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Level4 2013-06-02
Kemarin yang lalu saya dan teman saya ada jamuan makan di scusa resto yang ada di interconinental hotel...dan resto scusa ini adalah resto yang menyajikan menu makanan italia...dan resto scusa ini atmosphere nya juga cukup terasa nyaman sekali,dan pencahayaan dari resto ini juga cukup redup dan remang remang lampu resto nya...dan resto dari scusa ini pun terlihat cukup lux resto nya...Dan pada waktu saya makan di resto secusa ini sedang ada live band nya,dan ketika itu music yang dimainkan oleh home band di resto ini juga membuat saya cukup rilex sekali rasanya,karena saat saya datang mereka membawakan lagu yang bergenre jazz gitu..dan suara penyanyi wanita nya pun cukup merdu dan suara nya pun agak berat....Menu yang saya makan saat berada di hotel scusa ini ertama kali saya makan welcome bread nya...yaitu roti ini disajikan dengan sebuah gelas dan dibuat menggembang roti nya dan roti ini disajikan juga bumbu nya dalam piring kecil..dan rasa dari welcome bread ini pun terasa cukup enak tekstur roti nya lembut dan sangat pas sebagai menu pembuka....Insalata mista salad yaitu menu ini terdiri dari berbagai sayuran hijau yang terlihat sangat fresh sekali dan ada bread nya juga.dan bumbu saus yang ada di salad ini juga terasa cukup yummy dan enak banget rasanya...bagi penyuka salad pasti sangat suka akan menu yang satu ini....Italian cold platter adalah menu ini terdiri dari beberapa potong daging yang dipotong tipis dan disajikan dalam keadaan dingin daging daging nya dan menu ini cukup memberikan senthan yang cukup berbeda dan yang pasti nya rasa dari menu ini pun cukup terasa enak dan yummy sekali rasanya....Ravioli adalah menu yang saya pesan berikut nya dan menu ini terdiri dari tepung bulat yang berwarna hijau akibat dari sari bayamnya dan ada enam buah dan diberi juga bumbu kuah butter nya...dan rasa dari raviolli ini tepung nya terasa seperti kulit pangsit dan rasa nya pun yang lembut ini cukup nikmat sekali....Spaghetti aglio aglio nya yang ada di resto ini disajikan dengan porsi yang cukup besar dan menu ini adalah menu yang dipesan oleh teman saya...dan untuk rasa dari spaghetti aglio aglio ini pun lezat kata teman saya...dan dia pun cukup puas dengan citarasa dari spaghetti aglio aglio ini....Pizza prosciutto e funghi misti adalah menu pizza yang terakhir saya pesan dan menu ini terdiri dari pizza yang berukuran besar dan tekstur dari pizza nya pun cukup tipis dan pizza ini pun sangat saya sukai banget rasa nya...dan diatas pizza ini diberi taburan potongan peperoni,jamur,dan ada cheese nya juga...dan setelah diberi saos sambalnya membuat tekstur pizza tipis ini semakin lezat sekali rasa nya... continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-20
Overall Descriptionis one of the beautiful yet rainy season where some of flowers and vegetables grows seasonally. Asparagus is one of the most-waiting vegetables in this month and that’s why when it comes to April several restaurants are racing to serve delicious dishes with the beautiful asparagus. Scusa, an Italian dining located in InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza is one of the racers who take part in this racing, with the event called White European Asparagus Affair, they offer white asparagus rather than the green one since it grows seasonally from late April to June. White asparagus is different than the green asparagus because of the planting process where the white colour from the white asparagus comes because the plant did not get any enough sun light, therefore the photosynthetic process is not occurred. The white asparagus referred to as the royal vegetable which is less bitter and much more tender. It must be peeled before cooking or raw consumption. Besides, this premium vegetable is very healthy with 95% consists of water and has no cholesterols, high levels of antioxidants, a good source of vitamin C and dietary fibre which is good for disease prevention and balance our diet. In this event, Scusa not only bring this European delicacy to their kitchen, but also convince their customers that white asparagus can turn into a beautiful yet scrumptious food which can give customers a good once-in-a-year dining experience. VenueIt was me and several food bloggers who was invited to feel this once-in-a-year dining experience. We were gathered in this fine dining restaurant which recently change its concept into casual dining. Scusa has quite spacious room with two private room upstairs which is usually booked for private meeting, while downstairs they have several cozy dining table with chocolate and maroon domination in its furniture, bar with several glasses hanging on the hanging tray and open kitchen. Scusa also provides customers with a warm lighting that make everyone who dining here feel private. We can see several award achieved by Scusa in front of the resto. There are several trophies awarding Scusa in several event such as 1st Runner Up for Best Italian/Spanish Restaurant from NOW! Jakarta Magazine. Near the open kitchen we can see a wine display. Overall, the atmosphere is still fine dining look alike for me. Food & BeveragesThe night was opened by Fantasia Mocktail (55K) with slices of lychee and orange on the top. It was a super refreshing mocktail which became the most favourite drink here. It was a fusion of Orange, Lychee, Mango and Grenadine syrup which offered me a colourful taste from the sour bitterness of orange to the sweetness of mango infused grenadine. Perfect opening!Walnut Bread with Feta Cheese became a complimentary food tonight. It will and always served for everyone who dining here. This bread filled with a Feta cheese comes from Greece and served with olive oil as a dipping. The taste was a lilttle bit sour but it gave me a super good cheese sensation. The bread was chewy as well. Great for waiting the main course.Then, Chef Wawan Barito as the Chef De Cuisine of Scusa, served us the White Asparagus in a fried egg with Parmesan, black truffle, and rosemary butter sauce. This is the first time I meet white asparagus, I thought they are twins but actually they’re not. White asparagus much crunchier and sweeter than the green one, moreover, the white asparagus here is imported freshly from Peru. The half fried egg was just okay and the rest ingredients completing this dish. Next, White Asparagus Soup came on my table. It served in a plate not in a bowl but the portion still enough to one person. This pale yellow soup is simply like a cream soup but the texture was rougher since it made from puree asparagus. The taste is a little bit sour and savoury, the pesto sauce on the top of soup enhanced the flavour. The surprising part was the cheese ball also in the top of the soup. It made from parmigiano reggiano cheese which has strong flavour but savoury as well. I simply love this soup. Grilled White Asparagus and Beef Tenderloin with gorgonzola, creamed potatoes and béarnaise sauce. I chose medium rare for the beef and it gave me a super juicy and tender meat. The melted cheese and béarnaise sauce were also added the flavour of this beef. Otherwise, I prefer the grilled asparagus, it was crunchy and less water. The creamed potato was also good, it simply looks like a mashed potato but the texture was more solid. We also got side dishes, the White Asparagus Risotto with parmesan and truffle served with fried asparagus. The asparagus here was well-fried like a crunchy snack; however, the texture inside was still moist and succulent. Meanwhile, the risotto’s texture which infused with parmesan and truffle was soft like porridge. The cheese flavour was so strong but melted on my mouth.The best closing for tonight dining, of course, the Warm Melted Cake. This beautiful cake was served with rum raisin ice cream. It was a Chef Wawan masterpiece for me. The cake was moist outside but when you cut it you will find a treasure inside, a melted, flavorous and yummy dark chocolate. Sluuurrpp! The chocolate, however, not so dark, it gave me a sweet after taste as well and it just melted in my mouth. Oh God, who doesn’t love chocolate! The other garnishes, the stick biscuit and the rum raisin ice cream was also completing this dessert. A super winning dessert!PriceWell, this once-in-a-year dining experience can be enjoying from 15 April to June 2013 at Scusa and Bacchus (in Bacchus you can also made your own asparagus dishes). With only Rp105.000++ to Rp445.000++ per portion, trust me you can get a great once-in-a-year dining experience which, yeah might be, enrich your personal knowledge and taste about white asparagus. ServiceNo worry about the service, as they are formerly a fine dining resto, they still serve you with the best service and warm staffs even I can chat with Chef De Cuisine of Scusa, Chef Wawan Barito and asking several questions popped up in my mind especially about white asparagus. The service and the food was also good and fast. Everything just perfect for me that nightSo, wanna try a once-in-a-year dining experience. Just visit Scusa before June passes your day, Openricers! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2012-04-28
Scusa merupakan restaurant Italia yg berada di lt 2 Hotel Intercontinental Mid-Plaza. Walaupun memang lebih affordable bila dibandingkan dng restaurant Rosso di hotel Shangri-La maupun resturant Casa d'Oro di Kempinski, tapi kurang lebih hampir sama lah secara dilihat dr service, design & hidangan yg disajikan ny sangat berkelas.Suasana: Konsep fine dining dng interior bergaya posmo & perpaduan warna oranye, abu2 serta cokelat mendominasi ruangan ny sehingga terasa atmosfir klasik & elegant. Terdapat open kitchen & untuk best table di resto ini, gue rasa adalah meja yg pas berhadapan dng open kitchen ny sehingga qta bs melihat atraksi sii koki dlm menyiapkan hidangan2 ny.Asparagus & Spinach ala ScusaDi resto ini asparagus putih dihidangkan sbg makanan pembuka, sup, berpadu dgn pasta & risotto, juga di beberapa pilihan hidangan utama. Untuk makanan pembuka, Scusa menyediakan 3 pilihan menu asparagus putih dgn paduan kuliner kaya rasa. Gue memilih menu dgn asparagus yg direbus atau dikukus.Pan-Fried Maize Dusted Foie GrasAppetizer 1 ini merupakan nut bread & buah kering yg diolesi dng apple balsamico glazed, bener2 hidangan pembuka yg sangat cocok. Warna balsamico ny yg hitam emg agak serem ngeliat ny tapi jng menilai dr penampilan ny, melainkan dr rasa ny yg jauh berbeda dng penampilan ny. Untuk foie gras ny sndiri gag cukup bgt secara porsi ny imut2 sekali Salmon En Croute With Lemon-Butter SauceIkan salmon yg dipanggang disajikan sama sayur2an & lemon butter sauce yg ditempatkan dlm wadah terpisah. Menu ny jg imut2 bgt yah, gede di piring tapi rasa ny, enakk bgtt!! Daging salmon ny pas bgt mateng ny, empuk tapi juicy & yg paling penting gag bau amis, nyummyy~~Tuna SpaghettiWahh spaghetti 1 ini disajikan dlm wadah yg bener2 unik & cukup besar Ini spaghetti terenak! Bener2 khas Italia bgt, spaghetti ny dimasak al-dente, bumbu ny jg pas!Pear CinnamonUntuk dessert ny, kami memesan pear cinnamon yg disajikan dgn lemon sorbet. Tampilan ny yg cantik & mungil ini sangat impressive sekali. Rasa ny asem2 segar Kesimpulan: Harga menu a la carte ini mulai dari Rp, 45.000,00 hingga Rp. 310.000,00 per porsi sangat amat menguras kocek bukan? Disajikan untuk santap siang & malam. Untuk OpenRicers yg ingin merasakan kesegaran hidangan Italia dgn citarasa asli, bisa coba resto mewah 1 ini, cocok jg buat anniversarry-an sm sii pacar lho continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-28
Suasana khas bintang 5, mewah, nyaman dan biasanya interiornya modern minimalis dengan sedikit sentuhan eropa, inilah dia suasana scusa yabg cukup nyaman dengan penataan interior dan bunga yang cantik disekelilingnya, suasana disini cocok banget buat dinner dan a lil bit private dinner or party with your besties.Set menu memang udah paling pas, mulai dari tom yamnya yang segar dan rasa asam serta pedasnya seimbang membuat gue cukup jatuh hati dengan kuahnya yang kental, kemudian steak tenderloinnya yang segar, emopk dan cukup besar ini memang nikmat rasanya dengan perpaduan kentang dan sauce mushroom dengan sedikit pepper sekaligus dessertnya pudding tiramisu kesukaan gue bisa menjadi salah satu yang patut di coba, rasa manisnya pas dan tidak perlu khawatir akan serat ditenggorokan... Makanan dan kualitasnya perfect sesuai dengan harga yang ditawarkan... Enjoy the food continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2011-11-11
Aloha OpenRicers,Nah ada yang udah pernah mencoba makan di Scusa restonya Intercontinental Hotel? Buat yang sudah pernah nginap di Intercontinental Hotel pasti sudah pernah mencobanya.Scusa Resto menawarkan masakan dengan cita rasa mediterania "original, simple and beautiful" dengan standar International.Suasana yang di berikan sangat nyaman untuk acara-acara khusus pada malam hari dengan pelayanan yang sangat memuaskan dan cepat saji.Makanan yang saya coba antara lain:Menu pembuka: Tomato Soup with Wanton, rasa soup yang asam manis ditambah dengan pangsit yang gurih sangat cocok sekali dijadikan sebagai makanan pembuka.Dilanjutkan dengan menu utamanya yaitu New Zealand Tenderloin yang disajikan dengan kentang rebus, jamur paris, asparagus dan diberi saos original yang rasanya nikmat sekali. Benar-benar mengenyangkan. Kemudian ditutup dengan menu penutupnya Mango Mousse Cake yang di tata dengan simple dan cantik sekali, dan rasanya juga gk kalah sama penampilannya, benar-benar enak dan menggoda.Overall, tempat ini sangat cocok untuk mengadakan acara-acara kantor ataupun keluarga. ^-^ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)