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First time coming to Otel Lobby, I thought the restaurant was closed as the entrance door was tightly closed and there was no one standing in front of the restaurant. I was still standing in front of the door when the waitress suddenly opened it and greeted me. First-time looking at the design, I was stunned for a few seconds. I knew that the restaurant’s name was Otel Lobby but I didn’t expect that it exactly looked like the lobby of a hotel. I was super impressed with the idea they used for the interior. They highly paid attention to details as it wasn’t only the furniture that tried to give you the hotel ambiance. There were also supplements like receptionist desk, stairs, big clock, suitcases, and even trolleys.This restaurant was highly spacious, providing both indoor and outdoor area. As it brought out the hotel theme, you could find various versions of tables and chairs; the long one with many chairs, the small squared one, and even the round one with round chair. The outdoor area was nicely decorated as well though it was indeed quite hot to sit there.Another fun fact, the head chef of Otel Lobby is actually the co-owner as well. Experienced in French cuisines, she delivered the fusion of French and Indonesian taste in Otel Lobby. Moreover, to provide the guests with high-quality dishes, Otel Lobby built close relationships with local farmers to get the finest raw materials for what they served.Talking about the service, unfortunately I was quite disappointed with it. Based on what I saw, the restaurant had quite many waiters and waitresses. However, when I wanted to make my order, it took them quite long to finally come to my table. Moreover, another long time was taken to prepare for the dishes, while at that time, there were only few guests dining in. When I finally had the food served on the table, I was just hoping for one thing, the dishes should be impressive to cure my displeasure.Soft Warm Bun with Beef (IDR 50k/2pcs)As the appetizer, I had this soft warm bun, which was mostly known as bakpao. They had 3 choices of toppings; crispy duck, chicken, and beef. This time I picked beef. Having my first bite, I was so happy that my wish came true. Combining grilled beef, cucumber, onion, mayonnaise, and fried onion on top; this dish was surely a perfect curer for my mood and it was indeed a flawless starter. The beef was so tender and not greasy at all, while the bun was so moist. Luscious!Grilled Beef Tongue (IDR 125k)Moving to the main course, I had Grilled Beef Tongue, which was served with housemade kimchi and garlic fried rice. I was not sure what was put on top of the beef tongue, but it looked like foam and it didn’t have any significant flavor. Taste wise, both my friend who was a tongue-lover as well as I who was the opposite, thought that there was nothing special with the beef tongue as it was just similar to the common one we had in other places. However, we did love the taste of the garlic fried rice as it was well-seasoned and the garlic touch was strong enough.Beef Wellington (IDR 185k)The next beef-themed dish I had was Beef Wellington, which was basically grilled beef served with mushroom duxelles and puff pastry. This dish came in quite huge portion, so no wonder it was quite pricey. Stuffed into the puff pastry, the beef was juicy and tender, despite that it was a little bit too salty. Moreover, I really loved the crispy texture of the puff pastry, which came as the perfect companion to the beef.BBQ Beef, Parmigiano, and Garlic Chip Pizza (IDR 85k)The last beef dish on the table was this stone-baked pizza. Mainly topped with generous amount of barbeque beef, this dish successfully pampered my taste bud. The pizza crust itself tried to deliver the fusion of French and Indonesian as it was neither too thin, nor too thick. Besides the beef, the pizza was even enriched with additional toppings of Parimigiano and garlic chip, giving more scrumptious flavor to be enjoyed.Roasted Chicken (IDR 85k)This roasted chicken was the only chicken dish of Otel Lobby, which I’ve tried. Distinctive from the common roasted chicken I had had in other restaurants, this time it’s served with fried rice and bread salad. I guessed the chef wanted to give Indonesian touch on this dish as well, as you know that when an Indonesian hasn’t had rice, he hasn’t eaten yet. As you might have guessed, this dish was really fulfilling since the chicken portion was huge and it was accompanied by fried rice. Nevertheless, it was really gratifying until the very last spoon as the doneness level of the chicken was precise and the taste was unquestionably delightful. Not to mention, the yummy fried rice and the refreshing salad; both of which came as additional happiness for me.Grilled Salmon (IDR 115k)Having had beef and chicken, now it’s the turn for fish. The beautifully grilled salmon came with braised shiitake, spinach, and wasabi mashed potato. Again, the salmon’s portion was satisfying and it was cooked into perfection. The crispy skin was a mind-blowing one, which you definitely wanted to keep, to be enjoyed after you finished any other components of the dish. The shiitake and the spinach together added not only more flavor, but also more healthy components into the plate. Lastly, the mashed potato which was simply enjoyable with its soft and creamy texture.Slow Cooked Salmon (IDR 115k)Another salmon but with different cooking style. This time, it was served with confit potato and hollandaise sauce. Though I really enjoyed the previous one, this second salmon dish was even far better! The salmon was so moist that it immediately melted once it touched your taste bud. The confit potato was heavenly succulent as well and it did balance the taste of the salmon as the main actor. The matchless component from this dish was the hollandaise sauce, which you might usually have with breakfast menu containing eggs. Surprisingly, this invention turned out wonderful!Local Duck Confit (IDR 85k)Finally, we arrived at the last food on the table, duck confit. Yes, it was another type of meat! LOL. Usually, I did not like duck as I found it having too much fat. Nonetheless, this one amazingly turned to be an exception. I was extremely in love with it. Though I did have to remove the fat part, I was really really impressed with the taste. The sauce, which was combined with onion, flawlessly blended sweet and savoury flavors.Hot Chocolate (IDR 35k)For beverage, I opted for hot chocolate. The taste was quite nice, but I preferred it to have thicker texture and stronger chocolate taste.Having had complete types of meat; from beef, chicken, fish, and duck, I could say that I was highly satisfied with my dining experience in Otel Lobby. All the dishes have proven that they did serve first-class taste and quality. Two thumbs up!Find me on:http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @jessica_gaby continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-08-06
Kawasan Epicentrum adalah surga perkantoran, rata-rata berkantor disana suasananya cozy, saya tak berkantor disana tapi kerap melakukan meeting bersama rekanan atau sekadar main ke kantor teman yang ada di kawasan itu. Tak lengkap rasanya surga perkantoran tanpa restoran yang asyik. Kebetulan teman saya mengajak makan siang di Otel Lobby restoran yang terletak diantara gedung epicentrum walk dan gedung marketing Bakrie Building. Tempatnya adem biarpun ditengah megahnya gedung-gedung sekitarnya. Unik juga ruangannya, pokoknya tidak mainstream deh. Kami mengambil tempat duduk disamping jendela besar. Restoran ini kebersihan sangat terjaga dan menyajikan menu-menu yang lezat serta unik.Saya dan teman-teman memesan Nasi Goreng, Capcay dan Steam Ikan laut. Nasi goreng yang dibubuhi sayuran dan ayam suwir ini, gurih, renyah dan terasa bumbu rempahnya. Tidak terlalu pedas tapi jika suka bisa ditambahkan saus cabai yang disediakan. Capcay goreng sayurannya renyah, tidak terlalu matang dan kuahnya hanya sebagai pembasah saja. Ini yang paling pas buat saya. Menu penutup, kami memesan roti mini berbalut cokelat, puding orange dan buah potong. Walau tempat ini terkesan "Wah" tapi harga makanan dan menunya cukup friendly.Sesuai dengan pelayanannya yang baik. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2013-05-19
saya dan pasangan akhirnya ke otel lobby karena banyak yang bilang tempat nya ok dan bagus, pertama saya agak susah mencari lokasi nya karena tidak tau tepatnya, tapi setelah tanya2 satpam epicentrum dan ketemu ternyata tempatnya berada tepat di sebelah galery marketing office rasuna dan tidak harus parkir di epicentrum mall karena depan otel lobby atau marketing office bisa parkirsampai disana saya di kasih pilihan menu brunch, dan ternyata mereka menyediakan egg's benedict yang saya dari dulu pengen coba karena lihat di acara master chef Egg's benedict karena baru pertama kali makan menu ini dan tidak ada perbandingan jadi saya hanya menilai berdasarkan yang saya coba, menurut saya untuk rasanya enak juga dengan topping telor setengah matang yang pada saat dipotong akan meleleh kebawah, tengah nya diisi salmon lalu bawahnya rotiuntuk dessert kami order choco souffle, untuk souffle nya enakkk continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-05-14
Otel Lobby placed in office and apartment area called Epicentrum, Kuningan. From the front side, Otel Lobby appearance reminds me of a Old Hotel in my daddy movie. So classic and looks great. Entering the Otel Lobby u'll find a look-a-like hotel lobby, complete with the porter trolley and luggage. On the left side of the entrance, we can find bar and the right side u'll find the sitting area for restaurant. The atmosphere a bit blurry and dark. Have 2 sitting area, smoking and non smoking area, and it only split with 2 step stairs. Otel Lobby also have outside area that similar like a terrace, pretty nice.and here comes our menus... Honestly, am interested to try this beef wellington since i watched Gordon Ramsay show on TV. So damn curious what it taste. Lucky me... I won one of the quiz that Otel Lobby made in their twitter. I ordered with medium well. The portion was not too big, but the taste made me forget the it size. A very juicy tenderloin steak, mushroom duxelle wrap in a puff pastry. Eventhough the puff pastry a bit oily, but it still crisp though, and it's forgiveness with the juiciness of the beef and also the sauce. Perfect combination. Served with a bowl of mashed potato. The thickness was good, the taste is cheesy. I also like this one.Pan Roasted Salmon with fried mussels, beetroot puree and herb apple sauce. The salmon perfectly cooked and not taste fishy. The sauce blend well. I never thought that beetroot and apple would be match with salmon and mussels.Choux Puff, toblerone ice cream, vanilla pastry cream and pour with chocolate sauce. Toblerone in here is just like melted chocolate but the texture was so thick. The puff pastry texture was moist and taste good. My hubby loved it.As for me, I chose the red velvet cake for my dessert. Served with blueberry ice cream. The red velvet cake texture was not too moist, but the cream cheese frosting was good. Topped with almond sprinkle.Lychee Tea so freshening. Served with lychee fruit in it. Loved it.Strawberry Tea taste a bit plain, eventhough i already add the sugar, but didn't help much. Served with strawberry fruit in it.Overall, I love Otel Lobby and definitely want to come back to dig in their other menu. A bit tips to come here is better make reservation first. Because Otel Lobby often full booked, specially in dinner hour on in weekend time. Otel LobbyJl.Epicentrum Tengahsouthgate entrancethe Annex Building of Bakrie Tower - KuninganJakarta Selatan 12940ph: +62-21-299-41324fax: +62-21-5610-0361Web: http://www.otellobby.com/Twitter : @otellobbyFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/otellobbyOperational Hours:Sunday – Thursday 11.00 AM – 12.00 PMFriday – Saturday 11.00 AM – 02.00 AM continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-18
Satu lagi tempat hangout di Jakarta bernama Otel Lobby Resto yang berlokasi di daerah strategis Kuningan Epicentrum, persisnya di Annex Building Bakrie Tower, Jalan H.R Rasuna Said. Restoran ini menambah semarak deretan referensi kuliner bagi para food hunters yang selalu haus akan tempat- tempat baru untuk dicoba demi memuaskan rasa penasaran mereka. Are you the one of food hunters, Openricers? Restoran ini memiliki konsep gastropub yaitu terdiri dari bar dan juga restoran. Pengunjung akan merasakan nuansa lobi sebuah hotel yang begitu kental karena memang hal ini lah yang mengilhami penataan ruangan Otel Lobby. Suasana rustique vintage yang hangat dan tampak bersahaja mengesankan ruangan yang nyaman dan tenang. Meski didominasi oleh warna hitam, restoran ini jauh dari kesan muram karena dipermanis oleh aksesoris ruangan yang eye catching berupa lampion putih dari kepompong ulat sutera asli, susunan ratusan bola pingpong berbentuk awan serta chandelier berdetail cantik yang tergantung di tengah ruangan. Didukung oleh pencahayaan yang temaram membuat Otel Lobby tampil elegan, maskulin juga seksi secara bersamaan. What a cool atmosphere!Otel Lobby yang sangat menekankan kualitas dan kesegaran bahan - bahan yang digunakan, hadir dengan gaya "locavore" pada kulinernya, yaitu menggunakan bahan lokal dalam pembuatan variasi makanan dengan nuansa modern. Otel Lobby bahkan membuat secara handmade mulai dari pasta, saus, roti hingga sirup cranberry untuk kebutuhan restorannya. Lantas, menu apa saja yang disajikan di sini? Openricers bisa mencicipi mulai dari appetizernya yaitu Apple And Orange Salad with Nut Vinnaigrette and Shaved Carrot, dilanjutkan dengan menu andalannya Pepper Crusted Rib Eye Steak, dengan kelembutan dagingnya yang tebal dan juicy akan terasa sangat menggoda di lidah. Nikmati juga iga ini bersama potato corn cake, spinach, juga raisin sauce, yang akan membuat perpaduannya terasa sempurna. Pilihan lain yang tak kalah lezatnya adalah Pan Roasted Salmon, Braised Short Ribs in Porridge dan dessertnya, Chocolate and Cherry Pudding (dengan topping vanilla ice cream). Sungguh membuat liur bergulir! Dengan harga makanan mulai dari Rp 30.000 - Rp 135.000 dan range harga minuman Rp 15.000 - Rp 85.000, kamu sudah bisa menikmati sajian Otel Lobby ini. So, jika kamu ingin merasakan pengalaman kuliner dengan nuansa yang unik dan cozy, Otel Lobby adalah pilihan yang tepat! SpicyfoodyXOXO continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)