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Level2 2014-12-24
Paradise Inn aims to give you a new level of enjoying Chinese foods, brings a nostalgic themes of enjoying Chinese food in this modern time with double-boiled soups and fushion dishes, teahouse and dessert house. The concept used is making you comfortable inside the Chinese traditional inn, as you can see at the interior photos below. Based in Singapore, in here, Paradise Inn is run by Boga Group, one of the famous F&B companies in Indonesia.Enough, let the pictures talk! So here were the foods I tried. Crisp-fried Eggplant Tossed (IDR 28.000)An appetizer by Paradise Inn, the eggplant battered and fried with chicken floss as topping. Crispy outside and soft inside, well.. anyway I don't like eating eggplant to be honest. But at the first time I ate this I didn't even knew if this was eggplant. Tasted good for me, and Paradise Inn succeeded to make me love eating eggplant for the first time. Hot Plate Tofu with Preserved “Cai Xin” and Minced Pork (Small - Rp 48.000 / Medium - Rp 68.000)Meh, this one was one of my favorite at that night. The tofu was soft and sauted with minced pork and mushroom sauce. Psst... tell you a secret, at the bottom of the hot plate, it was coated with egg. So, how about finding it by yourself? Just order this one.Poached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio and Minced Pork in Superior Stock (Rp 58.000)Hmm... never saw spinach soup with this good looking LOL. The spinach came with three different kinds of egg and various fillings. Tasted delicious and the spinach was cooked perfectly, perfect for those of you who likes eating fried or roasted foods in the opening of your dinner and eat this one when it's still hot. Yumm...Crisp Pork Ribs with Marmite Sauce (Rp 88.000)Pork pork pork! This one is the signature dish of Paradise Inn. The meat was soft, but little bit dry at the side where the meat was little bit thin. Served with yummy marmite sauce, the medium pieces came with the rib bones. The taste was more sweet than to savory. Recommend to eat this one while it's still hot.Prawn Mayonnaise with Katsuobushi (Small - Rp 88.000 / Medium - Rp 108.000)My favorite! First time I saw this I don't have any idea what it was, because all on the plate served was all full of katsuoboshi, some flakes of dried fish which you can see in some Japanese snacks. Tried to find something under the katsuoboshi.... and well, found the medium sized prawn with mayonnaise. The prawns were fresh and crispy fried.The price worths for every foods you order here, and they have nice contemporary interior which makes you feel so homey. And the foods anyway... feels like paradise! Thank you Paradise Inn and OpenRice Indonesia for the night. See more photos of Paradise Inn Puri on : bit.ly/paradiseinnpuri -TWITTER : @ARSubrataINSTAGRAM : @ARSubrataE-MAIL : audrey.subrata@gmail.com continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-22
Hi openricersThe name ‘Paradise’ seems to be in trend for Chinese restaurants these days; there are also Paradise dynasty and Canton Paradise, and I wondered to myself why. It turned out that most of the restaurants with the word ‘Paradise’ is run by Boga group. Boga group boasts themselves in bringing in franchise restaurants, mostly from Singapore brands, to spoil Indonesia’s tongue. Together along the ‘Paradise’ restaurants, the other brands they had brought in included Ten-ten, pepper lunch, Bakerz inn and etc.Paradise Inn has a simple concept which is to serve Chinese home-style cooking in a homey restaurant. Paradise Inn has evolved from Soup based dishes, teas and desserts to a more variety of appetizers, main courses since they had first opened.The branch restaurant that I visited was located at Puri Mall’s second floor few restaurants down from Pizza Hut and Glosis. You would not miss the restaurant with its signature Chinese themed façade. The interior design inside oozes warmth and welcoming; the ambiance makes the restaurant cozy and family friendly. The combination of the light brown table against the gray brick wall and dim yellow light creates an authentic Chinese restaurant feel in olden time.Below is the menu, both from their signature dishes to the newly added dishes.Crispy fried eggplant tossed with chicken floss (IDR 28k)This dish is one of their additional menu and it is quite nice and interesting; deep fried and lightly battered eggplant topped with chicken floss. The eggplant did not overwhelm the dish and the seasoned battered with soft filling and savory chicken floss has a very nice savory textures that complements. There is crispiness from the batter, saltiness from the chicken floss and softness from the eggplant inside; perfect appetizer to start the meal.Hot Plate Tofu with Preserved “Cai Xin” and Minced Pork (IDR 48K)To be honest with you; this tofu dish to me was the highlight of my meal! It is ‘THE MUST’ order one when you are here. The tofu is silky smooth and it melts in your mouth. The combination of the minced pork and brown sauce with extra mushroom and chai xin on a hot plate is a perfect combination, simply delicious.Crisp Pork Ribs with Marmite Sauce (IDR 88K)They claimed it as their signature dish in the restaurant, only if you eat it while it is piping hot, or else it would not be impressive as they claimed. When you eat while it how tender the pork ribs are, covered with crispiness from the batter and juiciness from the marmite sauce. Do eat this dish along with rice since it can be overwhelmingly sweet without the ricePoached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio and Minced Pork in Superior Stock (IDR 58K)When I looked at the menu, the word “Superior” spiked my interest, quite a bold name for a dish. The rich flavor from the stock makes this dish more outstanding than other dish, thus where the word ‘Superior’ seemed to be appropriately used. The spinach was cooked perfectly, combined with three eggs, with century eggs among one of them, and savory broth makes it a hearty and comforting dish.Prawn Mayonnaise with Katsuobushi (S IDR 88K / M IDR 108K)I have to admit that Paradise Inn knows how to cook their prawn mayonnaise. The prawn was battered lightly and fried perfectly, which was then mixed with the right amount of mayo that leads to a light and creamy dish. The thing that I was really impressed with was the Katsuobushi in the dish,a Japanese name for dried smoked tuna which is rarely found in any Chinese dishes. The chef had cleverly combined both flavors from Katsuobushi with prawn mayonnaise to create an unforgettable dish.To end this review, I would have to admit that Boga group is the most consistent group so far; their food in every branch and every restaurant has consistent standard of good food and services. I hope the Boga group would keep maintaining their good quality restaurants that are pleasant and reliable whenever we are hungry and starving and in need of a good meal. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-16
Hi Openricers.Boga Group is one of the F&B companies in Jakarta which has a line of exquisite restaurants. As you might have known, Boga's restaurants have always been my favourite dining spots. Some of them are actually topping my list of favourite restaurants. Almost all of Boga's restaurants have got my visit, except for one which I visited last Thursday, Paradise Inn.Paradise Inn is one of Boga's line of Paradise brands besides Paradise Dynasty and Canton Paradise. It is a franchise of those with the same name in Singapore.Paradise Inn has a concept of Chinese home-style cooking. At previous days, Paradise Inn only focused on soups, teas, and desserts, but now it expanded to serving main courses and various appetizers.I've always loved the interior in any of Boga's chinese restaurants. And of course I also love the ones here. As according to its name, the interior concept also is made to replicate an old-fashioned chinese inn/lodge. If you ever watched any old-themed chinese kungfu movies, you will see a lot of similarities of interior with the ones you see here at Paradise Inn.Certainly it was quite comfortable inside the restaurant, and also the service was very pleasing that day.As in any traditional Chinese-home style restaurants, you will be given a welcome snack. It could vary. Some restaurants serves chinese pickles, and here they serve peanuts.I came here that day to taste some of Paradise Inn's new menus. And here are those menus that I tried.Crisp Fried Eggplant Tossed with Chicken Floss - IDR 28K.Deep-fried and light battered eggplant topped with chicken floss. It's one of their new menus. Actually I've experienced this kind of menu at Canton Paradise and I super loved it. This one at Paradise Inn kinda tasted the same. It's delicious. The batter on the eggplant had a nice bit of saltiness which combined perfectly with the savory chicken floss. The texture was good too. The tender eggplant, the crunchy batter and the rough-grainy floss really mixed well and it almost as if there was a feast of flavors and textures in my mouth.Hot Plate Tofu with Preserved “Cai Xin” and Minced Pork - IDR 48K.This dish was so loveable. The tofu was very soft and silky. So tender it kinda melted in my mouth when I ate it. It's just so good! Also in the dish was the minced pork which tasted superb. The sauce in the dish was just delicious. And being served in a hot plate, the bottom of the plate was coated with egg. Overall it's a total knock-out of deliciousness. Hands down, this is just one must-order menu of the restaurant.Crisp Pork Ribs with Marmite Sauce - IDR 88K.A new proclaimed signature dish of the restaurants. Since it took me some time to take photos of the dish, it went cold as I started eating it and it became a bit hard to chew. So better eat the ribs while they're still hot. Flavorwise it's good, although I found the dish was way too sweet for my palate. I prefer pork ribs to be a lot more savory though. But it's nice to try a different kind of flavors every now and then.Poached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio and Minced Pork in Superior Stock - IDR 58K.Quite a long name for a dish, right? But the flavors came in just one word: delicious.I loved the taste of the stock which was so rich, and also the fresh cut spinach. And it's also wonderful how they incorporated three kinds of egg in the dish. What I liked the most was the blackened egg and it's also my favourite one with its nice spongy texture.Prawn Mayonnaise with Katsuobushi - IDR 88K (small), IDR 108K (medium).Save the best for last. It's not common to see katsuobushi in a chinese cuisine, especially home-style ones but I have to give applause to the restaurant for having this unique yet delicious dish. It's my most likeable dish, and I think other foodies that went there that day also share the same thought. Combining the katsuobushi (which commonly found on takoyaki and okonomiyaki) with the mayonnaise prawn was just genius. Each one just elevated the flavors of others. The texture was also great. A highly recommended dish from me.Overall conclusion, yet again Boga Group didn't fail to deliver me awesome dishes. I have never been let down by any Boga's restaurant, and same goes here. There are just a lot to love about the restaurant, starting from the ambiance, the service, and most definitely the food.Every dish served that day was just mouth-watering and in my opinion it came with the suitable price tags.So thank you Openrice and Paradise Inn for having me. Certainly you guys have got me craving for more of those delicious chinese delicacies.Keep on chewing!Jazzy DeeFor more of my culinary journey, visit: http://designerdoyanmakan.blogspot.comTwitter: @jzzydeeInstagram: @jzzydeeQuestions: ask.fm/jzzydee continue reading
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Paradise Inn is one of my family's favourite Chinese Restaurant.Especially here in their Puri Indah Mall branch, it's near my house so we've dined here for God knows how many times. The ambiance of the restaurant is very casual, yet you still can feel the Chinese atmosphere inside. It's dominated by the greyish concrete color, combined with the contrast pastel blue color. Not the combination you usually see, but that's why it's unique.Lately Paradise Inn is having new dishes published on their menu, and we tried some of them.Crisp-fried Eggplant Tossed (IDR 28.000)Deep fried battered eggplant topped with chicken floss. It's one of their new menu. It was crispy and flossy, but you can barely taste the eggplant. Well I'm not really a big fan of eggplant though, so I found this dish to be quite nice. You can eat it with rice or without rice, it's still good either way.Hot Plate Tofu with Preserved “Cai Xin” and Minced Pork (IDR 48.000)This one's not a newcomer. It's one of my must-order dish. Their tofu is so smooth and silky, and the minced porkk and mushroom sauce was just as good. It's served on a hot plate, and the bottom of the hot plate is coated with egg, so dont forget to dig it up.Crisp Pork Ribs with Marmite Sauce (IDR 88.000)A new signature dish from Paradise Inn. You better enjoy it while it's still hot, so you could taste the maximum juiciness of the ribs, and the good sweet yet savory marmite sauce. But I still prefer their old signature, the Imperial Pork Ribs, as it is not as sweet as this one, and it comes with no bones. But this one's still worth trying if you're looking for something new.Prawn Mayonnaise with Katsuobushi (S IDR 88.000 / M IDR 108.000)My favorite dish of the night! It's basically the everyone's favorite mayonnaise prawn, but topped with Katsuoboshi, the fermented fish you usually found on your takoyaki. It's a brilliant idea to add katsuoboshi on the top, as they work really well together. The crispy and crunchy battered fresh prawn, together with mayo and the fishy (in a good way) katsuoboshi, that was heaven in my mouth.Poached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio and Minced Pork in Superior Stock (IDR 58.000)The Chinese spinach with three eggs is my favorite vegetable dish to order in Chinese restaurants, and believe me, Paradise Inn served one of the best of this dish. Loving every spoonfull of the fresh spinach, warm and savory soup, and of course the eggs. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-15
Hallo Openricers!Setelah sekian lama tidak ikut gathering Openrice, akhirnya saya dapat kesempatan untuk join acara gathering Openrice di Paradise Inn yang berada di Mal Puri Indah tanggal 11 Desember 2014 kemarin. Acara dimulai jam 7 malam. Sebelum makanan untuk gathering ini dihidangkan, Rika, Marketing Manager memberikan penjelasan mengenai Paradise Inn. Paradise Inn merupakan salah satu resto yang bernaung di bawah Boga Group. Di dalam Boga Group terdapat banyak resto dengan nama Paradise, masing-masing memiliki arti tersendiri. Untuk Paradise Inn sesuai dengan namanya menyediakan chinese food dengan gaya rumahan dengan konsep penginapan. Dari yang awalnya dikenal hanya menyediakan menu soup dan tea, seiring dengan permintaan pasar berkembang menyediakan chinese food yang lebih bergaya rumahan. Setiap bulan Paradise Inn menghadirkan menu baru. Oleh karena itu konsep tempatnya sendiri didesain dengan gaya penginapan di cina. Ada 2 ruangan private room yang didesain seperti kamar dengan cermin berbentuk gelas. Didesain seperti itu agar pengunjung lebih santai dan merasa nyaman saat berada di situ. Setelah penjelasan tersebut, makanan yang menjadi menu gathering saat itu datang satu per satu. Totalnya ada 5 menu. Menu yang disajikan di resto ini tidak semua halal. Let's check out those menu:Crisp Fried Eggplant TossedMenu ini adalah terong yang digoreng crispy dengan taburan abon ayam di atasnya. Saya yang sebelumnya tidak pernah makan terong jadi tertarik untuk mencobanya. Rasanya bukan seperti terong tetapi lebih seperti jamur yang digoreng. Rasanya enak jika dimakan bersama dengan abon ayamnya. Untuk 1 porsinya dihargai Rp 28.000,-Hot Plate Tofu with Preserved 'Cai Xin' and Minced PorkIni salah satu menu tidak halal di resto ini. Menu ini adalah tahu berbetuk kotak dimana dimasak dengan saus gurih dengan daging babi yang dicincang kecil, jamur kancing yang dipotong kecil-kecil, di bawah tahunya terdapat telur yang berbentuk seperti kerak. Tahunya sangat lembut dan sausnya gurih sekali. Disajikan di atas hot plate. Untuk menu ini adalah 2 pilihan size, untuk size Small dihargai Rp 48.000,- sedangkan untuk size Medium dihargai Rp 68.000,-Crisp Pork Ribs with Marmite SauceMenu ini adalah signature dish dari Paradise Inn. Ini merupakan menu favorit di resto ini. Babi yang dipotong dengan ukuran sedang dimana masih ada tulangnya, dimasak dengan sause marmite yang gurih. Rasanya enak banget, dagingnya tidak keras hanya saja tulangnya terlalu besar. Untuk 1 porsi menu ini dihargai Rp 88.000,-Prawn Mayonnaise with KatsuobushiMenu ini adalah salah satu menu favorit saya setelah crisp pork. Berbeda dengan menu serupa di resto lain, di Paradise Inn udangnya disajikan dengan ukuran cukup besar dan mayonnaisenya yang berlimpah. Uniknya disini ditaburi katsuobushi di atas udangnya, yang biasa dipakai untuk taburan takoyaki. Rasa udangnya juicy sekali, nikmat sekali dimakan dengan mayonnaisenya. Untuk menu ini ada 2 pilihan size, untuk size Small dihargai Rp 88.000,- dan size Medium dihargai Rp 108.000,-Poached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio and Minced Pork in Superior StockIni adalah menu terakhir yang disajikan. Tampilannya bagus sekali. Bayam yang dimasak dengan 3 macam telur, yaitu telur ayam yang dibentuk mata sapi rebus, telur pitan dan scallop. Selain itu ada potongan daging sapi cincang dan jamur. Kuahnya terasa segar sekali. Bayamnya pun teksturnya lembut. Untuk 1 porsi menu ini dihargai Rp 58.000,-Dari segi service, menurut saya pelayan di sini sangat ramah dan cepat tanggap. Jika diminta apa langsung dilayani. So, bagi kalian yang ingin makan bersama dengan keluarga dan kerabat dalam suasana yang nyaman dan makanan yang enak, tempat ini dapat menjadi rekomendasi yang tepat. Thank you Openrice for invitation continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)