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Ellexito's main concept is serving you fusion food between Western, especially Italian, and Pan-Indonesian. So it's like combining pastas with seasonings and spiciness like in Indonesian traditional food, and the desserts served are French pastry style which adapted to suit the local taste.Lemongrass Lime Mayo Spaghetti (Rp 48.000)Served with mayo sauce and grilled chicken steak on top. The ones that had chance to try this one said this one is pretty good.Carbonara Fettucine (Rp 45.000)This one is served with generous portion of meat, cream, and cheese.Green "Woku" Chilli Fettuccine (Rp 48.000)It's one of the fusion menu of Ellexito, combined Fettuccine with Manadonese chicken woku and Indonesian spicy taste. You can order it with mild / medium / spicy level. Spaghetti was cooked perfect for me, so creamy, nice presentation with nice green color, the meat was generous, and the taste of woku was balanced. This one is the most favorite menu here.Cheesy Baked Rice. (Rp 38.000)It's butter rice with tuna and melted cheese on top. But I think you can't share it with your friends while looking at its size.Ellexito Chicken Steak (Rp 55.000)Chicken steak with homey creamy sauce, french fries and honey citrus salad. At the first time I saw this I was wow-ed, looking at its size. The meat thickness wasn't thin like I tried in other place, the crispiness level is okay, and nothing's wrong with the taste, but for me the taste wasn't so special. I once saw a chicken steak almost as same as this one on size, but this one is nicer, compared to another one I triedHoney Citrus Salad (Rp 28.000)Grilled chicken with honey citrus dressing. It looks like more making "grilled chicken" than "salad" as its emphasis, the grilled chicken was so generous.We were also served Ellexito's upcoming menu in next months.Chicken Balinese Salsa with Garlic Butter Rice (Rp 70.000)I love the fried rice so much, the taste of garlic was emphasized, its texture was not too dry and too fluffy. The chicken meat was tender and I super loved the spices, like making my tongue salsa-ing. Love love love this one, super recommend you this one when the menu is launching.Rendang Beef Steak (Rp 70.000)Served with onion ring and french fries. Super excited and curious with this one as I quite often eat rendang (not like the real rendang like a block of meat you will see in Padang restaurant, the meat was minched and formed into the big dough when cooked, it could be sliced easily wherever you will cut this. The rendang taste for me wasn't too strong.Hainamese Spaghetti with Oriental Chicken (Rp 50.000)Another fusion food, when West meets East! It's like you're eating hainamese rice but substituted with spaghetti. This one was cooked good and came with generous meat portion.Creamy Spinach Fusili with Grilled Salmon (Rp 70.000)Unique presentation, the fusili's green color is made from spinach. Nevertheless, the fusili was overcooked, so we prefer the salmon. And also we tried the 7 special cakes made by Ellexito, there were Passion, Tiramisu Bar, Mango Yoghurt Pannacota, Unordinary Strawberry Cheesecake, De' Caramelo, Royal, and Red Velvet.Overall the foods are nice. You can get nice ambience with creative fusion menus in Kemang Area with affordable price (as the most of all the main menu foods are priced about Rp 40.000 something), and the price really worths in size and taste. I recommend Ellexito Eatery & Pastry as your lunch or dining place if you have never been to there. SEE MORE PHOTOS OF Ellexito on : bit.ly/ellexitojkt-TWITTER : @ARSubrataINSTAGRAM : @ARSubrataE-MAIL : audrey.subrata@gmail.com continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-05
Sebuah persinggahan mengantarkan saya ke tempat yang sedang hip di Jakarta. Adalah Ellexito, salah satu pendatang baru yang namanya langsung melejit lewat media sosial. Merangkul konsep interior bergaya minimalis, dinding batu bata berkesan unfinished memperkaya nuansanya. Senyum manis teroreh lewat hamparan kumpulan fotografi yang terbingkai indah di setiap sudut resto.Ellexito menghadirkan sajian kuliner yang trendy. Ya, cakupannya tidak jauh jauh menu western yang universal. Sebagai pembuka, menu pilihan pertama saya adalah Cheesy Fries. Bersama lelehan keju Mozzarella sebagai topping, menu ini jadi perkenalan yang nikmat. Sajian pembuka ini menyapa hangat indra pengecap yang kemudian menyambutnya dengan ramah. Temuan kuliner lainnya datang dari kategori Pasta, ialah Spaghetti Bolognese. Dari segi tingkat kematangan, tekstur pasta memang tidak al dente, sebagaimana orang Asia sukai. Apa yang menarik di sini adalah siraman saus Bolognese yang mamma mia! Kombinasinya terasa sepadan dengan paduan rasa manis, sedikit pedas, dan gurih yang memanjakan.Senja Sabtu yang tertutup awan membawa ukiran cerita tersendiri. Lalu saya biarkan keceriannya tergambar manis di Ellexito. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-12-16
Siapa yang tidak kenal daerah kemang? Kemang merupakan salah satu tempat nongkrong di jakarta yang cukup menjadi pusay perhatian dengan restoran restoran, dan tidak dipungkiri restoran restoran disini penuh dengan daya tarik karena para bule bule tidak segan segan untuk mencoba. Nah kebetulan ada salah satu restoran yang bisa menjadi pilihan yaitu Ellextito, restoran ini bisa menjadi pilihan kalian semua dengan harga yang tidak mahal dan enak bisa merasakan sensasi makanan western asia. Yuk kita mulai dari Mushroomnya dengan taburan mayonaise cukup kranci, calamarynya juga dengan bumbu asia tidak terlalu pedas cocok buat tambahan menu makanan, Egg spaghettinya juga enak dan tidak membuat enek, yang bisa dijadikan recomended adalah pencuci mulutnya mango yoghurt panacotta dengan harga 22rb rasanya benar benar segar dan tidak terlalu manis low.. Yuk cobain ke ellexito segera continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-12-12
I have been hearing a lot about Ellexito recently. My Instagram timeline is also full of postings related to this new restaurant in Kemang. So, this weekend I decided to follow the crowd and try this new hip place.The place was quite easy to be found. It was a 2-storey building, which were all occupied by the restaurant. The design brought out minimalist concept, simple yet looked elegant. For me, the venue was quite comfortable for both chilling and working as it was not too noisy.Unfortunately, I was highly disappointed with the service. I could clearly see that the waiter and waitress were not well-trained. For every question I raised, the waitresshad to ask the waiter, who was as confused as her, in prior to answer me. Salted Egg Spaghetti (IDR 65k)So here it was, the most maintream menu from this place. As I saw everyone’s ordering and recommending this Salted Egg Spaghetti, I guessed there was nothing wrong withtrying it. The presentation of the dish was quite nice with the golden brown fried shrimps put on top of the pasta. The pasta was cooked al dente and the shrimps were crispy and chewy. Sadly, I could barely taste the most important part of the dish, which was the salted egg sauce. For me, it tasted more like ordinary egg as it was not salty at all. Thismade the dish became tasteless and I found nothing’s special in it.Salty Caramel Feeling (IDR 35k)This blended drink was one of Ellexito’s best seller. Bringing out the combination of saltedcaramel and vanilla syrup, this beverage tasted great! It was surely an effective healer toward my disappointment on the main dish. Just one thing, I guessed the size was too small for that quite high price. Ellexito’s Espresso Brulee (IDR 38k)Another favorite beverage here was this Espresso Brulee. This was certainly a perfect choice for any coffee lover. You could strongly taste the coffee flavor and the sweetnesslevel was just right. However, the same problem with the previous beverage, the size was too small. You could see that it was almost half of the glass only. From this dining experience, I thought Ellexito still needed much improvement, both for thedishes and the service. For the beverages, it’s okay to charge high price as long as what was served worth the price paid.Find me on: http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @jessica_gaby continue reading
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Level1 2014-07-16
Seneng banget diundang ke acara gathering OpenRice beberapa waktu lalu di salah satu tempat makan baru yang ada di daerah Kemang, Ellexito Eatery and Pastry, walaupun masih terbilang pendatang baru, tapi menu makanan yang ada di restaurant ini very recommended, mulai dari appetizer, main dish, sampai dessert. Untuk appetizer cobain Asian Spicy Fried Calamari sama Honey Jam Wings. Pada menu main dish wajib banget nyoba Cheesy Baked Rice-nya terutama yang ngaku suka banget keju. Karena aku cheesylovers jadi pas pertama nyoba menu yang satu ini langsung jatuh cinta banget!!! Kejunya kerasa banget, melted di nasinya, perfect! Ada lagi yang namanya Salted Egg Spaghetti, perpaduan pasta dengan telur asin menjadikan menu yang satu ini unik dan taste delicious. Love it! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)