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Level4 2015-12-02
I love pizza, I love pizza, I loooooooooove pizza and I love this Pizza Hut. It is very unfortunate that fast food has such high employee turnover that the company may have gotten rid of a bad employee whom you hate or lost a great employee to a promotion, but the good or bad Openrice review sticks around long after they are gone. With that said, I love this location, the food is always good, the shop is always clean, they always make me feel welcomed with a great smile and a warm greeting.The pan pizza is great and their wings and sauces are flavorful and delicious. Their toppings always taste fresh and are bright in color. FOODNew Orleans Chicken WingsLip smackin'... Bone suckin'... Finger lickin' GOOD! Very hot, fresh, saucy... all those characteristics you're looking for in a good wing. The wings overall were of good size. The chicken was well seasoned and cooked perfectly... done all the way through, but still moist. The flavour of the sauce hit me all up front. The flavour was not held back and was seasoned to the bone.Super Supreme with Cheese Finger CrustIt was tasty, each slice nicely sized, and very filling overall. The Cheesy Finger Crust offered a ring of cheese fingers around the crust, three per the average slice. They could be pulled off individually or eaten as part of the slice. The rest of the pie came with the same toppings as regular pizzas, but the toppings didn't cover the cheese fingers. This is a pie for super serious cheese lovers, it's decadent and intense. SERVICEI didn't wait long, I was seated right away. My waiter was very courteous and attentive. My wings came out about 8 minutes after ordering and the pizza came a few minutes after that. It was good, no complaints. I recommend this location and hope that the franchise owner keeps up the high quality employees I've had the pleasure of dealing with and doesn't make a liar of me. In today's fast paced world, most businesses have forgotten about customer service, so it's nice to run into a chain store that REALLY values its customers. Thank you Pizza Hut's staff for your great food and attentive service! continue reading
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