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Level4 2016-01-21
Hard Rock Cafe Pacific Place, Sudah lama tidak berkunjung ke Hard Rock terutama di outlet barunya yang di Pacific Place. Sempat bingung dengan lokasinya yang akhirnya saya masuk dari pintu depan yang berada di samping Lobby Pacific Place. Tempatnya luas dengan Stage dan juga Bar. Secara tempat saya prefer yang ini di bandingkan dulu ketika di Ex Thamrin. Banyak koleksi memorabilianya yang ada di seluruh dinding ruangan, tidak ketinggalan juga Hard Rock Cafe Store yang menjual pernak pernik dan fashion dengan logo HardRockMenu yang di sajikan disini mostly adalah western food mulai dari salad, burger, sandwich , steak tetapi ada juga beberapa menu Asian food yang disediakan. Dari sisi drinks di tersedia aneka soda drink, bir, cocktail dan sudah pastinya ada dessert. Untuk harga sendiri agak di atas rata-rata namun dengan porsi yang cukup besar. Porsi-porsi yang ada biasanya bisa digunakan untuk sharing. Berikut beberapa menu yang sempat saya coba :Saya memilih Nachos 199k untuk starter , nachos datang dalam porsi cukup besar untuk di share. Nachos di sajikan bersamaan dengan three bean mix, keju cheddar, pico de gallo dilengkapi dengan sour cream. Best Starter for me, di banyak western restaurant memang nachos ini menjadi favorit untuk starter.Smokehouse chop salad 130k salad yg terdiri dari bbrp macam potongan sayur di temani dengan alpukat, potongan smoked chicken, cheese, turkey bacon dan menggunakan citrus vinaigrette. Tastenya superb dengan kehadiran alpukat menambah kenikmatan salad yang berasa asam segar ini . Legendary 8oz Burger : Burger berukurang 8oz ini di sajikan menggunakan beef patty, smoked bacon, onion ring dan juga french fries. Dari segi ukuran porsi nya benar-benar jumbo cukup sulit untuk menghabiskan burger ini sendirian saya recommend untuk di share berdua. Untuk tastenya agak kurang karena tidak ada saus yang menonjol dari rasa burger tersebutUntuk minuman saya hanya order soda 35k. Namun kelupaan untuk saya foto Overall makanan nya cukup ok, tapi harga yang menurut saya overpriced di compare dengan resto lainnya yang sejenis. Sedangkan yang saya agak kurang suka adalah pelayanan nya entah karena masih pagi atau bagaimana. Tapi bbrp waiters yang melayani kami seperti orang yang acuh tak acuh. Tidak ada senyuman, ketika di panggil untuk order pun sepertinya malas-malasan untuk melayani kami. So big NO for the service. Harga belum termasuk Ppn 10% dan Service Charge 8.25% continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-04
Openricer, tempat yang paling enak untuk denger live music sambil mencicipi makanan tentunya openricer setuju kalau salah satunya pasti Hard Rock Cafe karena tidak sembarangan band yang bisa mengisi live music disini pasti sudah punya kriteria jadi bukan band abal abalah., terlebih Hard Rock Cafe sudah mendesain stage nya memang untuk live band dan soundnya dari kwalitas terbaik jadi pastinya enak didenger, hampir diseriap negara pasti ada cabangnya Hard Rock Cafe terutama dinegara kunjungan wisata jadi memang sangat terbatas tidak semua kota ada Hard Rock nyaLokasi Hard Rock Cafe berada di lingkungan mall elite Pacific Place , mall yang  mayoritas menjual barang barang branded.Lokasi ini pindahan dari yang sebelumnya berada di Ex Plaza, Thamrin.Dekor nya sudah tentu berisi segala memorabilia semua tentang music baik musik lokal maupun international semua terpajang menjadi ornamen ruangan cafe . Tempat makan nya juga banyak berupa bangku bangku bar, memang kelihatannya lebih banyak pengunjung yang berdiri sambil menikmati minuman diiringi live music, memang sih tidak setiap saat ada livemusic tetapi ada scedule nya dengan jenis music yang bergantian.Pelayanan disini memang agak lama dan menurut saya sih biasa saja cenderung cuek, terlebih jika sudah ada live music nya.Menu disini memang kebanyakan masakan western nya, namanya orang Indonesia pasti tetep nyari yang nasi , saya pilih makan nasi gorengnya, harganya memang tergolong murah untuk ukuran disana , nasi gorengnya sih biasa saja dengan daging udang ,telor ceplok dan sate ayam keseluruhan rasa sih biasa saja tapi memang kebawa suasana aja jadi asik aja. Nasi goreng nya memang dimasak biasa saja tidak ada istimewa nya. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
I purposely go here to try their famous Legendary Hard Rock Burger. As I enter Hard Rock Café, the staffs their welcoming us warm-heartedly. As you know, because this is Hard Rock, their interior is gorgeous, along with a modern style of bar, and ethnic table chair.Legendary Burger – IDR 210,000As the name implies, it’s truly a legendary burger for me. The size is super duper huge, and it has French fries on the side of the burger. The burger itself contains of 2 huge patty (and taste amazingly delicious with the butter), super thick tender beef, cheese, bacon, and some vegetables. The taste is really delicious, I love every inch of this burger, trust me! However, I don’t finish eating it because the size is too enormous for me. I’m totally full and can’t chew anymore. I suggest for you girls, share it with a friend ;)Fish and Chips - IDR 129,000Even though the plating is not really “appetiting” (honestly, I think it looks like I’m eating at ‘warteg’…) but it’s really tasty. I love how crisp the fish are, yet it’s still tender on the inside. The mayonnaise taste superb, and I really love all of the combination in one plate. I do hope that they serve it into a better plate ;)BeveragesStrawberry Basil Lemonade - IDR 65,000Love the taste, and you can still feel the fresh strawberries in your mouth, but it’s not that refreshing. Maybe because there’s not much ice inside, I don’t know.Blueberry – IDR 35,000It’s not a fresh juice and trust me, you’ll know what brand used once you’re tasting this drink, hahaha! Of course, it taste great & refreshing!Cappucino - IDR 35,000The coffee is really great! If you’re here to have a talk, like a business meeting or maybe hang out with family, this could be a great choice. But if you hang out with a friend, I’d recommend a beer instead.AmbianceWhen I got here, there are a lot of customers, but it’s not crowded. Hard Rock Café is really spacious, and it’s really comfortable to chit chat here. They have live music on the stage, and it’s nice to hear the music while you’re enjoying your evening.ServiceThumbs up for the service! It took them long enough to process my voucher though, but it’s fine! The waiters are attentive, and take each of my order carefully. They also take a nice picture of us!Stay awake for another food journey!--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
If I have to pick one word to represent Hard Rock Cafe, it will be neither music, nor American. Instead, for me Hard Rock Cafe is togetherness. Confused enough? Just wait until you see the portion of the foods they serve, then I’m really sure you’ll totally understand what I mean. Reflected by its name, the design of the venue indeed brings out the theme of music, especially Rock. You can see musical instruments at many corner, and definitely a big stage. The venue is quite spacious and very enjoyable for chilling. They even provide live music for the guests to enjoy at certain times.Luckily, at my very first visit to Hard Rock Cafe, I went there with my office colleagues. If you’re the type of people who love the dining table to be ‘crowded’, you certainly know what I’m thinking about when I say that I’m lucky by going there with many people. Yes, it’s definitely because I can share the dishes and thus, I can fulfill my desire to order many of those listed on the menu.When you’re reading Hard Rock’s menu, there will be two extremely opposing probability, which are you will be very confused, or you will feel very informed. Why? Because Hard Rock’s menu completely explains each of their dishes. So, you know every single component of the food you will enjoy. To avoid any confusion, there's one super effective solution, asking the waiter/waitress! You needn't worry about this as they're very welcome to answer all your questions. I even feel that they treat the guests as friends and they try to build good relationship with us (kinda remind me of 'anak band').Now let's go to the table!Hard Rock Nachos (IDR 177k)Who doesn’t love tortilla chips? As the answer might be almost none, therefore I believe everyone will fall in love with Hard Rock Nachos! If people even enjoy the naked tortilla chips, then who can resist this uber-generously topped ones? It’s just one of the richest Nachos I’ve ever had. You can clearly see in the picture that the topping was abundantly given. Monterey jack and cheddar cheese, seasoned pinto beans, chopped green onions, pico de gallo, and jalapeños; what else could you ask for? Not to forget, this heavenly taste Nachos were also completed with sour cream and fresh Hard Rock salsa sauce, both of which did taste exceptional! The pico de gallo was even mixed with dice-sliced beef, delivering you the ultimate satisfaction from a plate of appetizer.Jumbo Combo (IDR 189k)As neither my friends nor I have ever been to Hard Rock Café, all of us have no single idea about the portion served by Hard Rock café. At that time, we were having a late lunch and thus, we were very hungry. Thinking that appetizer commonly came in small portion, we decided to order this Jumbo Combo as well as we saw from the menu that it had highly diverse content. Combining spring rolls, hickory-smoked chicken wings, onion rings, potato skins and chicken strips; I’d rather call this jumbo combo as IMPRESSIVELY GIANT COMBO! However, as all these golden-brown deep-fried snacks looked so tempting, I couldn’t resist myself to try each of them. One more thing making this dish so special was it was served with five different sauces, allowing you to choose the one that best suited your taste bud! For me, the ones that have successfully stolen my heart were the onion rings and potato skin. They were just so so good that I couldn’t stop to have more and more of them. You might start to think whether I still had enough space in my tummy for the main course, remembering the previous Nachos I had also came in a very huge portion Legendary 10oz. Burger (IDR 178k)Finally, the most awaiting part from the dining experience in Hard Rock, the more than well-known Legendary 10oz Burger! By the time I saw it right in front of my eyes, I somehow forgot that I had already had huge portion of appetizer and I was like three-quarter full five minutes ago. Not only the legendary portion, the plentiful toppings have successfully made me drool as well. Without further due, I immediately took my first luscious bite. Guess what? I really really love every single component of this burger. The turkey bacon was well-seasoned, the onion ring was so crispy and tasty, the veggies were so fresh, and most importantly the double Cheddar cheese were simply so cheesy! The only thing I might hate from this dish was just it’s impact on the hips Hot Chocolate (IDR 40k)I would not give much comment on this hot chocolate because I was quite disappointed with it. I expected it to be thick with strong chocolate flavor. Unfortunately, it was thin and it tasted more like chocolate milk. Strawberry Juice (IDR 35k)Probably, ordering fruit juice was an ideal choice remembering all the dishes enjoyed in prior had doubtlessly made my colleagues and I felt like we even did not have any space at all inside our tummy. This strawberry juice did not only look appealing, but the it was indeed refreshing, carrying the balanced combination of sweet and sour taste.In a nutshell, I wouldn’t say no to next visit to Hard Rock Café. There were still many dishes on the menu I was curious to try. However, I guessed I should come with more people next time. Yeah, probably to avoid ‘Tummy Prosperity’ from shifting to ‘Tummy Explosion’.Find me on: http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @jessica_gaby continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-13
Sudah lama ga ke Hard Rock Cafemampir dah di Pacific Place pesan berdasarkan rekomendasi dari pelayannyaakhirnya kami memutuskan memesan Legendary 10z Burger Legendary 10oz Burger Rp 178.000++wah enak banget deh puas makannya sampai susah ngunyahnyadaging baconnya nya banyak , enak , empuk ga salah mesen burger ini nyam nyam nyam Hickory Smoked BBQ Chicken Rp 130.000++ayam di panggang dan diberi saus BBQ, didampingi sama coleslaw, kacang merah, dan french friesrasanya enak , tapi lebih enak Burgernya Minumnya Chamomile Tea dan Jasmine Tea @Rp35.000++Overall pasti balik kesini lagi kami puas dengan kelezatan menunya continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)