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Level4 2012-11-09
Okay, I have something new to share. Well, honestly I don’t know whether it’s entirely new or not, but it’s a new thing for me though. Just a new complex away, I found an interesting venue promoting their signature noodles, Makan @ Daha. Noodle is nothing new, but what about Rainbow Noodle? Yep, you probably have the same impression as me the first time I saw the banner. I felt that it was good to follow trend, knowing Rainbow stuff had been quite a fuzz over everything. But noodle rainbow wasn’t exactly what people expected to join the trend right? Haha. Eventually, I was still curious to know, and ended up going there last night.If you know where Ninotchka is, you can easily find Makan @ Daha. It’s just a couple shop houses away. From the outside, Makan @ Daha looks simple and quite humble. It has two dining areas, indoor and outdoor. Well, the outdoor is pretty limited though, with only 2 tables available. I don't think it's very comfortable either unless if the weather is cloudy and windy. I'm never really a type of person who loves outdoor area so much. haha. There’s also a traditional noodle cart located outside with colorful little lamps. For me, I really think it's a bit unnecessary, for it looks a bit out of place. Well, the concept of this place is some sort of cafe right afterall, so I won't expect seeing a cart here. As for the inside, the place is still simple, but kinda warm. The ambiance is good, and the place was minimalist decoration. The place is suitable for family-dinner I think.First thing after picking up my seat, I ordered a bowl of Rainbow Noodle. They have a couple of choices for the topping though. But I ordered the complete one. It looked tempting.Apparently rainbow noodle is 3-color-noodle (yellow, green and purple), but it’s made with natural ingredients. The colors come from vegetables. That’s why you don’t have to worry about health issue. Makan @ Daha concerns about health issue too, that's why they always try to serve food with good ingredients. But nowadays, health issue is really important right, thus it can be a great opportunity to introduce a healthy delicacies without sacrificing the taste. My sister ordered their Ayam Penyet. Yes, they have a lot to offer. Not only noodles, they also serve dishes such as Chicken, Duck, Fish, Squid, and even Japanese food! Prices vary from IDR 15 k – IDR 60 k.For food packages, prices vary from IDR 23 k – IDR 30 k.For drinks, prices vary from IDR 1 k – IDR 12 k.Okay, let’s check it out!~ Mie Ayam Rica Komplit ~Price: IDR 21 kThe name is quite usual, but it comes with 3-color-noodle. That’s what make it special. Makan @ Daha really promotes the Rainbow Noodle here. It is indeed their best asset. Colors aside, the texture of the noodle was nice, with “mie keriting” characteristic. For the colors, there’s no specific taste for each color apparently, it's just a gimmick. The topping itself, was nothing special I guess. It’s “ayam rica-rica” and boiled vegetable. Well, for rica-rica, I first thought it would be spicy. It turned out that it’s not spicy at all. I should say that the noodle was a bit too simple, and too ordinary. They should actually develop the topping too, to make it different than the usual one. If they can make a whole different kind of noodle, they might be successful in the business. But overall, the taste was quite good, but it’s nothing uncommon. Oh yeah, since I ordered the complete one, I got 2 pieces dumpling and 1 piece of beef meatball. The meatball was good, and the dumplings were even better. It tasted light, delicious, and the dumpling outer layer was so soft. The extra stuff really helped enhancing my judgment for the overall dish. ~ Paket Ayam Penyet ~Price: IDR 25 kThis package includes a fried chicken, “sambal penyet”, a choice of fried Tempe or Tahu, steamed rice, and “sayur asem”. When it was served, the “sambal penyet” was too little. Then my sis asked for more, and the waiter gave us more. The fried chicken was great, and it’s nicely fried. It’s a bit crispy on the outer layer, and it went well with the “sambal penyet”. The "sambal penyet" wasn't too spicy though, and it lacked something, which I couldn't figure out. The fried tempe was quite crunchy as well and it was quite enjoyable. For the “sayur asem”, it suited my taste. It’s a bit sour and the soup was thick with nice flavor. To compare it with the price, I think it's quite good. Besides Ayam Penyet, they have some others, and I will try them one by one later. For drink, I ordered simple stuff, Tea. But they actually have special drinks too, for instance, Latte.My impression for Makan @ Daha is mostly positive, except for the fact, “Mie Rainbow” wasn’t exactly as I expected. The prices are decent and the place is comfortable. If you feel like having good dinner with family, I think you can put Makan @ Daha in your list. Especially for people who live around this area. Nowadays, the area around my place seems to be establishing a lot of new venues. New restaurants and cafes are opening up and I think soon, my complex and its neighbors will be surrounded by the vast number of them. There is a plus and a minus for everything, and this included. But for restaurants and cafes, they might have a big chance to show what they have to people around here. So, I just want to say that Makan @ Daha has the opportunity to attract visitors, to be different. And all it needs is innovation, so that they can stand out among competitors. FYI, Makan @ Daha is not a new brand at all. It’s opened in 1992, and they have a lot of branches around Java. From BSD, Kemanggisan, Magelang and even Salatiga. I think some people might have heard their name, and it could become a strength too for them. I should really come back again to try their other offers and I'm sure I won't be disappointed. You guys have to come and try to if you have the time, or if you happen to visit this area. Feel free to drop by here and have your dinner. Oh, have I told you that they have free wifi connection too? Makan @ Daha6th Avenue, Citra Garden 6, Cengkareng11730, West Jakarta continue reading
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