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Mon - Sun 10:00 - 22:00
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Level4 2015-12-07
Dynamic Bakery and Cake. Dynamic Bakery and Cake! How can you not want to try a bakery that's dedicated to one of the best sides ever?!First off: this stand is small but pretty cool. Nom! Nom! Everything on the menu look so good I don't know what to choose.I absolutely have a soft spot for snacks, especially yam and macaroni. Pearl Purple Yam Dessert Soup, IDR 25,000Mashed yam in sweet coconut milk soup. Purple yam were smashed, cooked, and eaten as snacks. I really like how the purple one turns out, it looks so bright and so pretty. The portions were large, although I would expect it for the super-sized price. I mean 25,000 for a purple potato dessert is a little bit expensive. Baked Macaroni, IDR 19,000I grabbed the baked macaroni and I enjoyed every bite. When I opened the plastic covering, the aroma of the cheese and cream were just phenomenal. I loved the crispy browned edges and how the cheese was gooey. Most of the cheese was on the top layer and below that you had macaroni with a light creamy sauce and chicken chunks. This baked macaroni wasn't lack anything in the flavor department. The chicken was juicy and the crisp cheese crust on top is like cream cheese frosting for a red velvet cake. The cheese, although not super heavy, could've used a bit more flavor, but the combination of cream and chicken chunks made up for it.For Dynamic Bakery and Cake, the prices are a little on the expensive side, especially for the portion. But these food are made with no preservatives, so it's acceptable. Next time, I will definitely return to try more of these snacks to better judge what Dynamic got! Definitely would recommend them if you've never had it.If you decide to stop by, make sure to bring cash since they only take cash, no credit cards.So in conclusionynamic Bakery and Cake: small on the outside, but MIGHTY on the inside.Loves:Baked Macaroni is EVERYTHING!Pearl Purple Yam Dessert Soup are tasty, even my friend said the Pearl Purple Yam Dessert Soup reminded her of her grandma's.Staff is so personable, from the waitstaff to the cashier.Cool stand.Yummy desserts... ugh, yes.Authenticity of everything.And HEALTHY. continue reading
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