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Review (22)
Level4 2016-03-07
hi semua bagi pencinta kopi aku mau anjurin untuk coba kopi satu ini.. selain memiliki rasa yang khas dari koultoura tersebut ini tempatnya cukup cozy untuk nongkrong" sambil kumpul" sesama temandengan budget yg tdk mencekek anda sudah dapat menyantap secangkir dengan cantikahhaahitu bahasa yang di gunakan oleh kalangan sekitar kta,,so bagi pecinta kopi kalau and belum pernah mendatanginya anda belumlah seorang coffe lovers continue reading
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Level3 2016-02-26
Well, I may be a tad too late to blog about this famous coffee shop, but still it’s always better to be late than never.I visited the coffee shop with my sister on a weekday, so I already guessed that the shop would not be crowded. In fact, the shop was calm and peaceful. Despite the quietness, the fun interior created a lively atmosphere. I’d totally stay at the shop to finish any assignments if I study in Jakarta.I reckoned that we need to order at the counter and grab the drinks by ourselves, but because there were only a few guests and us being the only customers downstairs, the staffs self willingly presented the drinks on our table. We opted for the Hot Green Tea Latte (IDR 33K++) and the Hot Mellow Chocolate (IDR 40K++).If you got green eyes for money, I got green eyes for green tea. I’m kind of obsessed with everything green tea (Matcha stalker here!). If there’s a tiny dust of unpleasant flavor on the matcha, I’d be mad. Thank God because this matcha latte was charmingly tasteful. The milk did not overpower the matcha flavor, and there’s only a slight amount of sweetness, which helped to boost the exotic taste of the green tea. It was impressive, but it’d be certainly fit for a king (or queen) if I didn’t encounter any powdery leftover at the bottom of the cup.My sister’s Hot Mellow Chocolate came with two chunks of pillowy marshmallows. My sister admitted that the chocolate tasted lovely, too bad, there was some powdery leftover at the bottom.Spaghetti w/ Italian Meatballs (IDR 70K++)The peppery thrill and the tomato goodness clung to each strand of the well-cooked spaghetti. I was surprised that the café was able to serve moist and tender meatballs, not forgetting the shredded cheese on top. I’m not going to lie, even if it’s a little spicy, I still think that it is one of the most well-executed spaghetti by Jakarta’s café shops.Croque Madame (IDR 55K++)“Ham and melted cheese? Hmmm, it’s going to be massively salty”, I thought. But, the moment it entered my mouth, my thought was defeated. Crusty border paired with fluffy, flavorful eggs on the inside. They were excellent. Its flavor was appropriate, thanks to the pepper, and the egg was more than palatable.Koultoura Coffee is one of the most phenomenal café shops in Jakarta. All of the dishes were remarkable. I’ve become attached to the spaghetti now. Although, I’d love not to find any powdery leftover on the bottom of my drinks. Nevertheless, I’d certainly be back again, as I adore the fun yet peaceful interior and the welcoming staffs. Currently, this is one of my favorite spots in town.*Nona Tukang Makan was not invited or paid to write this review continue reading
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Level3 2015-07-13
koultoura ini bisa kalian temuin di green ville! tempatnya bagus bangett buat foto" banyak gambar pajangan gituuu. tempatnya juga enak buat nongkrong atau buat kerjain tugas guyss! ☺️ makanan nya juga enak guys! coffee nya juga enak. ayo cobain ke sinii! 😊😊 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Koultoura is one of the abundant coffee-shops, which has successfully made me impressed at my very first visit. Not only due to the great coffee served there, but also the spacious place that has been designed with simple yet elegant concept. The homey and cozy ambiance makes me feel like I can spend my whole-day sitting there. The wooden furnitures are very eye-friendly and the combination of long and short tables show that they're trying to fulfill various needs form their guests. Visiting this coffee-shop, I can clearly see that people spend their time here, not only chilling, but also working; while enjoying a sip of exception coffee definitely.The service provided by the baristas was highly pleasant as well. You could even request the latte art you desired and they would make it as you wish if they could. Moreover, though the dishes were freshly prepared upon order, it didn’t take too long for you to have them ready on your table. Croque Madame (IDR 45k)One out of the many things I really love from visiting coffee shop is having breakfast menu. I have always been excited to try various breakfast menus from all coffee shops I visited. This time, this super cheesy dish has captured my interest. Without thinking too much, I picked Koultoura’s Croque Madame as the main dish for my brunch. Different from common Croque Madame, presentation wise, I thought this looked more like Croque Monsieur as it was topped with super generous amount of melted cheese instead of a sunny side up. Stuffed with grilled ham and egg, this simple dish was just perfect for me! As usual, the cheesier the dish was, the more I would love it! Not to forget, the golden brown potato wedges, which came as the side dish, were brilliant and I could finish them just in a blink. Very crispy and not greasy, one word, HEAVEN!Hot Mellow Chocolate (IDR 35k)Actually, before visiting this place, I had done my little research on the foods and beverages served here. Yeah, you may have made a right guess if you thought that I did it through Instagram . First time looking at the picture of this Hot Mellow Chocolate, I immediately decided that I definitely should try this one! So here it was, my hot mellow chocolate was finally served on the table. The marshmallow was not dipped into the hotchocolate so you still could snap that beautiful latte art (or should I call it hot chocolate art? ) before enjoying this drink. As you see, I was really happy as it came with quite generous portion if you compared it with other hot chocolate you generally found in other places. When it came to taste, VOILA! If people say don’t judge a book by its cover, this time yousurely may judge this beverage by its appearance. Not only looked wonderful, the taste was indeed amazing as the chocolate flavor was so strong and the texture was quite thick. For you chocolate lover, you might have the same opinion with me that ‘This is just SO ME!’. Additionally, your happiness would be completed with those two big marshmallows dipped in the hot chocolate. Just one thing, I thought it might be even better if they used smaller marshmallows so they could melt easier . But most importantly, this is one of my most favorite hot chocolate now!Fluffy Latte (IDR 40k)If you were an ice cream and a coffee lover as well, this Fluffy Latte would perfectly suit you. Fluffy Latte was basically a glass of cold latte, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This one might also be the answer for you who found that the coffee flavor of Affogato was too strong. As it was served cold, it did not only deliver the great taste of the high quality coffee, but also the refreshing sensation that was very ideal for thishot and sunny Jakarta. In a nutshell, Koultoura coffee is highly recommended for you who are trying to find a coffee shop, which does not only sell the high quality taste, but also the cozy place. The price is more or less similar to any common coffee shop, but here, any single Rupiah you spend surely worth the quality you get. I really wish they opened a branch in South Jakarta area so it would be more reachable for me . I promise I will be one of the most loyal customers if it is realized!Find me on:http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @jessica_gaby continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-10-24
teman teman semua kali ini tempat yang dikunjungi adalah koultoura coffee, coffee shop ini mempunyai tempat yang comfort dan cozy, dimana cahaya lampu yang digunakan seperti biasa berwarna kuning untuk coffee shop pada umumnya, tempat ini ramai dikunjungi oleh orang orang dari berbagai kalangan, tetapi yang bisa dilihat disini banyak dikunjungi oleh kalangan kalangan anak muda yang datang untuk bersantai maupun kalangan kalangan orang orang dewasa yang datang untuk bekerja ataupun menikmati kopi yang ada, coffee shop yang mempunyai gambar secangkir kopi yang besar di depan restoran ini, mempunyai 2 lantai untuk tamunya, pelayan maupun barista yang bekerja disinipun ramah ramah dan murah senyum kepada pelanggan pelangganya yang ada.menu makanan yang disediakan oleh mereka tidak hanya kopi saja tetapi juga ada makanan yang menemani kopi yaitu kue dan dessert, disini terdapat banyak jenis kopi yang bisa dinikmati, seperti kopi espresso yang rasanya yaah seperti kopi kopi biasanya yaitu kopi pait, dan juga ada ice latte yang mengandung susu dan bisa dibuat manis, ice mocha yang mengandung coklat, serta jenis kopi lainnya seperti cappucino dan macchiato, disini juga menyediakan minuman seperti root beer yang di campur dengan ice cream dang mengandung sedikit rasa cherry, pada dasarnya kopi yang ada disini merupakan kopi yang masih pahit tetapi teman teman bisa menambahkan sendiri gula cair yang dibutuhkan sesuai dengan keinginan, dan menu baru yang ada adalah, taro latte, ini adalah the best kalo menurut gw, latte yang berwarna ungu yang disajikan di gelas kopi kecil dengan suhu hangat dan mempunyai latte art sungguh memuaskan para pecinta taro, karena rasa taronya sangat pas dan nikmat di lidah. ini sangat highly recomended buat teman teman sekalian, disini juga menyajikan makanan seperti pasta dan salad untuk makanan beratnya, silahkan datang mencoba ya teman. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)