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Level1 2016-03-08
This is one of best lounge in town, I think. Great spot, nice view, nice ambience, and also give you good music (house music). All of the barista and server also has good and fast response to service you. So, you can sit, see the view, enjoy the drinks and cheers! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
I had been hearing a lot about this place and yeah, finally I had the chance to visit it together with my office colleagues. Actually we had reserved the table at the lounge, but unfortunately there was an event on that day causing us had to be replaced to the living room. It could be good news when you heard that it was a complimentary from them so we would not be charged for that living room (had heard that supposedly the customers would be charged for IDR 3million for 3-hour usage of the room). Reflected by the price, yes the room was so cozy and spacious, which definitely could be a perfect place for chilling with friends. The amazing scenery you could get from the 46th floor of The Plaza was definitely a plus plus plus point here. Additionally, the room was equipped with sound system and LCD TV for karaoke (although you would be charged for IDR 1million per hour for this and sadly I had to tell you that the song was not up-to-date).Reflecting the price paid, the service was first-class. The waiters and waitresses did provide very prompt response toward all your requests. At that time, when my colleagues and I arrived at the venue, all the foods had been served as we indeed had made our orders in prior. Unfortunately, this made the dishes was not warm anymore. Great news, the waiters and waitresses even offered to pre-heat those foods for us. Ok. Enough sayings, now we go to the main actors, FOODS! I always love dining with lots of people. Why? It is simply because we can order tons of foods and share them. Lucky me, this time I had almost 20 people to share the calories. So here were the foods we ordered.Nachos with cheddar cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo and pinto beans (IDR 100k)Chicken croquettes, fried potatoes with aioli sauce (IDR 75k)Prawns sizzled with garlic and chili (IDR 120k)Stewed beef on toasted ciabatta bread with gratin aioli (100k)Fried pork ribs, potatoes with aioli, kimuchi, and chili sauce (IDR 190k)Not too far from my expectation, yes the sizes of the foods were indeed small, which was typical lounge size. Difference was only happened with the pork ribs, whose size was super large (even for a man). For those who have big appetite, I recommend you to order more than 1 dish to satisfy your hunger. For me, all the dishes mentioned before were quite over-priced for that tiny portion (except for the pork ribs of course). I did not find anything special with the Nachos and the toppings were actually not that generous. For the chicken croquette, I thought the chicken filling tasted quite lovely combined with the aioli sauce, but again there was nothing so distinctive about it. The prawns were actually quite nice bringing the combination of garlic and chili as you could strongly taste the mixture of savory and spicy flavors. However, as the portion was so small, you could only enjoy it for awhile then boom it’s gone!  From the foods mentioned, I love stewed beef the most as it was well-seasoned. The beef was perfectly cooked and the tender texture just turned it into a great dish. Besides, the crispy ciabatta toast came as perfect complement to the beef itself. Moving on to the fried pork ribs, I firstly expected fried pork ribs coming with glazing appearance as there’s certain sauce used as the coatings. However, the dish was actually merely fried pork ribs served with several side dishes. The texture was actually great as the meat was tender. The generous portion also became a plus point for this dish. However, it still could not beat the winning stewed beef.Smoked Salmon Pizza (140k)Mushroom PizzaTalking about pizza, both the smoked salmon and mushroom pizza were just so so for me since the toppings were not that abundant. The great point about the pizza was the crust, which I might say perfectly suited Indonesian’s preference as it was neither too thick, nor too thin. As my colleagues and I had not been satisfied with the dishes we ordered in prior, we decided to order some more and our choice was STEAKS!Grilled Rib Eye (sorry but I forgot the price for this dish )Grilled Wagyu Tenderloin (IDR 450k)When you saw the menu, the first thing coming into your mind was they were expensive. But at the time they touched your taste bud, you might think twice for not ordering them. They were perfectly cooked and the meat was just so juicy and tender! I myself did not really like medium-well steaks, however I these two dishes were just exceptions. Since we shared these two dishes, I guessed I only blinked and woof! They were all gone Another thing I admired besides the steaks were Cloud’s signature mocktails, which were uber rich! Cloud were very generous in mixing the ingredients. Taste was great and refreshing! However, a little bit bigger size would make it perfect. Exotic Sunset (IDR 60k)-Combination of lychee, lime, kiwi, and grenadine- Orange Cirrus (IDR 60k) -Combination of orange and lychee-For those who feel curious about Cloud, I recommend you to come for the signature mocktails and the view from the lounge. If you are willing to spend more, the steaks are must-try!Find me on:http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @Jessica_Gaby continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2014-07-23
Salah satu tempat nongkrong favorit saya sekarang, ini ke 2x nya saya mengunjungi cloud lounge bersama teman saya tanpa melakukan reservasi sebelumnya. Kali ini saya datang pukul setengah 5 sore dengan maksud untuk melihat sunset namun sayang matahari tertutup awan pada hari itu.Sebelumnya saya pernah membaca beberapa review buruk tentang restoran ini. Namun untuk saya pribadi mutu baik dari segi pelayanan, kebersihan maupun rasa makanan dari cloud lounge sangat baik. Apalagi ditemani oleh sajian pemandangan jakarta dan diselingi hebusan angin sejuk.Hanya sedikit menu yang mereka tawarkan, saya memesan salah satu dari signature dish mereka tapi saya lupa apa nama menu makanan pesanan saya . Untuk minuman saya memesan segelas ice capuccino. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)