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Level3 2014-08-31
Resto sushi yang merupakan anak dari Sushi Tei ini,lumayan punya banyak varian menu. Meski tidak ada yang spesial dari ambience nya , lebih ke foodcourt sih menurut saya (apa emang konsep nya begitu ya, pantes pake nama kios :-D ).Kalau untuk pelayanan keramahan bagus lah, hanya perlu bersabar dalam menunggu karena proses masaknya sedikit lama.Oke mari kita bahas food n drink nya. Kebetulan karena emang laper bingits kita pesen nya paket bento nasi. Kenapa gak pesen sushi karena ada denger omongan beda resto sushi tei beda rasa, jadi daripada kemudian kecewa kemudian lapar pun mendera.'Bento chicken teriyaki' terdiri dari nasi, chicken teriyaki, ekkado, maki, jamur naruto, buncis, wortel dan ubi. Disajikan dengan tempat bento khas jepang bernuansa merah hitam. Untuk sayur2an nya enak dan pas, untuk ayamnya sedikit keras pada tepungnya tapi tetep enak di makan. Porsi nasi nya selintas terlihat sedikit, tapi ternyata cukup mengenyangkan agak ajaib memang, hehehe. Disajikan wasabi Dan shoyu sebagai pelengkap.Nah minumnya karena tergiur buy 2 get 3 jadilah saya beli jus botolan yang ternyata rasanya gak sesuai expectasi. Yah sudahlah nasib.Harga :Bento chicken teriyaki : 45.000Juice : 13.000/botol*belum termasuk pajak continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-06-24
Hi Openricers,I'm a big fan of sushi. Well, actually I loved Japanese cuisine but sushi seems to hold a special place in my heart. The reason would be because of its small one bite size, and also the many varieties it has.And as a sushi lover, it was a joyful moment when I knew that there was a sushi restaurant who held an All You Can Eat promo. So this was my culinary journey at Sushi! Kiosk by Sushi Tei.This restaurant is located at the upper ground level of Mall Ciputra. It has a sharing venue with Pepper Lunch, so you will find there are two restaurants occupying the same dining area. For me, it's great because I can eat two kinds of food from two different restaurants at the same time.The waiters are not that much, so you have to expect busy services here when the restaurant is fully crowded. Luckily when I got there it wasn't that crowded, maybe because it was still hours away from dinner time.The inside of the restaurant is quite spacious, with wooden element dominating the restaurant. Giving it a warm kind of feeling. The seating are wooden chairs and sofas, you can choose any of your comfort.Near the entrance there are shelves that contained sushi put in transparant plastic cases for customers to choose. There are also shelves that contained sashimi and bento in plastic boxes. The concept of this restaurant basically is Grab And Go. So customers can just grab any sushi, sashimi or bento of their liking and just straightly pay them at the cashier. But if customers prefer to have a dine-in then they can ask for the food to be heaten. Yup, the ones on the shelves are preserved cold.In the center, right in front of the cashier there are stands where you can choose between a variety of beverages, snacks and ice creams. So it's really resembles a kiosk in particular. You can ask for the waiter's help though if you feel confused about the food.As I mentioned earlier, for this visit I get to try the All You Can Eat buffet. The All You Can Eat costed IDR 135K nett after tax and service charge. I was given a menu consisted of a list of items I can order. The system was for me to order as much as I want to the waiter, I can't go and grab myself. I also got a glass of ocha refillable.Having put a brand which has a great reputation as the best sushi restaurant such as Sushi Tei in their restaurant name, I have great expectation for Sushi! Kiosk.So let's start eating!First I would like to tried something that's not rolled. I tried the Ika Sushi, Salmon Sushi, and Unagi Sushi. So Ika means squid. I loved it. It didn't have that fishy smell, which was good. The Salmon was good also. Salmon was always my favourite for sushi, and the salmon here wasn't disappointing. It was nice, juicy, and fresh. The unagi was excellent too, cooked beautifully and seasoned well.The Ebi Sushi made me fall in love with it. Seasoned to perfection. No weird and tangy smell. I'm loving every bite of that shrimp. Wonderful.The rice was also seasoned perfectly. The right amount of vinegar, so it's not too acidic. And I loved how the rice was very fluffy too.The wasabi here are given in sachet. You can ask for more if you ran out of it. Even though they were in sachet, but they're very spicy and went well when mixed with the soy sauce.Next on I tried the sushi roll. So most of the sushi roll menus are the same as the menus in Sushi Tei. My first order was Baked Salmon Crispy Mentai. It had a bit of spicy sensation. The salmon was great, cooked beautifully. I love the colors. In the center there were those crispy tempura batter and seaweed, giving a texture of crunchy crisp in every bite. Great.The Crispy Cheese Roll had kani, seaweed, cheese crumble and cucumber in its center filling and then topped with tobikko. The cheese wasn't too salty and it combined very well with the kani. Again, it's rich in texture. I get the crunchiness from the cucumber. It's so delicious.Next one was the Salmon Skin Spicy Maki. It's very delicious. Loving how the salmon skin was seasoned. It's so savory. The flavor was right, not too spicy but I can felt that bite of chilli inside which was not so overpowering the salmon. The layer of tobikko added texture to the moisted rice. Perfect.The Aburi Salmon Roll, Spicy Salmon Maki, and Gyu Volcano Roll were also terrific. The Aburi Salmon Roll topped with that delicious salmon, floss and mayonnaise. It's so delicious, I was afraid I might bit my cheek. Always my favourite menu on Sushi Tei, now I could feel the same taste here. Wonderful.The Spicy Salmon Maki was also a treat. I just love everything about a salmon dish, and this one just made my day. The perfect level of spiciness. I can put some wasabi and boost the level of spiciness. Salmon at its finest.The Gyu Volcano Roll with that spicy mayo topping the kani, tempura batter and tuna. It's excellent. I felt the acidity of the mayonnaise just perfect. The level of heat was fine, the tuna cooked nice. Every bite just kept me wanting more and more. The Cold Ocha was served in a small glass. Frankly, I couldn't taste the flavor of the tea. Simply just water. Could be better with stronger flavor and aroma. Actually I could ordered so much more. But as my last order came to the table, the restaurant started to get pretty crowded. With only about three waiters available, there were jusy too many service to catered. Not to mention they also had to clean up the table, take the dirty dishes away, even for the customers of Pepper Lunch.It was so annoying for me because I had to wait so long for my last order and I had to go and refilled the ocha by myself. It was so hectic, the waiter even forgot about my order, so I decided to cancelled it since I didn't want to wait too long.I just wish they would add more waiters regarding the busy service traffic.Overall conclusion, bearing the name of Sushi Tei in the restaurant's name, I think Sushi Kiosk really lives up to the brand. Identical menus with Sushi Tei followed by the same delicious taste. The place is comfortable, even though it's shared together with Pepper Lunch. The prices are cheaper than Sushi Tei, considering this is a Grab and Go restaurant.I've heard so many complaints about cold sushi. Well that shouldn't be a problem if you ask the waiter to heat it up. Usually they always heat it when a customer order for a dine-in.This restaurant could be an alternative for you sushi lovers, especially Sushi Tei lovers.Just remember to be patient with the service on busy hours though.Keep on chewing!Jazzy DeeFor more of my culinary journey, visit: http://designerdoyanmakan.blogspot.comTwitter: @jzzydeeInstagram: @jzzydeeQuestions: http://ask.fm/jzzydee continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-12-27
Di sushi kiosk yang ad di mall ciputra ini kita bisa membawa pulang menu sushi yang ada di sushi kiosk ini karena disini tersaji menu nya didalam kemasan begitu..dan saat saya ke tempat sushi kiosk yang ada disini saya pun memutuskan untuk membeli menu kesukaan saya. .dan menu kesukaan saya itu adalah :Baby octopus adalah menu yang saya beli ketika itu dan menu yang saya beli ini telah dibumbui gitu dan dikemas dalam sebuah kotak transparan dan yang pastinya mengenai kehigienisan dari menu yang saya beli ini sangat terjaga dengan sangat baik sekali. .untuk rasa dari baby octopus nya pun berasa yummy banget tekstur dari octopus nya yang berasa cukup kenyal dan lumuran dari bumbu saus nya juga sangat meresap banget dan cetar banget deh rasa dari baby octopus yang ada di sushi kiosk ini.. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-11-26
Hari sabtu harinya jalan-jalan hehehehe saya pun mengajak mama saya untuk pergi ke Mal Ciputra untuk menebus voucher yang sudah menanti. Sayang hari itu hujan cukup lebat dan perjalanan yang macet membuat saya cukup lelah dan rada basah. Dengan badan yang lapar dan capai itu kami pun mampir di Sushi Kiosk. Waiternya menyambut kami dan mengecek nomor voucher dengan cepat. Dia pun menawarkan pilihan menu dan tanpa banyak tanya saya segera memesan karena sudah laparr hehe Saat itu hanya ada 2 orang yang sedang makan, tapi sebentar mereka sudah selesai sehingga tinggal kami aja. Saya memilih tempat duduk di depan Pepper Lunch yang bersebelahan dengan Sushi kiosk. Sebenarnya boleh kali ya kita duduk di dalamnya Pepper Lunch. Gerai sushi kiosk ini berupa rak-rak sushi, donburi, dan ice creamnya yang sudah bertambah banyak. Oh ya saya juga ditawari pizza sushi seharga 40an ribu sebagai menu promo mereka, tapi bagi saya voucher aja uda cukup deh Belum kami duduk santai eh makanannya uda datang. Pelayan yang menyajikan makanan jauh lebih ramah dari yang pertama menyambut kami. Dia menawarkan eskrimnya belakangan, tapi saya minta sekalian semuanya aja daripada repot manggil-manggil. Onigiri chicken nutOnigiri ini enakk! Ukurannya besarr, blom pernah nih saya makan onigiri sebesar ini Nasi yang pulen dan wangi ini dipadatkan berbentuk segitiga, lalu dibungkus dengan lembaran nori yang ga pelit. Waktu makan dengan sumpit saya agak kesulitan juga ya karena terlalu berat untuk dicapit. Isian daging ayamnya berlimpah, dimasak dengan kecap khas jepang dan ada serpihan kacang mede! Wuiih enak banget deh Setelah makan 1 onigiri ini terasa perut saya sudah lumayan terisi. Donburi chicken teriyakiIni kesukaan mama saya, terutama untuk daging ayamnya yang lezat banget. Kali ini porsinya lumayan loh dan dihangatkan dengan cukup baik. Terdiri dari irisan telur dadar, potongan ayam yang tebal dan diberi saus teriyaki dan nasi jepang yang berkualitas baik. Lebih baik dimakan pelan-pelan biar lebih terasa enaknya Edamame & ice cream green teaEdamamenya kali ini biasa aja yah, tapi tetap fresh kok. Es krim green teanya seperti biasa puass. Meskipun cupnya kecil tapi isiannya padat dan kental. Saya makan ini perlahan-lahan sambil dirasakan di muiut.. hmmm kaya lagi minum teh yaa Kami puas deh makan di Sushi Kiosk ini dengan total 48rb. Apalagi kali ini makanannya fresh dan hangat, sepertinya baru dimasak nih. Mereka punya dapur sendiri kali ya? Pokoknya ok deh bersantap ala jepang di Sushi Kiosk ini continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-11-21
Hello! Udara Jakarta yang panas kalau siang bikin saya pengen cari yang seger-seger untuk refreshing kebetulan kini Sushi Tei membuka kios "camilan" nya yang namanya Sushi Kiosk di citraland, deket dengan daerah rumah saya! Karena kala itu kesana nya jam tanggung, jadi dibilang udah kenyang buat makan-makanan berat, akhirnya saya mesen salah satu dessert yang cukup menggodaMatcha Ice Cream seharga belasan ribu (sekitar 12.000 kalau tidak salah), yaitu green tea ice cream beku banget, dan padet banget, jadi agak susah disendok untuk pertama kalinya ;D anyhow, rasa green tea nya pekat sekali, enak! dan lagi, green tea kan bagus untuk ksehatan, terutama untuk kulit Somehow it would be good kalau sushi kiosk menyediakan pancake/roti juga.. pancake/toast panas+cold ice cream could be a great deal in sunny days.. let's try! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)