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Level4 2016-03-21
Pelayanan oke. Konsep skydiningnya jg bagus dan elegan. Bagus buat nongki cantik dan minum2 aja. Kl makanan, i say sorry before. Not recommended both of taste & price. Bukan karena aku makan sekali dua kali aja ya. Tpi udh bbrp kali dgn menu berbeda. Just my opinion & tongue-experience aja. continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-11
hmmm..kalian pasti tahu menahu tentang meanara bca yang berada di pusat kota dekat dengan bundaran HI ini memiliki 56lt untuk mencapai puncaknyadisini di sediakan restoran yg bernama skyetempat yang cukup romantis dan elit..disipun untuk yg ingin berada di outdoor terkadang ada dresscode tersendiriapabila tidak memenuhi standar tentu tidak di perkenankan untuk berada di luar..recomended place for see the bes view in jakarta continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-08-24
Satu lagi nih café&bar yang mengusung konsep rooftop dengan pemandangan kota Jakarta yang indah. Skye ini berada di lantai 56 gedung BCA yang ada di Grand Indonesia, untuk dapat naik kesini kita harus menggunakan lift khusus yang telah disediakan, dan untuk dapat masuk kesini ada beberapa aturan yang harus kita penuhi salah satunya adalah soal pakaian yang digunakan. Kalau kita mau makan atau mungkin sekedar nongkrong di Skye, kita ga bisa berpakaian bebas sesuka hati, karna untuk dapat masuk ke tempat ini kita diharuskan menggunakan sesuatu yang casual atau formal, dan itu wajib dipenuhi bagi seluruh pengunjung tempat ini.Pertama kali gw tau tentang peraturan restoran ini gw sempat kayak males gitu buat datang karna menurut gw kok sampe segitunya banget hanya untuk makan haha.. Tapi karna gw penasaran dan pengen tau juga seperti apa tempat dan makanan di tempat ini jadinya gw coba deh untuk datang dengan baju yang ala-ala mau pergi ke kondangan lol.Gw menuju ke Skye ini dengan menggunakan jalur lift khusus dari Gramedia karna menurut gw lebih mudah dan cepat. Pas gw sampe ditempat, satu hal yang langsung gw rasakan adalah pelayanannya kurang friendly, pelayannya agak cuek dan pelit senyum. Selain itu untuk kalian yang mau coba datang kesini harus persiapkan uang yang lebih ya karna memang harga makanan dan minumannya cukup pricey. Gw sendiri waktu itu pesan 350gr Pork Chop seharga 350rb dan Crispy Pork Belly seharga 195rb, untuk rasanya sendiri menurut gw nothing special, biasa banget untuk tempat sekelas Skye dan dengan harga yang cukup mahal gw sih agak kecewa, tapi pemandangan yang bisa kita liat dari atas sana memang ok banget sih. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
This is the most famous sky rooftop at Jakarta, giving you a beautiful view of Jakarta city from the center of the town. Located on the 56th floor of BCA Tower and Grand Indonesia, you can go to SKYE through the special elevator which located behind Gramedia Grand Indonesia. The frontliner welcomed us nicely (maybe because we dressed up and it suited the attire rule), but first she asked us to show our ID card first.Nutella CakeSized quiet large for me, served with chocolate stick that rounds the cake itself and nuts as the topping. The chocolate cake itself was moist and I liked it, unexpectedly.... there was a layer of chocolate ice cream on bottom, chocolate in every layer! This dessert is perfect for sharing.Chocolate Souffle CakeServed with strawberry sauce, and Bailey's ice cream. The souffle had some soft crust at the top and was moist inside, the strawberry sauce was warm when I poured it onto the souffle, I chose to eat it together with the ice cream, the taste of the Bailey's overwhelmed the ice cream and it was so good. Kinda recommend you this.TiramisuActually this dessert came in big size, well, it is served inside a glass scoop with chocolate lady fingers and crisp chocolate balls. The tiramisu itself tasted creamy yet so light, I could even finish all of this late night in the scoop without feeling so guilty, I love this one! Recommend this.Forget-Me-NotAsked the waiter the most anticipated drink of SKYE, and he will recommend you this, the signature drink of SKYE. The blue colored mocktail with slice of lemons and apples inside, at the first time you drink it the sour overwhelmed, but the after taste was little bit sweet yet refreshing. The name itself suits with the taste, that you can't quickly forget, as you sip once, you want it more.Red VelvetThe red creamy ice blend mocktail with whipping cream on top. Yep, it's like eating red velvet in drink version, love this one too. Recommend this one.Christmas CupidIf I'm not mistaken, this one is special drink in Christmas season. Named Christmas Cupid, this pink colored drink came with beautiful presentation, served in bordeaux wine glass. The taste (I guess) was pomegranate, as I found some pomegranate inside this drink.Read some reviews from people, sometimes some people got rejected to enter SKYE, and read some inconsistency of doing the rule. Well, I would like to highlight the the second thing, my friend said to me to see the girl that sat near the pool, she used DSLR (with external flash plugged on it!), and me? Just wanna enjoy my night and still saved my DSLR inside my handbag, didn't want to have any business with the security. :')But, the securities on outdoor lounge (I counted them, they were four) were so nice and helpful (in spite of having unfriendly impression at the first time). They helped us a lot of taking pictures with mobile phone. Overall, nothing disappointed us at our visit.-See more photos of SKYE : bit.ly/skyejktTWITTER : @ARSubrataINSTAGRAM : @ARSubrataE-MAIL : audrey.subrata@gmail.com continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-12-15
Located at the 46th floor of BCA Tower, SKYE is one of the pioneers in developing sky bar and lounge concept. Serving the customers with breath-taking scenery, SKYE is able to attract the crowds not only just by its dishes. SKYE actually provides both indoor and outdoor area. The indoor one is dedicated for all-day dining, while the outdoor one becomes bistro in the afternoon and lounge at night. With its exclusive ambience and high-quality service, SKYE successfully delivers what’s expected from a best-class restaurant.I was so lucky that I went here with some of my friends so I could try various dishes. There were quite many choices provided and actually, they were fusion of Western and Asian. To create more varieties on our table, my friends and I ordered both the Asian and Western ones. As we were quite confused which one to be picked, we asked the suggestion from the waiter regarding their best-selling ones and here were the dishes we ordered.Kamameshi Rice (IDR 210k)This dish actually belonged to my friend but absolutely, all of us had a try on it. Served in the hot stone, this dish came with the most unique presentation among all dishes we order today. Unfortunately, as I was afraid the rice will be burnt, I only took one picture of this one and I guessed it's not photogenic  . So basically this Japanese menu consisted of rice with unagi, salmon, chicken, mushrooms, tobiko, nori, and shoyu egg. I believe if now I ask you to mention all the ingredients I’ve just told you without re-reading it again, you definitely won’t be able to do so. Yes, this was indeed a very very rich and generous dish! One of the plus point was you could enjoy it hot until the very last spoon. 200gm Black Angus Sirloin (IDR 250k)I awarded this dish as the most photogenic one among our orders. With its quite simplepresentation, this steak was able to attract those who looked at it. Not only good-looking, the meat was also tender, juicy, and well-seasoned. Regrettably, we only enjoyed it at the side part of the meat. We requested the steak to be medium-well but it turned out being medium. As the middle part was still quite raw, we then left it as none of us liked it. Luckily, the luscious and crispy golden-brown sweet potato fries could at least cure the disappointment.Seabass Polonaise (IDR 180k)Wanted to enjoy seafood as well, our choice went to this pan-seared seabass. I really loved the presentation of this dish as it came with a gorgeous variety of colors. Under our wonderfully taste seabass, there were broccoli, cauliflower, bread crumbs, almonds, cherry tomatoes, and lemon. Together, all the ingredients successfully created an excitement for my taste bud, as well as delivered the refreshing taste. Hot Irish Cream Coffee (IDR 45k)By the time I read that the coffee served here was Djournal’s coffee, I immediately decidedto have coffee for my beverage. Simply said, I really loved Djournal’s coffee as for me, it had strong coffee scent, balanced acidity level, and perfectly suited my preference for coffee. As expected, yes I did fancy it so much that I finished it even before finishing my meal. Passion-fruit Mocktail (IDR 45k)Here was my second drink. Yes, I did have two drinks as we sat there for quite long time. After having the milky one, I decided to try the refreshing one. This was one of the several mocktail selections shown on the menu. Having passion fruit as the main ingredient, this beverage called me to give it a try. If you’re about to visit Skye, this mocktail was a must-try! It was certainly a perfect blend between sweet and sour taste. If I didn’t consider that I had had too much sweets on that day, I might have ordered my third glass, which surely would be this one AGAIN!In a nutshell, I really enjoyed my dining experience at Skye. At first, I thought that I wouldprobably just enjoy the scenery and the photo session. I even thought that the foods might be horrible. However, it was a total 180-degree different in actual! Both the foods and beverages were far beyond my expectation and I even considered going back to Skye and tried their other menu. PS. You might have to prepare extra money to dine here as the dishes were indeed quite pricey.Find me on: http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @jessica_gaby continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)