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Level3 2016-03-18
collete and lola, this cake..filled..full of chocolate layer, chocolate cake, all chocolate, imagine..the chocoholic, how would they think about the taste? cant get enough..im a chocolate lover so, im enjoying this cake..seriously, collete and lola are recommended for cake lover. continue reading
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Level2 2016-03-15
Hello! I was always curious of this dessert spot by Ismaya Group before. Because everytime I pass by the store in Grand Indonesia or Puri Indah, it's always crowded and has a long waiting list. Then, finally! I made it on the Puri Indah branch.Colette and Lola's interior is so fancy and colorful. When arrived at this restaurant, one of my friends said "Is this for children's playground?" but I'm even more attracted to come here with the colorful pastel colors concept. And also the cakes display in front of the restaurant. You will be confused of what you should choose here cause every cakes looks so tempting and also with cute presentation! So, here are what we chose:I See Green (IDR 35.000)Known as many people's favorite, this cake consists of moist yet soft sponge cake with strong green tea flavor with a surprise of red bean paste in the center. Definitely will spoil the tongue of green tea lovers, including me. It's also not too sweet and I think I can't ever get enough of this cake. Love it!Berry Blush (IDR 32.000) A creamy texture sponge cake with a hint of yoghurt taste. So this sweet apperance turns out to be not too sweet for my tongue because of the yoghurt taste. But the taste is kinda refreshing. Love the chocolate decorations, don't forget to save it for the final bites!Lollipop (IDR 35.000)This is my favorite! If you slice it and get all the cake layers, the flavors are combined in your mouth and the taste is soooo delightfully mixed just like eating assorted desserts. The strongest taste is the mint sponge cake layer. But I think one slice of it is enough, unless you wanna get so content of the minty and sugary taste.Cheese Fries (IDR 38.000)A long cuts of fries, thank God it's seasoned perfectly. Not too salty. At first I thought the cheese flavor is mild. But turns out the cheese flavor is a bit strong. Just like tasting one of the branded cheese spreads in jar which I usually found in supermarket. But this is enough to neutralize the sweetness from the other cakes before. Pony Peach (IDR 39.000)Ice tea with some shredded peaches. I mean, it's literally small bites of peach you can even slurp it with the straw. At first I was expecting a sort of medium size of the peach fruit but this is also fun. At least I can drink it directly with the tea. But the sweetness level of the tea is a little bit too much. Whether I forget to ask for less sugar, or the standard sweetness level of flavored tea here is just as sweet as that.But overall, I really like the ambience and the cakes here! It's like you will never fail to order any cakes because they are all delicious in their own way. Keep up the good work, Colette & Lola! continue reading
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Level3 2016-03-07
hi guys,kebetulan dpt info dr tmn gw kalau Colette & Lola lg ada promo free delivery kalau pesen online lewat websitenya gw langsung coba pesen juga. gw buka webnya di www.colettelola.com & start to shop. gw gak pesen bnyk sih cuma cookies & macarons. ternyata beneran free ongkir delivery pas kurirnya anterin juga free ga ditagih biaya ongkirnya.tidak mengecewakan, packaging semua itemsnya bagus dan colorful. mau kasih ke org juga gak malu-maluin malah kelihatannya berkelas. macaronsgw pesen macarons yg 1 box isi 6 rasa. abis dianter macarons gw taro di atas meja trus pas gw makan lembek gitu akhirnya gw masukkin ke dalam kulkas. after 2 hours later gw makan lg dan ini baru nikmat. pas digigit bounce gitu. tapi menurut gw masih sedikit terlalu manis ya. lucunya setelah gw makan beberapa macam gw gak tau itu rasanya apa aja. yg gw makan rasanya coklat, coklat, raspberry *karena pas gw makan ada asem"nya awal gw kira strawberry sisanya gw gak bisa tebak itu rasa apa aja. lol mungkin kalian mau menebak itu rasa apa aja, silahkan ditelusuri lebih lanjut by order it at Colette & Lola. continue reading
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Level3 2016-01-31
I went with a few friends here on a friday afternoon to get a long lunch at Puri Mall. Walking through the north lobby, us girls just can't resist their cute decor! Dominated with pastel colour, they have a mini ferris wheel and also cute bus with three tables on it. Collete and Lola have a great selection of cake on their display, so the premises was good.Not only dessert, you could get light bites and main course too. Some of the food that we tried were their kimchi aglio olio, big breakfast waffle, chicken baked rice and seafood baked rice. The kimchi aglio olio was ok but it didn't taste like spaghetti, more like regular noodle. The kimchi wasn't good though, it's still halfway from being done.The Big breakfast menu consisted of waffle, sunny side up eggs, a sausage, salami and smiley face made from ketchup. It was decent, nothing to brag about.Both types of the baked rice were quite good. The chicken katsu was tender and seafood was plenty. Well, the melted cheese pretty much saved them.Moving on to the sweet stuff. The i-see-green cake is shaped like Mike from Monster inc. So cute! It was a graham cracker crust with mousse and green tea gelatin. The thing that I lik most is there's a mung bean paste on the middle.Chocolate praline was beautifully shaped like a suede box with some gold crest on top. Took a bite of it and I fell in love. The mousse and cake definitely tasted like fererro rocher. Sooooo good!The Chocolote cup is cute and unique which is shaped like.... a cup! The cup was made from a dark chocolate and the cake inside it looks and tasted like black forrest cake.All in all, it's a place with dessert as their main star so we really didn’t have high expectations of their savoury menu. Definitely go for their cakes and bakes! continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-24
Akhirnya ngunjungin juga cabang terbaru Colette & Lola yang berada di Puri Indah Mall, kebetulan lewat jadi sekalian mampir. Tempatnya sih sedang dan ada smoking areanya di bagian luar, smoking areanya lucu banget karena pakai kursi gantung. Untuk service cukup ok kok di sini.Peanut Butter Jelly EclairSebenarnya ga suka peanut butter tapi maksain pesen karena ada raspberry. Sebenarnya ingin memesan varian lain dengan raspberry dan ternyata hanya tersedia di cabang GI. Eclair sendiri sih cukup enak tapi karena peanut butter aku maksain buat habisin.LollipopSelama ini nyobain cake di sini, pasti rasanya enak dan manisnya pas. Varian di dalam terdapat permen yang kalau di mulut akan meletup letup.I See GreenIni versi minuman dari cakenya. Minta jangan dipakaikan whip cream tapi jadi kelihatan polos tampilannya. Rasanya sih aku suka banget dan green teanya berasa.Lola BarAnother cake dalam bentuk minuman. Rasa coklatnya cukup enak dan manisnya pas.Harga di atas belum termasuk tax dan service. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)