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Level4 2012-09-24
The 3 House, located in Kuningan, specifically Kuningan Village, Jalan Karbela Timur No.1, is certainly a hidden gem for food hunters who rarely pay a visit to this area. Well, me myself, personally never knew that Kuningan Village existed, and okay, shame on me. But eventually I knew, and got a chance to visit a Lounge as well as a Bistro called The 3 House. For the name, the number "3" actually represents "tree" and there goes its symbol, a sort of tree with lots of twigs and branches. And now, perhaps you wonder about the tree. Oh, I'll try to explain. The 3 House is certainly unique, like I said previously. It's a lounge and a bistro with something like Go-Green-Stuff () since they have a whole bunch of trees on the outdoor area. Not big trees though, more like tall skinny trees, and certainly the outdoor looks like an open-garden. In the middle of the outdoor area, you can see a stage for live band. You can also find a small tree house (yeah, after all it's the definition of the venue's name) which is quite cute. For the lounge, the indoor area, I think it fits me better since it's with Air-Con and the place is very comfortable. The concept of the lounge is going back to the name of the place, the 3 House, or the small woody-made house on a big tree, but of course it's much bigger than the real one. I forgot to tell you too, The 3 House is on the second floor of Kuningan Village. thus, It sorts of creating a similar definition of a tree house, in a modern way. The bar in the lounge itself can be seen all woody-made with a big tree (of course this one is fake! ) behind it, while some of the branches are all above it sparking an impression of shading the bar. Since it's a bar, there are stools around it. I could really say I was surprised with the concept they created. I didn't expect it this way when I was coming here to tell you the truth. Before coming, we made an appointment the other week, since I wanted to use my voucher. But, apparently they said the place won't be available for public on Friday and Saturday this week, so since I could only manage to come here at the weekend, I asked them to try finding a solution. And eventually they called me and they asked us to come on Sunday evening (23th Sept and actually, 22nd Sept was supposed to be the last day for using the voucher). So, here I came, at 5 in the late afternoon! Have I told you that they are only open from 5:00 pm - 1:00 am every Sunday - Thursday and from 5:00 pm - 2:00 am on Friday and Saturday?Anyway, It turned out when I came here, there were a couple of groups using the vouchers too.Food varies from Western to Asian, from Soup, Salad, Pasta, Pizza, Steaks to Oxtail Soup and Rice Dishes. The price range is from IDR 25 k to IDR 323 k but most main courses are about IDR 58 k to IDR 75 k. For the desserts, it starts from IDR 30 k to IDR 60 k. Some of the desserts you might want to try are Deviled Chocolate Cake (60k), The3House D'Crepes (40k), and maybe Apple Caramel Pizza (55k).For drinks, you can get Iced Tea or Iced Lemon Tea for about IDR 18 k, or maybe for a better pleasure, you can have a sip of their Mocktails for about IDR 30 k each. Well, I'll just jump to the F & B first!~ Iced Blended Cappuccino ~Price: IDR 30 kThe Iced Blended Cappuccino was served after the food came out first. Fortunately, this drink was very good. It's a blend of more coffee and some milk with ice. The drink was kinda sweet, in a good way, and it tasted nice. It's not bitter at all somehow. You just can taste the coffee flavour and milk in cold icy sensation. The price is worth it anyway for a place like this.~ Rosemary Chicken ~Price: IDR 75 kThe Rosemary Chicken is a half roast baked spring chicken with rosemary. It was served with royal lyonese potatoes, salad with balsamic dressing, plus red wine au jus scented rosemary. Okay, to put it in a 'human' way, I will try to explain. The half chicken, including the breast and the thigh was roast baked with rosemary as the main spice. The taste was so good I kept wanting more and more. It's very fragrant with rosemary typical flavour, and the texture of the chicken was so tender, it could be easily shredded. It's not over yet! The dish was served with the sauce too, which apparently is made from rosemary and red wine. The sauce was so good it complimented the chicken very well. I really didn't expect it to be this good since I've gone to quite a lot of restaurants, and I had never eaten a better Rosemary Chicken than this one. I really recommend you to have a taste of this. For extra note, only if you love spiced food! While for the royal lyonnaise potatoes, it was great! It's more like baked baby potatoes fry. The potatoes were kinda crunchy in the outer layer, and a bit meaty in the inside. The green salad with Balsamic dressing suited my appetite well too. It's fragrant, sweet-ish and the slight acidity made it so much better! There's so much goodness in one plate. ~ Fish & Chips ~Price: IDR 85 kFish & Chips is a very common dish and it's very well-known internationally. It's generally a deep-fried battered dory fish fillet with tartare sauce. But here, I should say it's slightly different. At The 3 House, the Fish and Chips was a thinly coated dory fish fillet, seasoned with Cajun seasoning, and served with cajun fries, a slice of lemon, tartar sauce, and salad with balsamic dressing. The dory itself was tender as a dory usually is. The fish fillet's outer layer was really crunchy and in addition, with the cajun seasoning, it became a bit spicy and it's just simply delicious. The fries were also very good, very crunchy and they weren't oily at all. The cajun seasoning made them delicious. The tartar cream was equally good. Frankly, I'd gotten quite tired of ordinary fish and chips before, and here came this fish and chips. It's outstanding! ~ Poffertjes ~Price: IDR 30 kMy poffertjes were supposed to be good. Poffertjes with sugar icing, and chocolate sauce, served with Vanilla Ice Cream and cherry on top. Nothing could be better. The thing is the timing! The poffertjes were served, right after we started eating. So, as we ate, the ice cream was melting and the cute poffertjes were getting cold. In the end, since there were no ice cream left, the poffertjes didn't have a good companion to brighten its taste. Thus, for me, the poffertjes failed to become a 'happy ending'. Actually, I had a couple of issues that I want to share and they might as well be good inputs for the venue. First, we actually made an appointment for 5pm, so we arrived there sharp, then we were welcomed, but we were asked to wait till about 6 pm since they hadn't prepared anything yet due to yesterday's late event. Well, I had a problem actually because I supposed to be at another restaurant in Kelapa Gading for my mom's birthday dinner at 7 pm, and that was why I made the appointment for 5 pm in the first place. But I didn't mind, since the waiter who told us was very nice and it's not entirely their fault. i just had to eat fast to make up the time. So, we waited till about 5.45 pm or something, then one of the waiter approached us to get our order. We supposed to be able to choose between 4 main courses, and it included Grilled Salmon, Rosemary Chicken, Fish & Chips and Grilled BBQ Half Chicken Steak. To go back in time, I initially bought this voucher for the Grilled Salmon. And then that day, the waiter told me innocently that it wasn't available at that time since they had changed their menu a long time ago and the Grilled Salmon was gone for good. From that moment, I disliked the attitude. I meant seriously, at least if that happened, you should be telling your customers nicely and simply apologize for the inconvenience, or maybe at least, you can put some sorry expression on your face right? I was disappointed, but I moved on and we ordered Rosemary Chicken and Fish & Chips plus a drink and a dessert.We waited for quite some time again, and finally the food came first, after about 20 minutes. Where is our drink? The other groups who arrived later than us had got their drinks and I tried to understand again thinking maybe our drink was harder to make. FYI, we ordered Ice Blended Cappuccino. Well, to be positive, it's good that all the waiting part was not boring at all, since we got to go online, with their fast wireless internet connection. We waited for another 5 minutes, and the drink was there finally. While we just began to eat, unexpectedly, our dessert was served on our table. We were like, huh? With confused expression seeing our dessert (Poffertjes with Ice Cream) posing there for us. It's a dessert right? Isn't it supposed to be out after meal or at least, at the end of our meal? The Ice Cream was melting and the Poffertjes were getting cold! But then again, we were just quiet and we actually came to conclusion that this place might be lacking experiences with their service. I meant, I expected more from The 3 House about its service, since the place is awesome, with good solid concept, plus really really good food. Still, problems aside, The 3 House is really really recommended for those who wants to find a nice cozy lounge and bistro with good food and good drinks. It suits very well for people who want to hang around, gather with friends, and perhaps drink some stuff with friends. I should say that I admire this place and the food. Oh yeah, I need to remind you that not all of the waiters here were bad. Some were very nice to us, and the only waitress there was friendly too. Maybe some of them just didn't have enough experiences about some stuff. I'm still rooting for The 3 House. Curious about this place? Just come here and have a good time! Facilities:+ High Speed Wifi Connection+ Outdoor and Indoor Seating Area+ Live Bands+ Bar Nb. Here are the schedule for Live Bands and some other stuff.* Live Bands every Friday and Saturday Night starting from 8:30 pm.* Ladies Night every Wednesday with Live Performances starting from 8:00 pm.* Beer Night every Thursday from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm. The 3 House Bistro & LoungeJalan Karbela Timur No.1, SetiabudiKuningan, South JakartaTelp: 021-52903131Website: http://www.kuninganvillage.com/Twitter: @The3House continue reading
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