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Level2 2015-03-17
I love the place, so vintage, jazzy, and it's like entering "The Great Gatsby" movie interior setting..... as the design student, it is simply called "art deco" design. Started taking some pictures, but the manager came to us and said the regulation there not to take the interior pictures with cameras. Hmmph.. I think they lose some opportunities for free advertisement from foodies and bloggers like us.So we stopped taking the interior pictures, she said we could only took the interior pictures if there was someone inside the photo.Salted Egg Spagetti with Champignon Mushroom. (Rp 89.000)At the first time I saw this I didn't think that it used..... SALTED EGG? This fusion spagetti was cooked al dente, so yummy, but you can't taste the salted egg at the very first time you eat it. Served with champignon mushroom, cherry tomato and fresh basil. Recommend you to try this unique spagetti.Jack Daniel's Coke and Chicken Wing. (Rp 71.000)The chicken wings are infused with Cola and Jack Daniel's bourbon and glazed with sweet cola, served with orange dipping. Sounds interesting right? But I couldn't taste the Cola or even the Jack Daniel's infusion, the taste was quiet weird for me, So the thing you have to do is dipping the wings into the orange dipping, the chicken taste's becomes so yummy.Country Side Roasted Chicken Half. (Rp 75.000)A full body organic chicken served chicken gravy, country potato, and mixed greens. The chicken was easy to cut, and the gravy was yummy! Perfect for sharing, looking from its size.Capelline Aglio Olio with White Wine Baramundi. (Rp 95.000)This one is angel hair served with garlic white wine sauce, black olives, dried tomato, and pan-seared baramundi. No exception for this one, both of baramundi and cappelini cooked perfectly. You can choose the alternative menu with king prawn (Rp 125.000).Pan-Seared Pork Belly. (Rp 137.000)Pork belly cooked sous vide for 20 hours, served with cider vinegar roasted apple and white beans cassoulet. The taste seems great after you read the previous sentence, right? However, the seasoning wasn't satisfying, I didn't feel anything, but thank goodness the skin's crispiness level was perfect.Bacon Wrapped John Dory. (Rp 85.000)MY FAVORITE! Beef bacon served with coriander pesto, rattatouille foam, buttered pasta and seared baby cos. What a great dish, a yummy dory wrapped with beef bacon. So in love with this one. Unfortunately, the beef bacon was little bit salty, but still tolerable. Recommended to try.Anyway, do you know if Hide and Seek also has a special drink like its name? It's Hide and Seek Special Drink, you can't peep at it as it's full wrapped and you can only sip it from the straw. About the taste? Psst.. it's secret, go and taste by yourself then!Overall, the foods were great. Super love the interior, especially the installation in the bar wall. But to be honest, the service was bad. At the first time we arrived the manager was little bit unfriendly, especially when she told about the rule of taking pictures of interior. After that, the foods were taking super duper long long time to serve... although they were only us and 2-3 people inside at that time. Nevertheless, the waiters were so nice and always smiling to us. and the most important point here : I couldn't connect to the wi-fi, Recommend you to come here in the afternoon if you don't smoke, the place is quiet empty.-SEE MORE PHOTOS OF HIDE & SEEK SWIRLHOUSE on my blog at : bit.ly/hideandseekjkt_Instagram : @arsubrataaudreysubrata.blogspot.com continue reading
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Just like the name itself, the restaurant is kind of hidden. Before I entered the restaurant, I had to go trough a small alley and opened a vintage door that had no sign of human beings. I still had to walk a little before I could finally find the “exact” restaurant.Hide & Seek Swillhouse is one of the nicest vintage decorated restaurants in Jakarta ever. I love the elegance of the bar, sofas, and the mystery.At first, the staff didn’t allow my fellow foodies and I to take even a single photo of the restaurant but luckily after some discussions they permitted us to do so.FoodJack Daniel's Coke Chicken Wing (IDR 79K++)It didn’t have even a slightest hint of Jack Daniel’s. I could only taste something sweet nothing salty or alcoholic or whatsoever. I applaud the texture but not so for the flavor. The orange sauce was a bit sour because it was made with orange and it did make the chicken wings more appetizing to be eaten but still it would be better if I could taste a little bit of Jack Daniel’s on them.Capellini Aglio E Olio in White Wine Garlic Sauce w/ Barramundi(IDR 95K++)The pasta was a bit undercooked and floury. I don’t think the pasta was worth the price. As for the barramundi, it was better. The fish was smooth and seasoned well.Capellini Aglio E Olio in White Wine Garlic Sauce w/ King Prawn(IDR 125K++)Neither the pasta nor the king prawns amused me on this plate. The king prawn was tasteless and the pasta had the same problem with the previous one.Pan Seared Pork Belly (IDR 139K++)The pork belly’s skin was really crisp and tender but I have to admit that the seasoning was lacking. The beans were lovely, although the vinegarish apple was a tad too strong in taste.Country Style Roasted Spring Chicken Half (IDR 95K++)The best tasting dish available at Hide n Seek Swillhouse as picked by Nona Tukang Makan aka myself. I adore the tenderness and if I could, I would lick the plate clean. But it wasn’t my dish so…. Yeah… I couldn’t.Salted Duck Spaghetti with Champignon Mushroom (IDR 89K++)I was surprised that this time the restaurant managed to cook the pasta excellently. Still, I have something to be complained. The sauce did not cling to each strand, so some of the pasta was tasteless. I don’t know if it’s because the sauce was extremely creamy or thick so it just stuck in the middle.Bacon Wrapped John Dorry (IDR 85K++)Kind of expected it to be too salty but the dish came out well executed. Another pleasurable dish after the roasted chicken.Most of the food (I said most not all) that I tried here were dull and overpriced. It’s like we are paying for that much only for the cozy interior not for the food quality. Plus, I needed to wait for almost an hour before a dish could came out. The restaurant also does not have a separate room for smokers. For people who can’t stand the smell of cigarettes like me, I don’t recommend you to visit the restaurant.P.s. The toilet was a bit slippery and dark so you have to be careful. continue reading
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H&S Swillhouse, atau sering juga disebut Hide and Seek, terletak Fairgrounds disamping Blumchen Coffee. Tempatnya unik, sepertinya mengambil konsep industrial. Namun pada saat saya datang dan saya memoto interior mereka, Assistant Manager mereka mendatangi kami dan menegur bahwa kami tidak boleh memoto interior kecuali ada orang berpose di depannya; dan kami hanya boleh memoto makanan saja. Namun saat kami memoto makanan kami, dia datang dan menegur kami lagi. Setelah dibicarakan baik-baik akhirnya kami diperbolehkan. Sebetulnya ini free publicity untuk mereka kan? Oh well. Servicenya cukup baik, namun makanannya sangat lama keluarnya, padahal di hari itu hanya kami satu-satunya pengunjung mereka.Beberapa menu yang saya coba : Mango & Lychee Breeze (48k), Jack Daniel’s Coke Chicken Wings (71k), Country-Style Roasted Chicken Half (75k), Bacon Wrapped John Dory (85k, Recommended!), Pan-Seared Pork Belly (137k), Salted Duck Egg Spaghetti with Champignon Mushroom (89k)Secara garis besar, semua makanannya enak namun memang agak mahal. Worth to try.Come and taste for yourself!Instagram : @stepwibi continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)