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Level4 2015-01-20
lagi - lagi temen ajakin nongkrong di Markas yang ada di daerah tanjung duren, emang sih Markas ini tempatnya enak banget buat ngobrol dan nongkrong bareng temen.gw langsung aja cabut kesana dan pas sampe sana temen-temen gw udah pada pesen makan alhasil gw cari-cari sendiri deh makanan yang bakal gw pesen dan pilihan gw jatuh ke stand yang menjual menu pasta gitu dan disitu gw pesen Spaghetti nya nih dan setelah pesenan gw jadi gw langsung cobain nih dan rasanya lumayan cukup enak dan porsi spaghetti nya sendiri lumayan cukup banyak dan mengenyangkan perut gw.Untuk tempatnya sih disini enak banget dan nyaman banget kalo gw sama temen-temen gw lagi pada nongkrong disini.Selamat Mencoba  continue reading
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I knew this place since I was in high school, it's located very near from my high school I attended. Markas is very known as the billiard venue, and sometimes me and friends went to (ex) Stroberi Cafe which used to located below Markas. And now, Markas relaunched with new concept and more space (they now use the first storey too) as one stop entertainment for everyone.Located in Tanjung Duren, there are a lot services and entertainment for you. There are Mbrio Beer House, Garazh Family Karaoke, Dragonfly Reflexology and iEat. The venue was held in iEat, it's a food court located in first floor which uses electronic payment. First time you come to eat, you will use some electronic voucher card that you can get in the booth near the door.From "Sushi Love Bento" Stall Spicy Ramen (Rp 35.000)Named "Spicy Ramen", but for me this is not too spicy. I love the broth, so mild and not too milky, the spiciness level at that time made the broth perfect for me. It worths for paying Rp 35.000 to get this tasty ramen.Crunchy Dragon Ball (Rp 25.000)Look at that face, tee-hee. I'm a crunchy sushi lover, so I made this one as my favorite. Served in 8 slices, with prawns inside and sesame seeds.Salmon MeltedLove this one too! Kinda recommend you to try this one. The salmon slices kinda big with nice texture and served with some tempting melts on top.Chicken Floss (Rp 30.000)I'm not a floss lover but it was okay for me, as you can see on the picture below they gave less floss on the sushi. But the feeling inside the sushi were given generously.Caterpillar Roll Made like caterpilllar, this one was really cute. The feelings inside this sushi were scrambled egg and nori, for those of you who love fusion sushi, try this one, caterpillar roll served with avocado on top.The bonus one for us, assorted sushi in plate!From "Traza" Stall Nasi Goreng Cakalang (Rp 29.000)The rice were little bit drier than I expected at the first time I tried, but it tasted good.Chicken Wing Spicy Lemongrass (Rp 30.000)Who doesn't love chicken wing? Me likey!!!! Served in 6 pieces, this menu was one of my favorite at that night. Cooked nicely, juicy and the skin was crispy.From "Pizza Pazzo" StallPizza Quatro (Rp 99.000)Served in 8 slices, this square pizza came with arious toppings such as meats, sausage, bellpepper, and mozarella cheese. The typical of this pizza is like American Pizza, the bread is thicker than Italian Pizza. I also recommend this one, nice for sharing.Pake Nero (Rp 33.000)At the first time I don't have any idea what it was LOL. It's a bread with various toppings, and the most catchy one of this menu is the buns which sliced not too thin but not too thick, but black colored. The color comes from the use of bamboo charcoal, which has many benefits for health such as anti aging, detoxification and many else. The toppings were so-so for me, but hey, the buns were soft. Just let yourself try this unique and healthy food. ;)Nero Lasagna (Rp 55.000)Hmmm.... I thought at the first time this was just an ordinary lasagna. But when I sliced it, I got surprised, as the lasagna was also black colored like Pake Nero! Nothing but the lasagna was good enough for me.From "Kopitime" StallSapi Lada Hitam (Rp 50.000)Sapi Lada Hitam, the one that should be ordered when me and family are having a lunch in Chinese restaurant LOL. This one tasted good for me, and easy to chew. *munch munch*Nasi Lemak Komplit (Rp 35.000)All in one! Here's the Nasi Lemak, served with balado egg, fried chicken, scrambled egg, anchovy, some chips and sambal. Tasted the rice, but in my opinion the coconut milk wasn't added too much, so it felt like eating a regular rice.Roti Bakar Nutella Keju Roti Bakar = I like it, Nutella = one of the superb things in my life, how about Roti Bakar Nutella? ME LIKEY! Yeay, this one was heaven, really suits to my favorite typical of toast! Cheese lover, brace yourself of the generous cheddar cheese they will give.Strawberry SmoothiesThe dinner was closed with strawberry smoothies, tasted light and creamy. I don't know which stall sells this one in iEat but some of friends there said you can get it from the bar outside the iEat.So many variants of food served at that night I like, and I love the ambience inside iEat, so cozy and kinda homey for me. Hungry? Just go to iEat, you can get many variants of food, sit and enjoy them in nice indoor room, and perhaps you can get yourself relaxing massage at Dragonfly Reflexology, or having good time with friends in Mbrio Beer House, or maybe karaoke-ing together with full stomack in Garazh Family Karaoke after finished all of those good and affordable foods in iEat, LOL.The last but not the least, thank you OpenRice Indonesia for the opportunity of joining the foodie gathering, and thank you for the good people I met there at that time, so lucky to know you all. See more photos of iEat at : bit.ly/ieatmarkasTWITTER : @ARSubrataINSTAGRAM : @ARSubrataE-MAIL : audrey.subrata@gmail.com continue reading
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Hi OpenricersBeing a foodie and knowing the fact that I am living in West Jakarta does not suit me quite well. It is hard to find a good place to hang out with friends while enjoying different types of food to taste from in one place. Thanks to open rice Indonesia; I was finally introduced to a new food journey right here in West Jakarta; named Markas – I eat.I Eat is a food court concept that is well managed. The balance of the variety menus they serve is pretty diverse. There are Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and not forgetting the traditional Indonesian food. The payment system comes in a deposit card. More like playing in the arcade, “Timezone”, to me; which was to top up the card first at the cashier before using it in any counter and when finished you can exchange your excess money back at the cashier. It is quite typical like other payment system in any food court these days.The dining area is cozy; the ambiance is perfect for students to study, or having group meeting and work while enjoying their food. The place is simple in the décor, clean and the outdoor seating is designated as the smoking area.I tried pretty much all the types of the food here; these are the reviews:Nasi Goreng Cakalang (IDR 29K)I ordered this plate from “TRASA” counter. Considering the portion of it, the price is unbelievably cheap. The taste of the fried rice is delicious. This fried rice is by far my favorite; I love my fried rice dry and rich in flavor. This could be my “have to” order dish whenever I come hereNasi Lemak Komplit (IDR 35K)I love coconut rice, but this dish was quite underwhelming. As the name “komplit”, this menu actually has full complete components in it; the protein, mineral, vitamin. Yet I feel that the taste of the coconut in the rice should be added more as it tasted quite bland altogether. It seems that I was just eating regular rice.Spicy Ramen (IDR 35K)They called it spicy, not spicy enough for my taste, however I have to I have to admit that the overall of this ramen tasted delicious. The broth is rich in flavor, the texture of the noodle is perfectly cooked and the flavors complemented one another. This will be my second favorite dish.Chicken floss sushi and others (IDR17K-small; IDR 30K-large)This sushi they serve here is just impressively cheap. I would not be able to find any sushi rolls for this kind of price in most eating places. The size of the roll is just a full mouth bites which is perfect. Something need improving would be their skills in making the sushi rolls. It needed to be rolled more tightly so it does not easily fall apart which was the case in their sushi rolls. Taste wise was ok remembering the price of it but I am sure that the chicken floss sushi needed to be added more floss to give more flavor.Roti Bakar keju- Nutella (IDR 27K)How can you say no to cheese with chocolate; not just regular chocolate but hazelnut chocolate A.k.a Nutella?. The bread was spread with butter before they toast it, which was then spread with ample amount of Nutella and finishing off with a generous amount of cheese on top. Diet would not be the word to think of during and after feasting this delicious bad boy.Strawberry Milk shakeI do not normally post my drink on my review but this time I think I should. I tried their strawberry milkshake that you order from the bar counter. This counter is the only place that serves any drink from regular to alcoholic beverages. It is located on the outside patio by the exit door.The taste of this strawberry milkshake is simply delicious. The texture is soft and light and it is not as sweet as any milk shake I have tried before. This could be your substitution for your glass of milk before bed. I would highly recommend this beverage.In conclusion, I am very pleased with this place. Good varieties of food, nice price tag and of course strategic location for me. I had a good feasting time. continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-17
Hi Openricers,Sebuah tempat makan yang terletak di kawasan Jakarta barat dengan alamat di Jl. Tanjung Duren Barat 3 No.1. Merupakan sebuah tempat makan yg terdiri dr berbagai macam pilihan diantaranya : nasi hainam, nasi rames, nasi bento, sushi, pancake dan spaghetti serta masih banyak lagi pilihannya. Aku sudah pernah kesini 2x krn menurut aku tempat makan seperti foodcourt ini bisa dibilang cukup nyaman krn tdk terlalu ramai sehingga kita bisa makan dengan sntai harus terburu-buru seperti keadaan foodcourt pada umumnya. Di Markas ini juga tersedia wi-fi dan bangku-bangku sofa yang menunjang para pengunjungnya untuk makan dan bersantai. Kmrin ini aku kesana beramai-ramai dengan family. Aku mencicipi bnyak jenis makanan diantaranya : pancake yg diatasnya diberikan ice cream oreo dengan irirsan keju dan crunchy oreo, itu menurut aku sangat enakk, krn rasanya yg pas tdk kemanisan dan porsinya juga sesuai dengan harga. Lalu aku juga mencicipi yg namanya kwetiauw goring, rasaanyaa juga tdk seperti kualitas foodcourt biasanyaa, tp ini seperti kita sedang makan di resto-resto. Rasa restaurant tapi makan di foodcourt markas-ieat ini, kenapa tidakk?? Ohya.. disini juga disediakan televisi dan music yg cocok untuk menemani makan siang atau makan malam kamu lohh.. Di dalamnya juga tersedia mesin ATM BCA yg memudahkan kamu untuk mengambil uang kalau lagi lupa bawa duit hehehhe.. Disini ini menggunakan voucher untuk membaya makanan, yg nantinya kalau ada lebih uang di voucher kamu itu, bisa ditukarkan lagi kog ke bag kasirnyaa.. Mungkin cukup sekian dr aku.. silahkan dating dan cicipi macam-macam rasa dan menu di Makas I-EAT ini… continue reading
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Level1 2014-12-11
hello i'm a newbie openricer but got invited to openrice's gathering at Markas. Markas was well known before as a place to hangout, you can do a fun hangout on their strawberry cafe (yes i had fun there) or you can play billiard with your friends. but now markas is totally in a different concept, a lot of food tenants are there, using their card to order food (it was like food court in a mall) and i think it's a great idea in a modern way. they still have their pool table too and a bar called Mbrio. a lot of food was served for us, you can find japanese, western, chinese , indonesian and i forgot what else was there. i recommend you their Pane Nero , a black pizza that tasted delicious to me. i had sushi and ramen too but i think they tasted just good, i don't like their fried rice. I think their food's price is worth to eat (around IDR 30-60k ). thank you for reading my first and really lame review (at least i tried) continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)