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Level4 2015-06-21
Menurut sepengetahuan saya, Bread of Kurtos adalah pioneer dan satu-satunya vendor yang mencoba untuk memasarkan Kurtos di Jakarta. Yup, Bread of Kurtos mencoba menyediakan pastry khas Hungaria tersebut di tengah persaingan modern bakery di Jakarta. Lokasinya di lantai Lower Ground di seberang Daily Foodhall, sangat mudah ditemui.Kurtos sendiri berbentuk seperti cerobong dan diberi topping justru di bagian luar kulitnya. Sedangkan, bagian dalam pastry tidak diberikan topping sama sekali. Kali ini saya mencoba varian Almond Peanut Butter mereka untuk dibawa pulang karena mereka sendiri tidak menyediakan tempat untuk makan di tempat. Walaupun sedikit susah untuk memakannya (karena berbentuk seperti roll), tetapi harus saya akui saya cukup menyukai rasa Kurtos. Dan rasa Kurtos sendiri bagi saya lebih mirip seperti roti. Topping yang diberikan cukup royal. Kombinasi kacang almond yang garing dan peanut butter yang creamy pas dipadukan dengan adonan Kurtos. Tetapi, karena porsi 1 buah Kurtos yang cukup besar, saya rasa mereka harus menambahkan cokelat agar rasa kacang tidak terlalu monoton atau mengecilkan ukuran Kurtos tersebut.Overall Bread of Kurtos sukses untuk memperkenalkan varian baru pastry asal Hungaria tersebut. Varian yang ditawarkan juga tidak selalu manis. Pastikan Openricers juga mencicipi varian gurih mereka yang diberikan topping seperti abon atau rumput laut. Cukup unik bukan? continue reading
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1. It is authentically deliciousKürtőskalács is my favourite pastry in my days in Budapest, and the Bread of Kürtös stall in fX is selling pretty much authentic copies of those heavenly rolls (despite a little misspell: they change the ő with ö). These rolls typical of Székely Land — an area in Transylvania, Romania; inhabited mainly by the Székely Hungarians — but are common in food stalls around Budapest and other cities in Hungary.The rolls are usually baked above charcoal, creating yummy softness inside and crispy outer parts, best eaten while freshly cooked. Due to safety and practical reasons, Bread of Kürtös does not use charcoal, but an oven with heating strips in between the space to, well, roll the rolls.Bread of Kürtös provides traditional flavours I’ve tasted plenty of times in Budapest: the plain and cinnamon ones. The stall expands to less-traditional ones such as garlic cheese, Nutella hazelnut, and chicken floss. My parents and I bought the rolls of cinnamon (Rp 16 K), garlic cheese (Rp 18 K), and Nutella hazelnut (Rp 20 K). All were delicious. The cinnamon one tasted like the ones I had savoured in Budapest, plenty of Nutella and nuts were sticked to the Nutella hazelnut one, and I could not stop myself to keep eating the garlic cheese roll (if only I brought chili sauce with me…).The stall is not the first store to sell Kürtős rolls in Jakarta, I think Lady Alice Tea Room in Gandaria City is. But I like this one in fX more because it gives more of the street stall vibe found in real stalls in Budapest, while Lady Alice is a tad too fancy for my taste. The rolls in Bread of Kürtös are bigger and more affordable, too, compared with the ones in Lady Alice.2. The rolls guarantee GADGET-FREE quality time with your loved onesThe rolls are big, so it’s better to share with your friends and families. And because you have to use both hands to peel and eat the rolls, you can not utilize your gadgets. Unless you’re way too addicted to your gadgets and don’t mind making ‘em dirty with your dirty fingers.So yeah. Gadget-free moments are rare these days and I love any excuse to do so. Especially when it’s related to munching delicious food.3. The bakers are friendlyYou can ask questions about the rolls and they will try their best to answer. You can also snap lots of pictures of them making the rolls and they wouldn’t mind. At least that was what happened when my parents and I went there.The only minus point of the stall is they have no seats available. So you have to find somewhere else to sit and eat the rolls while they’re hot. My parents and I chose to sit at Cali Deli on the ground floor of fX and eat the rolls alongside with coffee and tea. We don’t mind that.Anyway, here is the picture of the first Kürtőskalács I ate in Budapest. It was a beautiful day in the end of summer in Budapest. Iva, my flatmate, and I were walking for our first time in the gardens of Margit-sziget (Margaret Island), located in the middle of Duna (Danube) river of Budapest, just 20 minutes of lazy walk away from our apartment. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)