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Level4 2012-09-19
Do you know Ombre cake? Well, if you don't know Ombre Cake, you can check OpenRice's article about it. The word Ombre is a French word for shading or graduating. So Ombre Cake's a cake with 1 colour gradation in each layer. Well, after the euphoria of Rainbow Cake, I think people will look for new things now. Rainbow cake is only a common spongecake with beautiful colours, and apparently the colours are usually made from colouring substances. Me myself, honestly fell for it. Curious about the taste and worship the colours. At first I thought the different colours represent different flavour. But originally, they are only colours, just to represent beauty. But well, I had enough Rainbow Cake for a year. So, eventually I moved on. Just about yesterday, when I went to Summarecon Mall Serpong 2, I happened to drop by here, Mrs. Fields, to take away some food. If you don't know Mrs. Fields, let me lay it for you, it's a Cookies & Coffee Shop. Like I told you, Mrs. Fields offers cookies, cakes and coffee. In Summarecon Mall Serpong 2, they have the seating area in case buyers want to dine in and enjoy the cookies plus coffee there. Cookies and Coffee are quite a culture outside. Not in Indonesia though. In some other countries, munching cookies while drinking coffee is considered a quality time. That's maybe why Mrs. Fields is here, introducing this 'trend', but it's only a possibility. Well, Mrs. Fields apparently sells a lot of cakes too. Yesterday, I saw Rainbow Cake (Oh, no!), Red Velvet (not again!), Blue Velvet (this is better..), Chocolate Ombre and Strawberry Ombre. The last two are still rare somehow. Ombre isn't very popular yet. I dunno why, but if you ask me, Ombre is a beautiful cake too. The colour gradation makes it beautiful. But the taste? I don't really know the original one, some people put buttercream icing on it, and some people put cheese cream icing on it. But maybe it's just a matter of perception. The main thing is the colour, perhaps. In Mrs. Fields, I chose Ombre Cake since it's quite rare. I have only tried 3 different Ombre Cakes (Mrs. Fields is included) up to now. Then I also saw macarons! So I decided to try one. It's quite small, and it costs people about IDR 9 k. Mrs. Fields also sells cupcakes, about IDR 18 k, and my sis bought one the other day from other Mrs. Fields. Other than that, you can find cookies and coffee. All sliced cakes are IDR 25 k. The place itself is quite mediocre. Dunno why, but I think the interior is not very good. At first, It's way too yellow for the lighting and they really need to change the lighting, and the seats are comfy but it doesn't look too inviting. There are many seats and tables. Some corners look quite dark somehow. And the last, their display fridge was way too full yesterday. Even though the cakes and stuff were quite nice and pretty, but from a far, the cakes certainly look overhelming because of the cramped position. Too bad they couldn't really utilize the things they have. I really hope they can do better later. For the wifi, I forgot to check whether they have wifi! *sigh* The service was very good. I had no problem at all about it. The waitress who served us was very informative, kind and polite. She recommended us some cakes after I asked for it and she explained it quite nicely. And we even borrowed a plate just to take a picture of our Ombre Cake. Anyway, I think they should keep it up. Keep serving customers with smile and good intention. ;)Let's go and see the stuff here.~ Strawberry Ombre Cake ~Price: IDR 25 kThis cake actually was quite beautiful, with pink gradation. The waitress told us that this ombre cake used Cream Cheese Icing, and well, she was right, after I tried it, the cheese cream was super good! It wasn't too oily unlike buttercream, and the sweetness was just right. I love the strawberry flavour too, it wasn't too strong, but still fragrant in a good way. But the thing is, the cake was a bit too solid. It was quite dry too. When I used the spoon to cut it, it resisted. If they can make it more moist and softer, I think this could be a winning cake! But anyway, this cake is still much better than other cakes with soft and moist cake, but horrible icing. Maybe after this, I will try their Blue Velvet! I hope it's more moist with the same nice cheese cream icing. ;)~ Hazelnut Macaron ~Price: IDR 9 kI forgot the real name of this, but since the waitress explained to me about it being made with hazelnut, so I think it's called Hazelnut Macaron. Well, this macaron is actually quite small. Maybe half the normal size, only 'taller'. I know it's quite expensive, for a macaron, but you should try it! Don't underestimate the power of small macaron. It certainly was good after one bite. It's so crunchy, it almost fell apart. I think the normal macarons are not supposed to do that, but well, it was still good, so who cares? The taste of hazelnut was perfect, and correct me if I'm wrong, there was a hint of coffee flavour in the macaron, which was so good. Oh, you should try the macaron!~ Cupcake ~Price: IDR 18 kWell, this one is just an extra. My sis happened to buy this a few days ago to give it to her friend, so I think I should just attach the picture of it though. From what I heard from my sis, her friend said the cupcake was quite good! Other than that, I have no idea. Overall, Mrs. Fields seems to be quite promising. I think the people in Mrs. Fields here just has to fix several stuff to maximize their appeal. I meant, they have to improve their Ombre Cake texture, then make some modifications about their lighting and the lay out. And plus, they have to adjust the position of the cakes and cookies in the display fridge, so that the things they sell will look more appealing. Like it or not, people are gonna judge by the cover at first. Everybody does, cause nobody is going to buy the things that look horrible, right? For example, "Wow, the cake is ugly, let's buy it!" or maybe "It looks messy, I bet it's delicious!" ...So, I have said things honestly for this review and I am really rooting for Mrs. Fields. That's why they need to do better. I'd love to come back to try their Blue Velvet, and maybe some cookies. The prices for the cookies and cakes are quite acceptable too, and the service is great. So, perhaps, you people might want to check Mrs. Fields out in Summarecon Mall Serpong 2. So, I think you guys get my point right? Thanks for reading, and have a great day people! continue reading
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