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Its monday and i've decided to go out alone..I've been craving for spanish food for almost two weeks n finally i got a good spot which is Tapas de Espana.. Its a spanish restaurant n located in Tribecca Park, Central Park MALL ..I wish they had churros just like churreria but i was completely wrong, they're actually very famous with their tapas.I was so hungry that time, so i ordered the main course..this Barca de Pollo is just uber delicious.. Its a chicken breast served with mixed vegetables, white sauce, and even potato chips.I think main course isnt enough to make me full and satisfied,so i ordered a dessert from Brussel Springs, its beside of Tapas de Espana.This tiramisu cake is just so perfectoooo! Not too sweet..this place is such a good and very comfortable place to enjoy ur time even when ure alone! continue reading
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Dear all,I'm going to write a brief review on this Spanish restaurant at Central Park, located at the busy Tribeca Park.The place is well laid out, pretty spacious. The dining area is divided into two main areas, the first is inside, equipped with a bar and a number of tables. The second is just the opposite, alfresco style dining, facing the park, with more tables. Both are open air. We chose the second. I personally disliked the surrounding. With no option of air conditioning both areas, the place might get warm and if you're the kind of person who easily sweats, then you might enjoy it less. Not only it was hot, the music in the background did not help either. We were there for Spanish dining, not for Saturday late night clubbing experience. Hint: If you want to start a restaurant, try to relate as much as possible with the theme of your restaurant. How hard is it to understand that simple concept, really? Luckily, the service from the staff was satisfactory. Yes, satisfactory. Not good. They need to be more informed about their products. But their level of hospitality deserves some good words though.Now about the food. So it was our first time trying Spanish, we did not know what to expect, taste wise. We have tried Mexican before, and that's the closest to Spanish as we ever got.We ordered 3 items. One main course and a couple tapas (= appetizers). For starters, we were first served Potato Brasas. It is basically French fries with sauce over it. We thought it was good for our first bite on Spanish. It reminded me of that French fries of Carl's Jr. It was hot when it was served, a bit crispy on the outside and it just melted in your mouth after a few chews. The sauce was a fair mix of sweet and sour. Party in your mouth! 4 out of 5 stars. Price: IDR35000++The second tapas was Tortilla Potato Omelette. This has Mexican written all over it, but did not taste like one at all. We couldn't even feel the tortilla. It was not special in any case. It's just like your everyday omelette with filling style that you could easily prepare at home. It comes with seasoned potato chips and a small plate of mayo. 2 out of 5 stars. Price: IDR45,000++For the main course, we chose Seafood Paella. I can't remember the actual Spanish name. It comes in two sizes, and we went for the smaller one (35 cm in diameter if I remember it correctly). The portion of the smaller one is still very generous. It could be served for 4 persons. Paella itself is a kind of stir-fried rice, yellow-ish with the taste of various spices. It comes with shrimp, clams, and squid as the main topping. This was what we had been curious with. And we were not disappointed. It was not great, it fulfilled our curiousity just fine. With that big portion of rice, they need to be more generous with the topping. Halfway through, we started having the rice without the seafood. The rice texture was okay, it was not mushy. 3 out of 5 stars. Price: around IDR150,000++In conclusion, this place is worth a visit. Especially if you're a food hunter, and put Spanish food on your list. It can give you a good idea of what Spanish food tastes like. As the title of this post suggests, the food has been commercialised, as in adjusted for Indonesians' preferences. But that should not prevent you from trying. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-30
Minggu kemarin akhirnya gue bisa juga punya malam yg luang tanpa deretan event dan kerjaan, dan dihabiskan dgn jalan-jalan hang out ke central park.. Emang yang gue tau ada beberapa resto baru buka disini, itu juga karena tau dari timeline @openrice_id kadang-kadang sih... Salah satu yg baru adalah si resto Meksiko ini, Tapas de Espana.Dari namanya aja udah Mexico banget kan sobat openricerss?? Suasananya sih cukup comfort lah ya, kebagi indoor dan outdoor, krn letaknya di tengah Tribeca. cuma kalo pas agak malem dan pas malem Minggu juga, crowded, jadinya di outdoor cukup gerah, makanya kita memutuskan makannya di dalem aja, interiornya bagus, cuma sederhana, mirip bar2 di Mexico, kursinya ada yg menyerupai drum, pigura2 bergambar di dinding juga banyak....Makanan yg kita pesen buat ber-enam adalah Nasi Kari ini, maaf agak lupa nama menunya, pas disajiin di meja, pada shock juga sih, gedee banget! Piring ceper dari stainless, isinya nasi kari yang banyak banget! Sayurnya ada irisan wortel, kacang panjang, dan mushroom sama daging, enak koq... Wanginya juga lumayan kerasa, kalo buat makan ber-enam sih cukup lah ini dia tampilannya, segera cobain juga ya sobat openricers! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-03-20
Dear Central Park, you did a great job putting one Spanish restaurant in the middle of Italian domination on the Tribeca floors. I've been spotting this newly established restaurant since its very first emergence day just beside Brussel Springs. And, yesterday was just the perfect time to tried this baby out. I've been bored on waiting for quite a long time for new restaurants are seems slowly to popped out replacing the old boring restaurants nearby. Talking about the interior which i came at the wrong time when it was surely packed then i couldn't took some shots because i am afraid to cause any discomforts toward the other customers. Yes, i am that kind of blogger who just can't lurking around then just shot shot shot. But, i'll try my best to describe it. For me, it didn't really stood up. Just a simple yet small restaurant with just okay interior with wooden chairs inside while elongated red sofa outside where you smoke some cigarettes. I tried to observe in every aspect carefully toward this new born baby. I believe their waiters were attentive and quite nice while one their waitress was quite humorous dancing while no one watching (except me) accompanied by newly hits club songs. Me and my friends were enjoying the music as i enjoyed one good Spanish feast with my companions. I give plus point to the music, it was pleasant to my ears. There were not much selections on their menu but they put a preview. So, we can see those tempting foods before serving and to make sure you ordered a right order. And, these days not so much happening restaurants put previews on their menu.For me, Tapas de Espana surely came as a serious new comer which will capture Central Parkers hearts in no time as i enjoyed this Pollo a la Parmigiana (IDR 65.000) breaded chicken breast served with boiled potato, mixed vegetables and parmigiana sauce. In case you don't know, Parmigiana itself is a Southern Italian dish made with a shallow-fried sliced filling, layered with cheese and tomato sauce, then baked. Parmigiana made with a filling of eggplant (also called aubergine) is the earliest version. I really love how the breaded chicken breasts were so crunchy, and thick. To be honest, I never eats something this nice when i happened to be around Central Park and now i'm really sure this new born baby will be soon adopted by me. Beside its beautiful presentation, i really grateful how the taste is balance with the look. Good looking dish strengthened with great happening on taste area. Not to mention those rich melted cheeses were so good.Their Mexican Fried Rice (IDR 52.000) also came in generous portion and quite nice presentation where the fried rice was coated with omelet and served with tortilla chips. I also love this one, The taste appeared to be seriously yummy, its omelet was perfectly cooked except the chips were too hard and quite sharp if you know what i meant. It was enjoyable till last spoons. Oh, the chips also came with some kind of pesto sauce. It was quite bland for me but it surely delivered some kind of brief freshness from the sauce, that freshness like when you ate mint based ingredients.Feston Rellenos (IDR 60.000) stuffed scallops with creamy sauce on top. The shells were sharp and hard. I think i almost hurt my lips from trying to sucked the scallops from its shell. Therefore, there were no knives or forks begin with to enjoyed this dish. I asked a fork from a waiter then ate it. One of them was too salty while the others were remaining good. Not my cup of tea but yeah.. I prefer if it was bolder and more flavorful. Tapas de Espana is one good additional that jazz dining atmosphere on the first floor of Tribeca Park. I love how the foods were enjoyable and definitely tasted good. With polite, attentive and good services not to mention those groovy song list. I'll definitely come for another visits simply to enjoy their Parmigiana sauteed chicken breast. So good. They also have sangria as recommendation. Another reasons why second visit is necessary. For the drinks, we only ordered hot green tea which was a instant tea bags and Flavored ice tea, quite fresh. Tapas de EspanaCentral Park, Tribeca G F1 Unit 07Jl.Let Jend S Parman Kav 28Jakarta Barat continue reading
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