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Level4 2016-02-23
Por Que No, saya datang kesini tepat 2 hari sebelum mereka opening, karena mau diulas ke dalam artikel. Waktu saya tanya, Por Que No itu artinya apa, ternyata artinya adalah "Why Not?" yang kemudian saya temukan maksudnya ketika melihat menu menu makanannya. Tapi itu nanti yah saya bahas, hehe.Tempatnya ini lumayan tricky lho, karena berada di lantai teratas sebuah gedung yang tidak diketahui. Dari depan atau dari kejauhan sih sulit ditemukan. Tapi begitu nyampe di atas, wow tempatnya asyik. Bagian outdoor katanya akan dijadikan tempat buat live band. Dekornya sih asyik yah. Saya udah kebayang sih kalau lagi ramai atau kalau ada party, bakalan kayak apa suasananya. Nah, mengulas menu, jadi di Por Que No ini lumayan unik2 menunya. Ada nasi mexico yang berwarna hitam karena terbuat dari squid ink. Ada banyak deh menu yang 'nyeleneh' tapi asyik buat dicoba. Dari cara penyajiannya juga menarik.Seperti ini dia yang saya sempat foto pakai hp, ini adalah sup. Tapi lihat kan bagaimana disajikannya? Dengan tabung kimia kecil yang ala ala percobaan zat. Lumayan seru pas cobain, langsung tenggak aja sedikit sedikit. Rasanya sih saya rada lupa, enak enak aja, tapi cukup sekali coba saja. Untuk kisaran harganya juga termasuk ke dalam area middle up. Yah, kalau buat nongkrong-nongkrong lucu sesekali sih boleh juga. continue reading
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As I arrived on the 5th Floor, I’m really surprised to see how fancy Por.Que.No is! They have a superb view of their surroundings – tall buildings and the night lights. It’s has a different atmosphere up here. They have an outdoor bar and table too, which is super nice! I can say that this place is so artsy ;)I think it’ll be better for them to have the Por.Que.No sign so people know there’s a fancy restaurant up there! Let’s go to the Food Review!AppetizersA Tree Arbol de Aceitunas Alinadas (Olives Tree) – IDR 30,000Disguise as a tree, this is actually an Appetizer – yes, can you believe that? Consists of green and a black olives, you can eat this while waiting for the other food, or even when you want to take a photo around the place.Trilogia de Gazpacho (Trilogy of Cold Soups) – IDR 60,000If you see the cold soup, do you remember about chemistry subject? (#deritaanakIPA , I know) I suspect this is a drink, because they have a fruit in the top of it. Surprise-surprise, it’s actually a cold soup! The white one is Almond Soup, and the Orange one is Tomato Soup. I taste both, and I like the Tomato Soup more. The soup taste like cold mayonnaise somehow – maybe because of the texture – but of course with a Tomato and Almond taste. So unique!Cucurucho de Foei con Jamon (Cone of Foei Gras Mousse Topped with Serrano Ham) – IDR 55,000This looks like an ice cream cone, isn’t it? Topped with ham (pork meat) I could finish this one in just two bites (Even 1 bite!) It’s so creamy but I wish I could get more ham, hahaha!Ensaladas - IDR 50,000Served in a transparent jar, they offer two kinds of Salad, one with the strawberries, and one with the avocado. Each has a sauce, and you can pour the sauce inside the jar, then shake it off (Shake it off, shake it off – I don’t know why I’m singing Taylor Swift song while writing this. Hahahaha). As I don’t eat avocado, I choose the Strawberry Salad. Believe me, you might find it awkward to eat the leaves, because it’s literally taste like a fresh leaves from the tree! Refreshing!Surtido de Croquetas (Platter of assorted croquettes beef, seafood, mushroom) – IDR 75,000Put inside a stainless glass, this appetizer is definitely for share. You could found three kinds of croquetas: Seafood, mushroom, and beef. Taste great, especially the seafood. It’s rich and kinda creamy inside.Albondigas (Beef Meatballs in sweet tomato sauce) – IDR 60,000The beef is tender (feels like beef nugget), and blends well with the tomato sauce. However, I think it’ll be better if it’s served with teriyaki sauce! (But it’ll be fattier and not healthy, of course hahaha)Berenjenas Fritas (Fried Eggplant Chips with Honey Truffle) – IDR 40,000The eggplants may not look fancy, but the taste won’t fail you! It’s not crispy; the texture is soft, but delicious! I can’t stop eating this one over and over again. I don’t like eggplants, but this one is an exception.Calameres en su Tinta (Squid in its Own Ink) – IDR 60,000My foodie friends Mark & Bianca told me that this dish is the same with a Philiphine dish, so of course they love it! So the squid is covered with (saus hitam).The squid is tender, however the black sauce is having too much garlic for my taste.Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Omelette) – IDR 35,000Looks like a cake, this dish is actually like a mash potato combined with onion. You can eat it with the Spanish Mayonnaise (the different with ordinary mayonnaise is that, this mayo doesn’t use cream, so it’s healthier). Taste great, I think it’s perfect for a lunch appetizer ;)Gambas al Ajillo (Sauteed prawns in garlic, chili, and white wine) – IDR 85,000As a seafood lover, I believe you will love this! Just dip it with the sauce and yum, I could feel the oil spread through my mouth!Salmorejo (Andalucian tomato dip with crumbles of serrano ham, apples, and eggs) – IDR 80,000You can eat the crispy bread together with the tomato sauce, and give some toppings of ham, apples and eggs on the top. I think the Tomato Sauce taste like mayonnaise I suggest you put a lot of toppings so you could get the yummy taste of it.Main CoursePaella Ciega LARGE (Blind Seafood Paella) – IDR 660,000The waiter will mix the rice and the shrimp in front of you, then squeeze some Lemon on top of it. The portion is super huge, and it’s really perfect for sharing!The taste is almost the same with Nasi Goreng, but with a stickier texture. It tastes better when you combined it with the Spanish Mayonnaise.DessertNatillas ( lemon custard with meringue, roasted almonds and caramel) - IDR 40,000I love the texture, love the presentation, and I love it because it’s super smooth and melts in the mouth.Chocolate con chile - IDR 50,000Looks like a cronut with chocolate-chilli sauce, and served with ice cream, this dish has a unique taste. In the first bite, you will feel that the dark-comforting chocolate all over your mouth. After that, the chilli taste will strike through and surprise you! At first, I find it weird, but after the second bite with the vanilla ice cream, it’s yummy!Churros - IDR 20,000Who doesn’t love churros? I bet everyone loves it. The cinnamon smells great, and it’s so crunchy! I will never get bored eating the churros ;)As dessert lovers, I really love their desserts and crave for some more! I wonder if Spanish has a traditional ice cream or not… hahahaha. Dessert is always a great choice to end the day, right? ;)Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice - IDR 40,000The orange juice is refreshing, and it’s a perfect choice if you want to eat a lot in Por.Que.No However if you just hanging out with friends and chit-chat, I recommend you to open the wine bottle and just enjoy the scenery or drink beer together, admiring the city view!ServiceYou could see how they works because the kitchen to make the drink is somehow an open area. The waiter and the owner are also friendly too and will explain their favorite dish to you.AmbianceOverall, I can say that PorQueNo has a really strong taste of Spanish. If you’re Indonesian that wants to feel Spanish and know how the food tastes like, you should go here! If you’re Spanish who miss your hometown while pursuing your study / career in Jakarta, you can feel your hometown through food at Por.Que.No!--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)