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Level4 2012-09-15
Hey OpenRicers! I'm here now for a very quick important review! Let's see what I have to say. Well, a couple of days ago, a jar of nastar was sent to me by a friend of mine, who owns Chippy Cake. It’s a sweet treat for me that day, and just FYI I love cookies, and nastar is always the first on my list! Nom Nom Nom!Chippy Cake actually was established a few months ago, and actually it was a home-made brand which got more and more demand from family and friends, especially during the holy fasting month. Of course during that time, the demand for cookies was massive, and Chippy Cake got lots of orders till it stopped accepting them for a brief moment.Chippy Cake focuses on providing buyers cookies with good quality, rather than cookies with unreasonable cheap prices but big zero in quality. All the ingredients used, were the best in order to assure buyers that the cookies made would be scrumptious and simply irresistible.Me myself, after receiving a small jar of those cute little nastar, could wait to have a good bite. Of course I took a picture first! Here it is.Just after a bite of the nastar, you can actually picture this; the solid but soft outer layer, with a hint of butter flavour, which crumbles inside your mouth. And wait, it’s not over yet! While it crumbles, with every movement of your jaw, you will taste more from the inside, pineapple jam filling, and the fun truly begins! The pineapple jam is as gorgeous as it could be, with a sweet flavorful sensation and merely a hint of acidity which is delish! I don’t know about you guys, but I really like it this way. Honestly, I emptied the jar just in one night! It's yum!That’s only the nastar we were talking about! A few weeks before, the owner also sent us small samples of Putri Salju and Keju Kastengel, and unfortunately it didn’t come to my mind to actually snap a picture of them. I just kept eating and voila! And No photos! *sigh But I got a couple of photos for the packaging. Let's check it out!But seriously, you should try the Putri Salju. It’s as delicious as the nastar but of course in a whole different way! Chippy Cake’s Putri Salju is simply delicious. The cookies were so vulnerable, they could just dive in your mouth, causing this cold sweet sensation which will leave you wanting for more.And don’t even start with the Keju Kastengel! :9The three photos above were only taken by standard mobile phone camera.Well, for the price, it depends on the size of the jar you want to have. Small Jar (250gr) will cost you IDR 50 k, and the Big Jar (500gr) will cost you only IDR 75 k. Everything that comes with cheese, such as Keju Kastengel and Sagu Keju, will cost you additional IDR 5 k, so for example, if you order a Big Jar of Keju Kastengel, you will have to pay IDR 80 k.Since it’s an online business, delivery expense is on the buyers. And plus, if you want to have a cute wooden basket (usually if you want it to be sent as a hamper to somebody else) and the wrapping paper like the one in the picture, it will cost you an extra IDR 20 k.OpenRicers should check Chippy Cake out! The cookies are simply delish and especially for special occasions, you don’t want to miss its cookies! Some of the cookies that you can order are Nastar, Putri Salju, Keju Kastengel, Sagu Keju and Coklat Mede. Feel free to order and maybe if you still have doubt, you should try the small jar of the cookies first! To order, you can add their BBM pin or just call/text. See the detail below! Anyway, thanks Chippy Cake for sending me those cute cookies. I’ll definitely want to have some more! As for you OpenRicers, what are you waiting for? Order it now! ;) Chippy Cake | Home-Made CookiesTwitter: @ChippyCakeMobile Phone: +6282125822658Phone: +622141516158BB Pin: 330A1AE9 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)