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Level4 2015-08-10
Sewaktu sedang mencari makan di Plaza Senayan agak bingung juga mau makan apa, itulah kalau terlalu banyak pilihan makanan kadang kita jadi bingung sendiri mau makan apa hari ini. akhirnya mencari makanan di food courtnya saja yang beada di lantai 3 , cukup banyak juga akhirnya saya muter dahulu sebelum menentukan pilihan, sampai pada satu counter dari Master Wok yang menawarkan paket murah hanya Rp. 20.000 namanya pakret wokeehh pilihannya ada 3 macam, ada wokeehh 1 sampai 3 yang isinya nasi, lalap , dan lauk ayam yang beda ada ayam pompom, ayam kulit krispi dan ayam goreng krispi semua paket termasuk es teh. dalam hati murah juga jaman sekarang masih ada makanan di Mall top masih ada makanan seharga demikian, akhirnya mau coba saya pilih paket no 3 dengan ayam goeng krispi, tidak berapa lama menu sudah siap, sama dengan digambar , tapi kok tidak semenarik digambar ya. wadah kuali sebagai tempat makannya terlalau besar sehingga isinya terlihat sepi tidak menarik nasi dengan sepotong sayap ayam mungil menghiasi menu ini, harap maklum namanya paket, harganya juga cuma 20 ribuan jadi sangat wajarlah dapet makanan seperti ini. jadi walaupun ini berada di mall yang keren pun masih ada makanan yang murah, tapi harusnya walaupun paket murah bukan berarti menu jadi asal asalan saja, harusnya ditampilkan lebih menarik lagi, sehingga bisa menjadi promo yang menarik, bukan kekecewaan continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-23
Hi Openricers,Another awesome dining experience from Boga group, this time is a total different concept that Boga group offers, which is a food stall. Running their 6th branch that is located in Plaza Senayan food court; this food stall offers a really new experience to their customer. They give customer a chance to see and pick their favorite dishes without having to wait for quite a long time. It is a quick service stall.Choosing their 6th branch in Plaza Senayan after lotte mall, Senayan City, Gading mall, Kuningan City, Botani Square and Lippo Mall Karawaci, it is actually a pretty smooth move. We all know that Plaza Senayan’s food court is one of the amazing food court with good varieties of food stalls to choose from and also one of the most crowded food court in JakartaLet me tell you a little bit about this food stall; Master Wok has a motto “Scoop it Yourself”. Customers can choose their dish from the selections that are presented, which is over 30 menus daily. One scoop per dish as much as you want as long as it is in one swift scoop. Every menu has their own price and combos are also available (which I will elaborate below). The variety of menu they offer are pretty complete, they have all proteins such as chicken, fish, prawn, beef and not forgetting the veggies. They are all cooked in different ways with different sauces yet still simple; so that the “home style cuisine “ style still can be felt. Master Wok will always guarantee their freshness and standard cooking as they replace their food that does not meet their standard and will discard them as waste.Here is the first combo ; rice + 1 fish/chicken + 2 veggies (IDR 43,6K). My friend ordered the combo; it consisted of sweet and sour fish + angsio tofu with assorted veggies. The fish was cooked perfectly which is soft; the taste of the sweet sour sauce was not too strong in flavor and fits my taste palate perfectly. The tofu was soft and tasty from the brown sauce and the veggies are the combinations of baby corn, pak choy, carrot and cabbage were freshly cooked. Make sure to eat the Chinese food right away as it gets greasy and soggy fast.Here comes my combo. That day I was thinking of being vegetarian because nowadays there a lot of people who are concern on eating healthy, so I was too seeking for some healthy meal that day. The good thing about this food stall was that it was easy to find vegetarian dishes. I chose their enoki mushroom tofu, oyster sauce pak choy, and sautéed green bean. Their green bean is crunchy and the garlic tasted nice together. I believe they lightly deep fried the green bean before they actually wok it with the garlic. Lastly is the oyster pak choy; it has a home cooked meal taste, which was quite standard but good.To add varieties along with my meal, I added pudding and crab stick fried dish both for IDR 9.091 each. The pudding comes with two flavors; mango and chocolate. They tasted quite standard but still worth it for desserts considering their prices were quite on the low side.To end this review, I would give some recommendations of what dish that master wok named as their signature dish. For chicken lover, you can choose their general tso chicken or Beijing chicken and orange chicken. They also have black pepper beef and yet prawn with salted egg.Overall Master Wok has added a serious competition to other tenants in food court area, especially in Plaza Senayan because the idea of simple cooking and quick service would be a crowd favorite. Congratulations on Boga group and thank you for spoiling us with good food and impeccable service.Ps : The Plaza Senayan outlet is having a grand opening promo package which is WOK 1 ( 1 chicken/fish + 1 veggie + drink and clear soup) for only IDR 28K nett. Head down before promo ends! continue reading
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Another food-tasting at another Master Wok outlet! This time, it’s at the newly opened one, which is located at the food court of Plaza Senayan. For me, this is definitely great news as Plaza Senayan can be said as my base camp remembering its location, which is just 10-minute-walk away from my boardinghouse. Actually, Master Wok has an outlet in the Food Studio of Senayan City as well. However, the new one in Plaza Senayan is bigger (I mean bigger counter), displaying more choices of tempting dishes for you to enjoy. For you who have not been familiar with Master Wok yet, basically it’s one of the members of the well-known Boga Group, which brings out the concept of “Scoop It Yourself”. The guest might choose the dish they desire from the selections displayed. For the portion, the guest can decide it by himself as he can scoop as much as he wants as long as it’s in a single take. What the guest pays for is the price of the package chosen. The dishes served are mostly home-style Chinese cuisines. The guest has the choices of chicken, fish, prawn, beef, and various veggies; cooked with different types of sauces. In total, Master Wok has 40 selections of dishes, but normally they only serve 30 of them in a day. You needn’t worry that the foods served are not fresh, as they are cooked daily and they will be put into waste if the shelf life have been exceeded. As the food-tasting was held exactly on the grand opening day, the outlet was crowded and there was even a short queue. Luckily, the waiter and waitress were very agile so it didn’t take long time for them to serve each guest, including me. Great that the location was at food court, so I could easily get a seat although there were quite many people.Sweet Fire Fish + Enoki Tofu + Kailan Garlic (rice + 1 chicken/fish + 2 veggies IDR 43.6k)+ Fried Dish (+IDR 9.1k)Here was my dish, for which I had 1 fish, 2 veggies, and fried dish. As I loved everything spicy, I picked their Sweet Fire Fish. Similar to my experience in MKG’s outlet, I found the dish not spicy though I still loved the taste. The fish was fresh as well, but it might be better with thinner and crispier batter. Combining soft tofu and chewy enoki, the Enoki Tofu was succulent. Not to forget, the Kalian Garlic, which was simple yet tasty enough. Moreover, I also had ‘additional topping’ on my wok, which was the fried dish. If I didn’t misidentify the components, they were fish cakes and crab meatball. It was lovely, nevertheless a little bit greasy.Sweet and Sour Fish + Angsio Tofu + Mixed Veggies (rice + 1 chicken/fish + 2 veggies IDR 43.6k)+ Fried Dish (+IDR 9.1k)This dish was actually my friend’s, but I did try it as I exchanged it with mine as well. For the fish sauce, I guessed the sweet taste was quite too strong, somehow deadening the sour taste. Fortunately, the Angsio Tofu saved that downside with its moist texture and pleasant taste. The mixed veggies were okay, bringing the combination of cabbage, carrot, baby corn, and pakcoy. Just one additional comment on it, I believed it would be far nicer if it was served warm. Salted Egg Prawn + Salt & Pepper Tofu + Fried Enoki At first, I wanted to order this salted egg prawn as I’ve ever tried it and I really love the taste. However, it’s not available yet so I went for fish. Luckily, the manager was so nice giving me the Salted Egg Prawn when it’s ready. As the extra bonus, I also got Salt and Pepper Tofu and Fried Enoki. I loved every single dish in this wok as for me, they were all well-seasoned and perfectly fried into golden brown. Thanks to the manager for giving me perfect complement to my own wok. Chocolate Pudding (IDR 9.1k)If previously I tried Master Wok’s original and mango beancurd in their MKG’s outlet, this time I tried their chocolate pudding. The taste was fine, but I did not find anything special with this one as it’s just similar to any common chocolate pudding. Quite nice to have for an after-meal. Iced TeaFor drink, I have iced tea as it’s included in the package. However, if you want to go for other beverages, you have the choices of mineral water, lemon tea, milk tea, and soft drinks.Overall, Master Wok can be a great solution for you who demand fast yet healthy food, as all the dishes are ready-to-serve but they are not junk food. As a suggestion, I recommend you to ask the waitress, which dishes that have just been displayed, since I believe the fresh ones taste better. One more important thing that I believe you’ll be glad to hear, as this is still the grand opening period of Master Wok Plaza Senayan outlet, they provide several promo package, for which you might get more pocket-friendly price Taste: 7/10Place: 7/10Service: 8/10Price: 8.5/10MASTER WOKAddress: Food Court Plaza SenayanOperating hours: 10am – 10pmOther locations: Food Court Lotte Shopping Avenue, Food Temptation Mall Kelapa Gading, Food Studio Senayan City, Supermal Karawaci, Botani SquareFacebook . Twitter . InstagramFind me on: Instagram . Facebook . TwitterInputs & comments: jessicagaby@ymail.com continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)