter at all. I’d love to taste a little bitterness on it.Sometimes, you have to spice up your life a little bit. That’s why I ordered the curry macaron. I expected something filled with a lot of spices but I only could taste the sweetness when it was still in my mouth. It did have a unique aftertaste.I didn’t try the cream cheese macaron but the person who devoured it said that it wasn’t to her liking.I can’t say this dessert bar is the best among all in the world but I can say Amber Chocolate Bar is one of the best dessert bars in Jakarta. I love the cakes, although I might have higher expectancy towards the flavor. There was nothing unsatisfactory about the service because it was top notch. The staffs always smiled and served us politely, just like what a high-class restaurant have to do.If you want to visit this fascinating dessert bar, I recommend you to make a reservation beforehand. My fellow foodies and I had to wait for almost 20 minutes and we had to leave within 2 hours. continue reading
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The 3 storeys building is exactly located across Cacaote, Amber has 3 themed floors : Pastry Boutique on the first floor, Library on the second floor, and rooftop bar on the third floor.The first floor is super fancy, with lovely pastel colors (especially green) everywhere, I love this place so much. Cakes placed on the sides, and a table with chocolates and bags on it placed in the center. Go to the second floor, you can choose to go up with stairs or an elevator. The place were more packed than the first floor. It was an combination of woods, warm lighting, cement wall, and books. The third floor has more glamourous ambience with colorful + unique table lamp and remarkable flying birds installation art on the bar wall.Sweet Potato (Rp 8.000)A long and round bread made from potato and topped with sugar powder. But ergh.... it was so hard to cut this bread, and need extra patience to cut it without make your knife slipped and hit the plate hardly (ehm, like I did). Luckily, the bread inside was soft and but not as sweet as I thought.Caramel Choco (Rp 40.000)Cute presentation, but it wasn't as big as the Chocolate Sasha. The outer layer of this cake is chewy like a jelly, for you who may like trying cakes with the new variation, this cake suits you. But for me, I choose the inner layer instead.Chocolate Sasha (Rp 40.000)Chocolate? YES PLEASE! This one is made from many layers of chocolate, as you can see on the picture below. Start it with brownies cake with some pieces of almond nuts at the lowest layer, some chocolate mousse, a thin layer of chocolate, chocolate mousse again on top, chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate again and finished with round chocolate (or nuts, I forget) on top. The cake was easy enough to cut, the taste was strong and bold. As the chocolate lover I marked this one as one of the most delicious chocolate cake I ever ate, recommended!Reach the rooftop on the forth floor, it isn't spacious and only consists three tables with sofa, the view is SCBD area. One of the foodies asked the waiter and he said the minimum order is Rp 3.000.000 for a table.Consists three different themes in every floor, just hopping from one floor to another floor if you're bored. And the themes aren't boring for me, made this place is SO NICE!Mostly the foods worths with the size and taste. Lovely hospitality, especially when Chef Ganesha visited our table and the lovely waiters. But frankly speaking, the minimum order of sitting in rooftop is Rp 3.000.000 for me and fellow foodies not too worth. Maybe they could rethink about the minimum order policy.Sure, Amber is a recommended place to visit not only once. SEE MORE PHOTOS OF AMBER on : bit.ly/ambersenopati(include some exclusive views on night at rooftop)-TWITTER : @ARSubrataINSTAGRAM : @ARSubrataE-MAIL : audrey.subrata@gmail.com continue reading
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Level2 2015-01-13
AMBER CHOCOLATE & BARSo many new places open in Central, South and North Jakarta on this Christmas, last sunday i chose Amber to spend my whole afternoon day. This one is located in Senopati area , across Cacaote. My first impression about Amber is modern classic pastry boutique, the interior design looks pretty and eye catching. Amber is a culinary concept with 3 distinctive concepts in one building by Mount Scopus Indonesia , which also managed The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier, Negev Art Gallery & Bar, Chateau Blanc, Balboni Ristorante and many more. Let's go inside the room.1st Floor : Pastry Boutique1st floor is for pastry boutique with modern classic interior, you are absolutely in love with this interior. Pretty and fancy place to organize afternoon tea party with your family or friends. I try this black cookie cheese cake and strawberry mousse, i'm totally like it. These pretty little fancy cakes are so delicious. Service in Amber is perfect, they will guide you from front door to your desk , help you politely and their store manager came to our desk just to greeted us and ask some questions.Black Cookie Cheese Cake ( IDR 40.000 )Strawberry Mousse ( IDR 35.000 )Macaroon ( IDR 15.000 / each )Milk Choco. Dark Chocolate Praline, Hazelnut and Strawberry MacaroonPastry ( IDR 25.000 - IDR 45.000 )Chocolate Truffle ( IDR 20.000 ) & Chocolate Pralines ( IDR 12.000 )Amber Ice Tea ( IDR 35.000 )Caffe Latte ( IDR 40.000 )2nd Floor : The Library When your feet step the second floor, it feels like library in your college or university with row of books and wooden wall. This library serve you for lunch or dinner. They have sky lounge too on the 3rd floor.Surely i will come back to try another menu in Amber, both price and venue are so good. This place will be a hype pastry boutique in town near soon. 2015 NYE Party " Under The Stars " on Amber , will be held on 31th December 2014.For the readers, i want to say : "Merry Christmas 2014 & Happy New Year 2015"God bless youDirection :Amber Chocolate & BarJl. Senopati Raya no. 61 ( across Cacaote )Kebayoran Baru - South Jakarta Indonesia Phone : +621 - 29044412Opening hours astry boutique : 8AM - 10 PMLibrary : 10 AM - 11 PMSky Lounge ( weekdays ) : 5 PM - 1 AM ( 3 AM on the weekend )www.amberchocolatebar.com*price are subject to 8% service charge and 10% government taxFebrianiInstagram | Red Cherryfebriani.djunaedi@live.com*all photos courtesy by Febriani Djunaedi, please don't use without any permission continue reading
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