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Level4 2012-11-09
Next here, I will be writing about another venue around my complex. It’s called Kopi Gue, a small place with a very simple concept. I was so hungry today, then I ended up visiting this place. I know that there are a lot of eateries around my complex, Taman Palem Lestari. But to find one after 10 at night, it might need extra effort. Kopi Gue, similar to its name, it sells traditional coffee for coffee lovers. Other than that, they have some food to offer, from Indonesian Food to simple Italian Pasta. They offer Fried Noodle, Fried Rice, Tom Yum, and Bolognese Spaghetti. For drinks, they have a lot of variants too. They even sell mixed juices with its unique benefit for around IDR 15 k, such as for anti-aging, anti-oxidant and good-digestion.Kopi Gue actually closes at 10, but if there are guests, they can open till 11 at night. It is run by an middle-age man and his wife. They both have opened this cafe for more than years and it’s quite a shame I just knew this spot a few months ago. If I had known it earlier, I'd have come and visited this place earlier too. I ordered myself a plate of Tom Yum Fried Rice, a glass of Good Digestion mixed juice, and a cup of hot Milk Coffee. They have a wide variant of choices. But for food, well, it's quite limited, and some of the food wasn't available for the moment. Maybe it's because it's a home business, and it isn't too serious. Well, I've talked to the owner too and he actually said that this place was just for their leisure time, for their old time. But it's nice I think to have a small cafe to run when you're old. The interior of the dining area is quite simple. The room is covered in bright yellow and some wood paneling. They made the room quite comfortable for visitors to spend some time. At the corner of the room, you can see a kind of simple bar, for the owner to make beverages. It looked quite good. The outdoor area, even though it has some tables and seats, wasn't too inviting. One of the reasons is the mosquitoes perhaps. Another reason is, it just seemed dull, sitting by the street without any 'pretty' view to look at. haha. But again, maybe it's a matter of preference, some like indoor area and some like outdoor area. Smokers will probably love sitting outside as they can freely smoke there. ~ Tom Yum Fried Rice ~Price: IDR 25 kThis fried rice is one of their recommended dishes. I decided to try this since I was so hungry, I needed something with rice as the main ingredient. After waiting for about 10 minutes, it was served hot on my table. It looked very simple with simple fried egg on top. There were also 2 freshly-cooked prawns next to the egg. One spoonful of the fried rice, and I just knew why they recommended this dish in the first place. The tom yum flavor was quite light, made it somehow addictive. It’s quite spicy too with bright red chilies. When I ordered the fried rice, I was asked for the level of spiciness. I told the waiter that I wanted it spicy (hot). It’s very good and very enjoyable. So far, this was the best Tom Yum Fried Rice I've ever eaten. Too bad the portion of this dish was a bit small. I didn't have enough of this that time. Oh yeah, for the fried egg, it wasn't too good. It was too simple. ~ Digestion Juice ~Price: IDR 15 kA glass of mixed juice. It’s made of 3 kind of fruits. It’s a blend of apple, pineapple, and papaya. It’s refreshing with a combination of sweetness and sourness. It’s a bit too thick. If I can give an input, I still would suggest them to make a lighter version of this. It shouldn't be that thick, as it was overwhelming. I love the taste of those fruits blending together, but in the end, the overall taste was too strong. One person can't drink all this juice. If they make it lighter, they can even lower the price of the drink, to make it affordable (yet enjoyable). There were a lot of other mixed juices that I wish to try, but maybe in my next visit. ;)~ Milk Coffee ~Price: IDR 12.5 kI was expecting an Iced Milk Coffee, but the blame is on me since I forgot to request that, so they served me a hot one instead. It’s quite unique. Served with “Kopi Tetes” style, you can smell the authentic traditional coffee flavor. The owner himself said that their coffee was pure and original. After waiting a few minutes to let the coffee totally sifted, I stirred the coffee and had a sip. Like I said, it’s very authentic with thick flavor and a bit bitter. It will suit you if you like the taste of thick milk coffee. It reminded me of my childhood too, back when my grandpa made me try a bit of his coffee. Very nice. Maybe if I had the Iced version one this, it might have been even better. I always have a thing with this kind of coffee. Overall, it’s a nice late dinner. I would say that the food was good, and probably the other dishes might be as good. But one plate of fried rice can’t be a good benchmark anyway. For drinks, so far so good as well. Kopi Gue is a good spot for people to spend their time, having dinner, or just having a good drink. Prices might be a bit of slightly over-priced for this area, but it’s quite okay too considering the quality of the food and drinks. The owner even said that they always use good ingredients and all the food they offer is safe and healthy. So, that’s probably the reason they can’t lower the prices anymore.You can find free wifi connection here (even though when I was here, the wifi connection was down), and they have indoor and outdoor areas for seating. For additional information, the waiters were very nice too, very polite. They're usually open until 10 at night, but sometimes, when they still have customers, they could prolong the opening time to 11 at night. They're quite flexible with that. I would like to recommend Kopi Gue for people around this area. It’s quite hidden, and probably not many people have noticed it. But if you do see Kopi Gue, give a chance to Kopi Gue and try the food and drinks. You might just like it. It offers a good quality home-made food and drinks, and as to emphasize their consideration towards healthy food, most of the ingredients used are healthy ingredients. At last, thanks for reading my review. I am signing out. Kopi GueRuko Taman Palem Lestari Blok AA1 No.2,11730, West JakartaPhone: 021-55951302 continue reading
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