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Level4 2017-01-08
Ada yang baru untuk konsep makanan Korea. Originally dari Amerika Serikat, restoran ini menawarkan konsep fast food Korean Food in Cup Bowl. Tempatnya sih ga terlalu besar, namun cukup nyaman dengan dekorasi yang cukup unik. Didominasi warna kuning terang, restoran ini didekor seperti Food Truck, salah satu sarana kuliner yang sedang populer di USA.Pelayananannya cukup bagus. Waiternya ramah dan penyajian makanan relatif cukup cepat.Menu yang ak order kali ini menu Combo (Rp 50k). Di sini customer bisa memilih 2 topping dari menu yang sudah ada. Kali ini gw pilih B-Bop dan Bul Dak Bop.* B-BopKorean BBQ Beef. Rasanya asin gurih dengan tekstur daging-nya diiris tipis-tipis dan mirip seperti gyudon.* Bul Dak BopSalah satu menu baru di sini. Korean Spicy BBQ-Style Chicken. Ayam yang dipotong kecil kemudian digoreng tepung. Tekstur-nya nice. Tepung-nya masih crunchy dan daging ayam-nya masih empuk. Rasa spicy-nya sebenarnya kurang berasa, namun di sini untuk saus bisa pilih level pedas dari 1 - 10.Overall makanannya sih cukup oke dengan harga yang masih reasonable. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2016-09-17
Cup Bop, which means rice and bowl inKorean, is a U.S. based Korean rice bowl specialists who recently stepped intothe Indonesian market, more specifically in Living World and GandariaCity.  Their first outlet in Indonesiathat is located at Living World has gathered a long queue almost every day. ButI bet there are less of you now (as in at the time of writing) who knows aboutthe brand’s new outlet at Gandaria City. You are allowed to choose the sauce betweenlevel 1 to 10, with one being the mildest and ten being super hot and spicy. Asmy tongue is very weak in handling heat and chili, I opted for Level 1 B-Bop(IDR 40K++), which showcased some tender and savoury beef slices, and some japchae on top of a layer of steamed rice, drizzled with a generous sprinkle oftangy lime mayo and sweet, tasty bulgogi sauce, and sesame seeds. I think thesauce helped to bring the entire dish to the next level, but the jap chae(although it was enjoyable) was a little distracting. It would be better toserve more slices of beef instead.We were also given the opportunity to trythe Man Doo (IDR 10K++).I like the crunchiness of the skin, thesavoury minced meat, and most importantly the sweet, brown, savoury sauce. Other Menu that I didn’t try:Toc-Toc Bop - Korean Soy Fried Chicken OverRice (IDR 31K++)Chi-Chi Bop - Korean Chili Fried ChickenOver Rice (IDR 31K++)Kko Kko Bop - Korean BBQ Chicken Over Rice(IDR 31K++)Doochi Bop - Tofu & Kimchi Stir FryOver Rice (IDR 29K++)Noodle Bop - Korean Style Noodle Over Rice(IDR 29K++)Well, Cup Bop is a good small place to dineat whenever you are craving for some enjoyable Korean food at relativelyaffordable price and at fast service. The menu may be small and refined, butit’s always about quality not quantity. Also, there is a combo option, whichallows you to enjoy any two toppings that you like.  *Nona Tukang Makan dined as a guest of Cup Bop. However, the opinion stated is strictly hers.                                                                     continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)