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Ayam Goreng Ayam Rebus Bubur Ayam Bubur Ikan Nasi Hainam
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Level3 2015-02-14
Bagi penyuka bubur bisa mampir ke tempat makan bubur ayam mangga besar 1..karena rasa bubur ayam yang ada disini rasanya cukup lezat..Dan saat makan disini saya memesan bubur ayam dan seporsi ayam panggang,ayam rebus dan ada telor asin mya dan ada juga cakwe nya yang disajikan secara terpisah..dan untuk tekstur bubur nya cukup halus dan diberi taburan kecap asin dan cabe rawit nya berasa nikmat banget..dan overall untuk rasanya saya cukup dibuat puas dengan kualitas dari rasanya.. continue reading
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Level1 2015-02-08
Sesuai judul, daging ayam di sini juicy banget. Tp pas tau harganya, cukup pricy juga : Rp 80k per 1/2 ekor. Telor phitan juga mantep banget. Tahunya lembut banget tapi padat, jarang nemu tahu kaya gini. Overall OK, recommended ke sini karena selain ayam menu yang lain relatif murah. Seneng nemu ni resto berkat browsing OpenRice! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Located at the heaven for Chinese Food Lovers, Bubur Ayam Mangga Besar has been long well known as one of the best chicken porridge in Jakarta. You will almost always meet a long queue before able to get a seat here. Similar to any typical traditional Chinese restaurant, the venue doesn't have any particular design theme and it's indeed hot inside. One unique fact, you cannot see any menu and there is no waiter who'll come to your table and ask for your order. Instead, you have to immediately tell your order by yourself right to the owner, who's stand by at the front part. At first, I was quite confused which one should I order as I’ve never dined in this restaurant before and I was totally clueless. Thanks to the queue, I could see what the people before me ordered and I then knew how to do so. Basically, you were given several options for the carbo-dish; jasmine rice, Hainanese rice, plain porridge, and fish porridge; all of which would come with cakwe. Then for the toppings, there were lots of choices, which can be mixed and served together in a big plate together with sliced ginger and fermented pak choy (sayur asin). They were steamed chicken, fried chicken, chicken liver, grilled duck, boiled egg, and even centuryegg/preserved egg (telur pitan).Another signature dish they had was tofu with sweet sauce. You were free to choose which toppings you desired, including the quantity for each. So here was what my family and I opted for our supper at that night.Tofu with Soy SauceIf I might say, this tofu could be called as the appetizer here. As I mentioned before, it was also the signature dish here, which all guests would definitely order. This dish might look so simple but once it entered your mouth, your mind would immediately be blown away as it was SO SO GOOD! The tofu was so moist and you could strongly feel the soy sauce taste even until the middle part of the tofu. As the sweetness level was impeccably balanced, this light dish was surely able to be a seamless starter.Fish Porridge with CakweI always love eating hot porridge. In fact, I find it hard to eat porridge if it’s not served hot, yes extremely hot is actually my most favorite. This time, the porridge served here perfectly suited my preference. The texture was precise as well as it’s neither too dry, nor too watery. Unfortunately, I could barely find fish inside the bowl. Thanks to theabundant toppings in front of me, because they did come as flawless substitutes to the fish. Boiled EggI actually did not know how to call this one in English as in Bahasa, it’s called as TelurKecap. I just felt it weird to mention it as ‘Egg with Soy Sauce’ or ‘Soy Sauce Egg’. Thus, I called it as Boiled Egg instead. Actually, they did serve plain boiled egg here, for which they used duck’s egg. While this Telur Kecap was actually boiled egg, which was cooked with soy sauce. It was slightly sweet and the texture was chewy. The egg yolk’s color was orange as it was duck’s egg.Chicken LiverNot much thing could be said about this. Simply said, it was well-seasoned and indeed enjoyable.Steamed ChickenIf you were a Chinese cuisines lover or maybe Singaporean dishes enthusiast, I believe you’ve been very familiar with this steamed chicken. Yes, usually people enjoy it with Hainanese rice. The steamed chicken served in this restaurant was so lovely. It was perfectly boiled that the texture was so tender. It was well-seasoned as well, making this healthy dish tasted so yummy.Fried ChickenIf previously I said that the steamed chicken was great, then this fried chicken was way even better! Similar to the steamed one, the texture was unquestionably soft as well. But, this one came with one plus point, which was the heavenly crispy skin! Cooked with the sweet sauce, it was just unexplainable by words. Please note that I was not over-exaggerating this. Wait until you try it by yourself and don’t blame me if it causes youaddiction.Overall, I really enjoyed my dining experience in Bubur Ayam Mangga Besar. I was so happy that finally I could try this super well-known Chinese dish, which so many people have told me since long time ago. The taste was indeed superb as what people have said. It surely deserved repeating visit Find me on: http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @jessica_gaby continue reading
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Level2 2014-03-27
Ini salah satu bubur yang TOP di dunia malam Tempat strategis, parkir rebutan, aksesnya sering macet.Buat interior sih oke, bersih dan terang. Waiternya juga banyak, jadi klo order makanan pasti cepet.Untuk rasa, ga perlu diragukan, sangat oke.Buburnya kental dan disajikan dalam rasa polos dan ayam (ini yg selalu g pesen).Temen bubur ya pasti ayam rebus dong, ini nih yang toppp....Cakwenya juga garing-garing pengen nambah. Ditambah teh angetnya yg sepet-sepet gimanna gitu.... Overall:Tempatnya pas buat suasana makan. Klo mo ngobrol ya kayanya kurang cocok (6/10)Soal rasa, ini salah satu yg ter-best di daerah komabes (kotamanggabesar), g ponten (8/10). continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-11-28
Daerah Mangga Besar memang pusatnya kuliner di Jakarta Barat etrutama daerah pecinan, selain makanan bakmi yang merupakan makanan yang paling gampang dijumpai, ternyata bubur juga salah satu makanan yang paling dicari penikmat kuliner didaerah ini, daerah mangga besar ini memang terlihat bergeliat ketika selesai sore hari sampai tengah malam daerah ini akan semakin ramai. Mungkin karena itu masakan bubur santapan yang paling cocok disantap malam hari, bahakn banyak yang membuka tempat sampai 24 jam disini. Salah satu yang cukup sering saya kunjungi adalah Bubur Mangga Besar ini, Bubur disini gurih dan wangi, kalau memesan disini saya pesan bubur polos dengan tambahan ayam rebus, ati ampla ayam, termasuk sayur asin. selain itu terdapat menu seperti telur pitan, tahu. disini juga banyak yang memesan bubur ikan.Tempatnya berderet dengan rumah makan bubur lainnya tempat nya cukup bersih mau makan didalam ruangan ac di dalam atau di luar juga bisa parkir juga cukup tersedia. pelayanan disini cukup cepat dan harganya sebanding dengan rasa continue reading
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