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My Friday night started with a really tight schedule, I was at Mega Kuningan on 5.20 pm, I have to get my car at Mampang, pick up my girlfriend at Rasuna Said, watch a movie at 7.30 in Lotte Shopping Avenue, then drop my girlfriend at her friend’s house in Depok by 10.30 at most!! So there I go, get my car, bustling through traffic to pick up my girlfriend, then go to Lotte Shopping Avenue and all done in an hour.We arrived in Lotte Shopping Avenue right at dinner time with hungry stomach, we check all restaurants near the movie theater but almost all of them were fast food but we’re not in the mood for that, so we went two stories down and saw Menya Sakura: Japan no.1 Ramen, hmm.. Japan no.1? Really? I won’t let self-proclaimed no.1 went unchallenged, we went in and just like in any Japanese restaurants the waitress shout irrashaimase which means welcome in Japanese.The special ramen in Menya Sakura is Tsuke-men, chewy thick noodle dipped with mixed chicken-and-fish broth, but to challenge a self-proclaimed Japan no.1 Ramen I have to do it like Japanese, with a bowl of thick pork broth noodle and marinated pork belly, with the king of all ramen, the Tonkotsu Ramen.Tonkotsu Char-su Men (IDR 69.800)Tonkotsu Char-su Men is a buff version of tonkotsu ramen with extra char-su. The first thing I put in my mouth was a spoonful of this thick creamy buttery-texture pork broth with lots of tiny fats dancing n it, and it was delicious. The consistency of the broth was excellent, the thin noodle was a good choice so you can appreciate the thick delicious broth. The delicious soft-boiled egg which I devour in one bite, and the marinated pork belly char-su, this supposed-to-be salty sweet tender fatty melt-in-your-mouth meat was good but unfortunately i’ve taste a better char-su before.Tori-Syoyu Ramen (IDR 49.800)My girlfriend’s choice of the night, chicken and soy sauce mixed with seafood broth. The soup is refreshingly salty with a clear taste, and the chicken char-su was good but the problem with the chicken char-su is it doesn’t have many fat on them.Yaki Gyoza (IDR 28.000)Nothing better than a plate of gyoza as a side dish to your ramen, and my favourite is yaki gyoza (pan-fried dumpling). Yaki gyoza was pan fried in a hot pan to get their crispy bottom and poured by water to steam them and make them soft and juicy. Unfortunately the yaki gyoza tonight is disappointing, it lacks the crunchiness, the crispiness of pan fried gyoza and also not juicy enough to be called yaki gyoza.The VerdictThe king of all ramen, has bestowed upon me a power to grant this Menya Sakura Ramen as the Japan no.1 Ramen, to gulp all of the tonkotsu creamy texture broth is a great experience, the best tonkotsu i’ve had and one of the best Ramen restaurant i’ve been. Few downsides are the pork char-su is not that great to be with the tonkotsu and the yaki gyoza is lacking all what yaki gyoza is known for.As the times goes by, it was 7.15 pm, and I’m scraping my tonkotsu broth to the bottom of my bowl as in need for more since I devoured all of my ramen in less than 30 minutes. continue reading
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Apparently, Menya Sakura Ramen, a ramen shop originated from Japan has opened their outlet in Indonesia!ChopstickLet's get started with their food!Green Tea Ice Cream (IDR 12k)Green Tea Ice Cream (Front), Mochi Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean (Back)Green Tea Ice CreamThe Green Tea Ice cream was topped with soybean powder and it was heavenly delicious! The green tea ice flavor was quite strong and the soybean powder definitely made everything better.Green Tea Ice CreamMochi Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean (IDR 28k)Mochi Green Tea Ice Cream with Red BeanThis one was supposed to be served along with mochi, soybean powder and red beans, but the mochi was out of stock that day, so they decided to substitute the absence of the mochi by giving more red beans. I didn't get to try this one, but I was told that it was delicious as well.Mochi Green Tea Ice Cream with Red BeanFoodOverall, it was a nice visit to Menya Sakura, the food they served tasted pretty delicious and the service was okay as well. I believe Menya Sakura will be a strong contender for other ramen shops in Jakarta as they served unique and varied ramen-based dishes. I would love to come back to this place to have another experience of their ramen and the super delicious green tea ice cream! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-08-31
jalan ke Lotte Shopping Avenuesaat lapar melanda mulai dah keliling cari makan siangsaat keliling mencari diujung ada tempat yg banyak antriannyapenasaran kami kesanaternyata ramen dari jepangdidepannya ada org jepang mgkn manager atau ownernya ikut membantu melayani antrian tertarik dengan keramaiannya kami pun mencobalumayan juga antriannya , tapi pelayanannya cepat jadi cepat juga kami dapat tempat duduknyasaya pilih menu favoritenyaTokantsu RamenRamen dengan daging babi yg menjadi andalan disiniya setelah saya coba memang enak kuahnya kaya rasa kaldu dagingnya lembut sekali, dan telurnya serta ramennya berpadu pas banget dalam semangkuk ramen iniEnak dan recomendedKesimpulan , kapan ke Lotte Shopping Avenue , saya bisa mampir lagi kesini continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)