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As its name, I expected that the restaurant will be full of arts decoration. Kelihatan dari lukisan besar yang dipasang di main dining area-nya. Tempatnya sih mnrt gw cukup luas, walaupun klo dibanding ama hotel bintang 5 lainnya masih lebih kecil. Suasana-nya comfy banget, apalg gw dpt table close to window & have view ke jalan Satrio.Pilihan buffet-nya cukup beragam, walaupun tidak sebanyak hotel bintang 5 lainnya. Tp di sini customer juga disediakan 5 macam special menu yang dicreate dari show kitchen & dipresentasikan dengan sangat apik. Menu buffet mostly international / western food, with limited selection of Indonesian & Asian cuisine. Service-nya sangat memuaskan buat gw. Waiternya selalu monitor klo ada piring2 yang sudah kotor & perlu dibereskan. Buffet yang habis juga cepat direfill, serta pelayanan yang ssngat ramah & cepat. Overall utk taste dari buffet-nya biasa banget. Apalg utk menu main course-nya banyak yang overcooked & under/over seasoning. Yg menarik buat gw 5 special menu-nya.Yg pertama diserved Singapore Chili Crab Bun. Disajikan di atas palete kecil, Singapore Chili Sauce-nya punya rasa yang balance banget. Terasa sedikit manis di awal, kemudian ada rasa asam-gurih, dan sensasi sedikit spicy di akhir. Bun-nya punya tekstur yang soft, tp juga firm. Filling-nya padat dengan daging kepiting yang banyak & yummy.Kedua adalah Laksa. Broth-nya mnrt gw cukup light, tp lagi2 punya rasa yang balance manis & gurih. Berikutnya diserved Soft Shell Crab dengan presentasi yang cantik. Soft shel-nya sendiri gurih banget & dibalancing dengan cucumber puree yang fresh.Keempat Chicken Ballotine with lovely presentation. Kelima Beef Short Ribs. Good presentation though. Beef-nya cooked medium & teksturnya sangat juicy. Very well seasoning dan disajikan dengan sedikit nasi. Overall the buffet was decent, but its special menu was a star here. continue reading
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Level2 2016-06-25
Waktu dateng kesini emang pingin banget nyobain crab bunnya yg orang bilang enak banget ituhh, pas di tanya, ternyata ga buat hari itu 😭😭😭 akhirnya makan buffet yg menurut gw lumayanlah (ga tau udah nyampur sama sedih ga ada crab bun) tapi ternyata mungkin chefnya kasian ama gw, jadi tiba tiba di buatinn 😍😍😍, this is what i called luxury, people went miles for customer statisfaction and cant thank the chefs enough!!! Akhirnya nyobain dan enak banget emang, crab meatnya banyakk dan saucenya super yummy!!! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2016-03-27
On the day of my flight back to Melbourne, my family and I decided to enjoy a brunch buffet at Arts Café, located in the 5 star Raffles Hotel. The night before, I made an attempt to make a reservation by phone, but I was rejected by the staff, as she said the restaurant was fully booked. Being a bullheaded I am, I tried to make a reservation through the website, and it was confirmed.When we arrived, I could see no other guests. I was a little (okay, much) discontent with the staff’s dishonesty on the phone. However, the staffs’ friendliness on my visit made me forget everything.The dining establishment serves various mouthwatering goodies from Western to Asian, hot meals to desserts. It also offers a selection of set menus from the kitchen. My family decided to enjoy the offer while walking around and hand picking some of the displayed treats.CrackersIt is either my dad was a fan of the crispy crackers, or he was just hungry, but he managed to gobble everything down.Set Menu:Chili Crab BunNever thought that the bun would be crispy. The crispiness coupled with the tender crabmeat and the explosive flavour of the sauce flew me to cloud nine.Salmon w/ Hollandaise SauceAlthough the salmon was executed well, I thought the hollandaise sauce would make the dish a little heavy, but it did not. The hollandaise was perfectly light, and it brought the dish together wonderfully.Asparagus SoupWe were let down by the green soup. It had a lovely consistency, but sadly, a bland, savourless flavour.Beef RibsIt was tender and everything yummy!Penne w/ Cream Mushroom SauceIt was one of the highlights of the set menu. The savoury cream sauce lingered to each piece of the penne. It was fantastic.Green Tea Ice CreamBeautiful exotic flavour, excellent delicate texture from the ice cream, and nice textural crunch.DessertsI spoiled my tummy by eating various sweet confections. They were adorable but had yet to impress me.Overall, I would say it was a little worth the try. The restaurant offered attentive and friendly service, some enjoyable (not flawless) food, and a cozy yet luxurious interior. Still, it did not succeed to be on my list of top 5 most pleasurable hotel buffets. It is a place that I may visit once, and maybe few times in the future if I am obliged to.P.s. Drinks are not included in the buffet, and we would end up paying around IDR 500K/ person if there was no promotion.*Nona Tukang Makan was not invited or paid to write this review continue reading
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Hi Openricers.Who doesn't love Sunday? Raise your hand, please! No one? Well, I guess everyone loves a good Sunday, particularly me. Being so busy from Monday to Friday, then Saturday and Sunday are the days I long await for every single week.My other reason would be that on those days I can enjoy brunch with friends and family without being distracted by work.On last Sunday, I had the pleasure of having brunch with some of my very best friends, in a very nice cafe called Arts Cafe by Raffles.Being so strategically located in the business area of Kuningan, it's so easy to access this cafe. You can either go directly from Raffles Hotel or you can access it from Lotte Shopping Avenue. Any way you please.We went there of course for the Sunday Brunch. It's a good time in the day between breakfast and lunch to get a nice chit chat while enjoying good food.My first impression of this cafe was it's soooo artsy. It bears the name respectively. I really liked how they implemented fruit shapes into their lights or even other interior designs.It's so unique, a feast to the eye and certainly comforting.Buffet RedesignExpect a virtual tableau of art and cuisine,where the palette of sights, sounds, textures and aromas from open kitchenscreate a delightful sensory experience.Enjoy an elegant buffet, or Continental and Asian served in chic interiorsand a backdrop of vibrant Hendra Gunawan artwork.A delightful twist : the day’s signature entrees are done a la minute and offered to your table.Desserts are scrumptious and simply divine.Open daily from breakfast until dinnerBreakfast: 6:00 AM to 10:30 AMLunch: 12:00 noon to 2:30 PMDinner: 6:00 PM to 10:30 PMSunday Brunch: 11:30 AM to 3:30 PMLunch at IDR 320,000* per personAnd dinner for IDR 380,000* per personSunday Brunch starts from IDR 550,000* per person(includes complimentary juices and soft drinks)*All prices indicated are subject to 21% government tax and service chargeTheir buffet was outstanding. I always loved buffet, and if the buffet was great then I would love it instantly. And Arts Cafe's buffet was something not only to be loved, but also to be remembered.I tried almost everything, from sushis, sashimis, pork, beef, seafood (I am so loving their seafood!) and desserts.They may not have a wide variant of food stations but trust me, your tummy will be full before you even try every food here. I've experienced that, LOL. So it's more than enough, I think. But if they do add more stations then it will be great!Oysters, pasta, pork, and salmon! OMG, these are soooo delicious! I loved the pork and the salmon. So exquisite!From the seafood station: prawns and scallop. These are also delicious!SASHIMIS!!!!! OMG, I really love sashimis. These darlings are so fresh and yummy! I even took them several times. Like maybe 3-4 times. I can't seem to get enough of them. The baby octopus was also tasty. Oh dear, now I feel like I wanna turn back the time to that Sunday Brunch again..Their dessert station offered a sweet tooth heaven. So many delicious cakes, pastries and bread to choose from. My dessertholic friend was like all crazy when she saw this station.LIVE STATIONTraditional Roast Turkey with TrimmingsChestnut Stuffing, Brussel Sprouts, Roasted Baby Carrots, Braised Leeks, Chipolatas Sausages.Really loved this dish. Overall I think it was spot on. The seasoning, the texture, and the juiciness were just what I expected from the dish.Baked Tenderloin WellingtonWith Black Pepper Sauce and Truffle Mashed PotatoEver since the era of Gordon Ramsay's Masterchef, Beef Wellington always bring a catchy feeling for me. Beef wrapped with puff pastry? Sounds pretty delicious for me. At Arts Cafe, the Beef Wellington is served with truffle mashed potato. No complaints about the wellington, it was so succulent, juicy and tender. The blackpepper sauce was tasty too. The mashed potato had the perfect texture, really soft. But I think it could use a bit enhancement in flavors. A bit pinch of salt maybe.FYI, while you are having your brunch, the Chef will also be sending you some of the creations from the Show Kitchen. They are some unique dishes you won't find on the buffet, but I can tell you they are awesome!Here are those dishes from the Show Kitchen I had that day:1. Chouquette with Truffle CheeseFresh Truffle, Parmesan Cheese, Cheese Custard, Pastry Choux2. Salmon TeriyakiNorwegian Salmon, Teriyaki Sauce, Japanese Teriyaki Sauce3. Vanilla Cauliflower SoupCauliflower, Cream, Fresh Vanilla, Vanilla Pot, Pan-Seared Cauliflower, Floret4. Capellini Pasta GorgonzolaCapellini Pasta, Gorgonzola Cheese, Parsley, Garlic, Anchovies, Union, Olive oil5. Seared Scallop Freen PeaScallop Hokaido, Green Pea Puree, Green Pea Fondue6. Chix-Breast Carrot CornPensear Chicken-Breast, Carrot Puree, Corn Kennel7. Foie Grass TerrineFoie Grass, Verbena Jelly (a kind of tea leaf), Verbena Reduction, Caramel CrambelI didn't get the chance to take snapshots of the food. It was so yummy, I kinda lost myself and just realized after that I haven't took any shots of the Show Kitchen dishes. But in case you are wondering what they looked like, you can see it on my friend's blog: yennyw.wordpress.comAnd everything ended so beautifully with a cup of cappuccino.Overall conclusion, I had a great time. The food was fantastic, the ambiance was super cozy, and the service was impeccable. Everything was just top notch. I couldn't be happier that Sunday, even the gloomy weather didn't make me feel any blue.So thank you Arts Cafe, and thank you Raffles Hotel Jakarta for having me. This is now listed in my most favourite hotel buffet restaurants in Jakarta. Keep up the good work!Keep on chewing!Jazzy DeeFor more of my culinary journeys, visit: http://designerdoyanmakan.blogspot.co.idInstagram: @designerdoyanmakanTwitter: @jzzydee------------------------------Arts Cafe by RafflesRaffles Hotel JakartaJl. Professor Doktor Satrio No.3-5, Jakarta 12940Phone: 021-29880888IG: @raffleshoteljakartaWebsite: www.raffles.com  continue reading
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