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Coffee will always own a special place in my heart and that's why I always love spending time finding the greatest coffee shops around Indonesia (especially: Jakarta) that come along with my standards.A few days ago I went to this fresh coffee house in Pantai Indah Kapuk and I think I just fall in love again.Say hi to COFFEEBAR Pantai Indah Kapuk!This place is located at the Rukan Crown Golf area, that will make it easier to be found because it's located at the same area as Ikkudo Ichi and Carnivor BBQ Specialist. It is not slightly eye catching but I love how they designed the coffee house to be very minimalist, but in the same time that's how a modern coffee shop should look like according to me.I would most likely not saying that I love something if I don't love the main star, in this case: THE COFFEE itself. They also serve cakes but it's very limited and sometimes even none (sold out).In my opinion, I think Coffeebar offers you selection of great coffees starting from the classic to their signature variation.Iced Caramel MacchiatoIDR 32.000 (before tax)Taste? Strong. I think this is a different way to have Iced Caramel Macchiato. If you're used to the brand 'x' which is so popular for its Caramel Macchiato, you'll find this stronger but maybe you'll end up loving or disliking it more, I see myself having no problem. I love coffees, what to say?? . The caramel sauce and syrup they're using is also gorgeous. My judgement's based on how I taste the coffee's element one by one, let's just call it my habit, and I bet some of you also do the same thing instead of mixing everything together ;).Iced CappuccinoIDR 28.000Decent. Enough said. Anyway the presentation is not common, I love their colors, sometimes you have your cappuccino already mixed when it's being served to you and this one is 'natural beauty' LOL.Also a coffee lover? Go here, feel the vibe and let yourself and soul blend here. What the heck I'm getting overrated right now. kthxbai! continue reading
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Level4 2012-09-18
Just a few days ago, I went to visit a soft-opening venue in Pantai Indah Kapuk, and its name is COFFEEBAR. The name is quite unique as it simply represents the function of this venue, a bar that serves coffee.Seeing from the outside, the place doesn’t exactly look very appealing, but well, it’s decent enough to attract people who wish to come and sit and chat and have a drink. Apparently, I was the one who’s looking for new places, so I ended up coming here. Seeing from the outside, it was quite intimidating. To make it clearer, I meant at first, I though the place was for smokers and friends. But that’s where I was wrong. When I got inside the indoor room, it appeared that the indoor area is much much better than I thought. Not like it’s so different, unique or exquisite, but it is actually very minimalist, but with the right furniture and lighting, they certainly made the room inside looks nice. The bar looks simple and inviting, while some sofas are really colorful it makes the place of grey and white looks lively. The arrangement of the stuff in the room needs compliment. If you actually pay attention about the place, it is actually really simple, with an impression of unfinished light grey walls, furniture that fits the theme, and the lighting that makes the place ‘warmer’. No wonder a lot of people like coming here, and stay inside chilling while chatting nonchalantly. I’d love to do that too here.When we were seated, the menu papers were given to us too. For sure, it was in a very poor condition. The menu was only printed on a sheet of orange hard paper, then laminated. Not to mention that the laminating layers were almost peeled off somehow. For some, it won’t matter, but for me, I think they should make a better one. It don’t need to be huge, thick and full of colours. It just needs some photos (good ones) on it, with names of menu and prices, in a good condition. That’s just an input anyway. Not a very big deal.Then we looked for the drinks we wanted to have, and since CoffeeBar is a Coffee Bar, I should try their coffee. I did, I asked the waiter about his recommendation and he recommended Vanilla Latte, so I ordered Vanilla Latte for my self. My sis ordered Iced Chocolate, and a snack for us, Fish & Chips. Then the waiter left us and proceeded with our order. Surprisingly, our Iced Chocolate came just in about 2 minutes. It was very fast. Then it was followed by my latte. Fish and Chips took a little bit longer, but that’s very normal, knowing that they have to deep fried the fish and fries right? To sum up, their service was just great! They were polite and fast.Some food you can find here are, Nasi Goreng Spesial (30k), Nasi Sapi Lada Hitam (35k), International Favourites such as Spaghetti Tuna (35k), Fettuccine Carbonara (35k), Salmon Teriyaki (75k) and Fish Katsu (32k). The price range for these main courses is IDR 30 k to IDR 75 k.You can also find Snacks, Cakes, and Cigarettes here. The snacks’ price range is IDR 20 k to IDR 70 k (but mostly only about IDR 20 k). Some snacks they have at Coffeebar are Coffebar Platter (70k), Chicken Wing (25k), Crispy Calamari (25k), Tahu Isi (20k), Pisang Bakar (20k), or maybe Roti Gulung Sosis (20k). For cakes, the price range is IDR 30 k to IDR 40 k, with several choices, from Japanese Layer Oreo, Choco Deluxe, or even Red Velvet. :9 I’m dying to try their cakes! Hey, even the cigarettes (IDR 16 k – IDR 20 k) they sell are cheap. Well, not sure about that, since I never know prices of cigars cause I don’t smoke.I’m not done yet! For the beverages, the price range is IDR 12 k to IDR 42 k, vary from Classic House Espresso, Iced Espresso, Ice Blended, Classic Traditional Coffee Drinks, and some other Alternatives Drinks such as Tea, Chocolate and stuff.See, the prices of stuff here are pretty reasonable. I think you should just check it soon!~ Iced Chocolate ~Price: IDR 23 kOkay, other than this, there are other chocolate stuff, like Milo Dinosaur or Milo Godzilla (this one is with Iced Cream) here. But I prefer the classic one, that’s why I chose Iced Chocolate. Then when it came, It was served in a quite big glass. A sip and I like it. Really, the amount of chocolate in my drink was perfect, without being too strong, or too light. The sweetness was right and the chocolate tasted very nice for us!~ Vanilla Latte ~Price: IDR 32 kThis was the recommendation and the waiter told us it was nice. Well, when I tried it myself, I just loved it! The Vanilla Latte, like he explained to me, was not just simply a Vanilla Drink that tastes more vanilla than coffee. This one was a mix of espresso, with vanilla syrup (I guess) and it made this drink a complete satisfaction. I have drunk Vanilla Latte in a huge brand coffee shop a couple of times, and they never made it this good. I wonder why. But this one here, was really nice. It tasted right for me! The bitterness was even good, in a way not too bitter, more like just a hint. This Vanilla Latte is recommended!~ Fish & Chips ~Price: IDR 30 kOkay, snacks time! Well, this is not exactly a snack. But for us, since we had eaten, we just wanted something to bite. So, this was it. The fish and chips here, even it cost us only about IDR 30 k, was served in quite a generous portion. The battered fish fillet was quite big, and it was served with french fries and tar tar sauce. The taste was apparently average. The battered fish fillet was good, quite crunchy on the outer layer, and soft and tender inside. But it was a bit too salty. Maybe it was just a mistake that time, mixing too much salt in the batter. But generally, this fish and chips was quite good. The tar tar sauce was great, and even the french fries were entertaining. ;)That’s that!FYI, just after sitting there for a while, my mom happened to feel quite sick that time. So, we asked for a glass of hot water, and the waiter brought us the water. It cost us for about IDR 8 k.In the end, we paid for about IDR 100 k something. And we were quite satisfied with the place generally. The place is very cozy, nice and the beverages were very good. I’d love to try some other food later, maybe their pasta. The prices they offer are generally quite affordable, the place is clean, and the service is nice, so I hope that they can keep that up. I’d definitely come back for more. This place looks very promising for young adults and people at their 20s or maybe 30s. It’s a good place to hang out with friends, hang around or maybe just to enjoy some coffee stuff.Curious about this place? Find it out yourself in Pantai Indah Kapuk! ;)COFFEEBARRukan Crown Golf Block D No. 15-16, Pantai Indah KapukNorth Jakarta continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)