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Level4 2017-05-07
Waktu itu pas makan siang iseng kesini dan coba beberapa menu:Bihun goreng: ternyata lumayan juga loh..! Memang ga specila gimana sih tapi not bad. Wangiii! Isi toppingnya oklah ga terlalu banyak tapi ga sedikit juga. rasanya pas gurihnya ga keasinan.Es Mama Special ABC: Seger banget toppingnya lumayan banyak. Kayak es campur aja sih, namun sayang es nya guede2 banget makannya jadi susah.. seharusnya pake es serut halus yah..Tape bakar keju coklat: nahhh ini enakk! Tapinya tebal dan empuk seluruhnya.. Merata ga ada yang masih keras. karena saya suka banget keju, saya sebenarnya berharap kejunya lebih banyak dan cokelat meses lebih sedikit, tapi gpp sioh masih enak kok! continue reading
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Level2 2016-04-25
Original Review at http://www.nahmj.com/2016/04/23/mama-malaka-restaurant-south-quarter-jakarta/One of our weekday lunch while I was on business trip to Jakarta was at Mama Malaka Restaurant At South Quarter. According to the restaurant, Mama Malaka started since 1959. If that's true, it has established itself for quite some years. I like long establishing restaurant, provided that they maintained their standard and quality of food. As such I am keen to check out Mama Malaka Restaurant At South Quarter.Space at Mama Malaka Restaurant At South Quarter is nicely decorated to feel like home. It has a wall painting of the pre-war houses that looks like those in Singapore. On this black and white painting, there were lots of Chinese words, as such we were wondering if this is a restaurant opened by an Indonesia Chinese.As I started to flip through the thick menu, I was greeted first by the Appetiser section, and then followed by the Ganai (Bread), Seafood, Chicken & Meat, Rice & Noodle, Duck, Vegetables, Dessert and lastly Beverages. The glutton in me is prompting me to order as much as I can but I put on a fight with this temptation.Among the Ganai (Bread selection), 6 choices available. We went for the Roti Tissu (Rp 35,000) which is as thin as paper roti canai drizzled with condensed milk, sugar and butter. Oh my, it is such a rich bread based on the ingredients it has. This is indicated as a Chef Favourite on the menu.We ordered a Seafood Soup (Rp 72,500) to go along with our meal. The humble looking dish when served doesn't look appealing. In it were prawns, chicken, egg, squid and salty preserved vegetables. It was rich in seafood flavour, unfortunately, it was way too salty.Sambal Prawn (Rp 75,000) is one of my favourite food when in Singapore. It is best eaten with white rice. I find the one served at Mama Malaka resemble the taste of Singapore Sambal Prawn. It is less spicy and on the sweeter end.Drinks offered at Mama Malaka at South Quarter was not as huge as some other restaurants. There were a total of 11 drinks. We ordered a hot Susu Kacang (Rp 25,000) & a Iced Honey Lime (Rp 32,000).Martabak Special (Rp 31,000) is an Indonesia Pancake topped with nutella, chopped peanuts and cheese resulting in a sweet yet savoury dessert. It is similar to our Singapore local Pancake but it's texture is a little different. The best I could describe is that it has a Mochi like texture but denser; soft with just a little chewiness. The Martabak could have a variety of different toppings.Food tasted homely while ambience is casual. In addition, Mama Malaka offers a good selection of food as I likes variety. I enjoyed the food and like the environment, I will return when back to the area.More reviews on http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)