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Level2 2013-04-29
Melihat tampilannya saja sudah menggoda.....ya, inilah Rainbow Cake palinggggg EUANKKKK yang pernah saya coba.Meskipun warnanya banyak, namun untuk rasa dibuat plain jadi tidak eneq. Selain lokasi dan tempat yang nyaman, The Goods Dept juga asyik untuk mengadakan small party. Rainbow Cake disini selalu ngangenin. Hampir di setiap meja yang saya lihat, pasti ada cake ini. Size nya cukup besar jadi bisa dinikmati berdua. Beautilicious....RECOMMENDED continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-14
Gak ada yang terlalu spesial dari The Goods Cafe. Siang itu gw hanya hendak mengisi perut yang lapar dan lagi in the mood eating Western food. Menu yang tersedia juga tidak begitu banyak dan khas makanan cafe, yaitu terdiri dari salad, soup, snack, sandwich, burger, pasta, tacos, steak, cake dan dessert.Pesanan gw siang itu adalah Caesar Salad seharga IDR 45.000. Penampilan salad ini cukup menarik. Salad ini didominasi dengan daun lettuce yang diberi sedikit dressing, taburan keju parmesan, irisan daging ayam yang di grill dan 2 potong roti garlic yang cukup besar. Rasa saladnya masih bersahabat di lidah gw. Ayamnya sangat cocok dimakan bersama garlic bread yang renyah dan gurih. Cukup memuaskan dan mengenyangkan. Buktikan sendiri deh, Openricers SpicyfoodyXOXO continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-02-20
Goods Cafe is located in 1st floor in Pacific Place Mall and is separated into 2 sections. The left one is more comfortable than the right one and has cake cooler in the front of it. The right one is a lil' bit hidden and you will pass it if you want to go to Good Dept Store inside of it. All of it are dark-theme with some unique paintings. Very attractive. My expectation was the Rainbow Cake. They said that it has not only the most expensive rainbow cake in Jakarta but also the best rainbow cake in Jakarta. Worth to try though! I came at 4 pm and tried to have their special treats (free coffee or tea for every purchase of single sliced cake ), but guess what, All of cakes were sold out since 12 pm. What a day! So, I tried to try another menu. They served enough food menus with quite many beverages menu and some sweets treats. Finally, I tried their specialty coffee and tasted their spaghetti and their classic lemonade. Classic Lemonade(25k)->7.5 out of 10I like lemonade, sour and sweet with fresh sensation in the mouth. Goods Cafe Classic Lemonade was good. But not great, I think it's lack of sugar. Very sour yet you can still taste the fresh sensation. If it had more sugar, it would be greater. But maybe they deliberately use less sugar to make it more classic. Additional sugar syrup would make it perfect.Chai Latte(35k)->8.5 out of 10A mixture of coffee, milk, cardamon, cloves, and cinnamon served with cinnamon sticks.I like their specialty coffee. Very unique and tasty. I love their brave decision to mix coffee with spices like in the Middle-East style. You could tasted all of spices and it was delicate too. But maybe not all people love it, since some of them will feel that it is awkward to have coffee with spices. But i suggest you to try it. Worth to try!!Spaghetti with Meatball(55k)->7.5 out of 10Spaghetti served with Homemade Meatballs with Tomato Sauce and Grated CheeseThe spaghetti was cooked "al dente". The sauce was great. A kind of fresh and tasty sauce. The grated cheese added the flavor and made it more delicate. Unfortunately the meatballs itself just tasted like ordinary meatball. I just could taste ground beef with lack of spices. IMO, It also needed more fat to make it more juicy. But it's a good dish.So, I will decide to return to this place. It is comfortable, with good food, great coffee, and superb(they said) dessert. There is always a reason to go back to this cafe. I hope they serve more cakes and more variant of foods to improve their quality. continue reading
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Last Saturday, one of Ms.AH's close friend was celebrating her li'l angel 1st birthday at BK Senayan City. After ate some burgers and fries, chit-chatting, and gossiping around, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT realized that the night still young and bright, such a waste if we just went straight home. Since Ms.AH been super curious about The Goods Cafe, hearing a lot of good comments regarding this place,then we decided to give it a try.We were kinda full and we didn't order any main dishes but we went straight to desserts instead. Errrr...not that straight actually, we managed to munched snacks before hand. Ms.AH love this pita chips, it was very crunchy and in the same time felt like melting in your mouth, can you imagine? If you can't why don't you just try it for yourself and tasted what Ms.AH been trying to explain to you For the spinach dip, it was something else. Ms.AH quite enjoy it but Mr.HATT didn't like it because it was not close with any dipping sauce that he has been familiar with.The pudding was Ms.AH's choice, far from expectation this dish. The raspberry coulis looked like 'sambal', tasted sooo sour, and they were plenty of it. The pudding texture was almost like baby food, ughhhh.... The one and only good thing here was the ice cream.Mr.HATT was playing safe and order some chocolate dessert. It was proven to be a good decision afterward. Once again, this dish wasn't like what everybody expected, lacked of those gooey liquid chocolate but taste wise, this one was enjoyable. In the end, all Ms.AH could say, at least we already trying. So...what's next? continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2012-09-21
People! Just the day before, I was visiting Pacific Place to have dinner at Rakuzen, and after my early dinner, I walked around and finally stumbled across The Goods Cafe which is very well-known for it's cakes. Well, I had been salivating by reading people's review about their cakes, and before I even had a chance to try The Goods Cafe in PI, they had already closed down, and moved to Pacific Place. And here I was, in Pacific Place, and I wouldn't want to miss my encounter this time, so I just decided to have an 'after meal' with my cousin. Yeah it's right that The Goods Cafe here is new, but the place yesterday was quite packed. People seemed to enjoy the cakes and stuff, and they were mostly hanging around with some friends. Oh, btw, do you know that they have The Goods Diner near this area too? It is more like a romantic american restaurant from what I heard. Some fellow food bloggers also said that the place is more romantic, and if you are looking for a romantic place to dine in, The Goods Diner can be your choice. But anyway, let's get back to The Goods Cafe first. One step at a time. ;)This is their outward appearance. This is their outward appearance for The Goods Dept.I'll start with their environment. The interior of this place is more like American-style cafe. It's simple, casual, but simply appealing. In this new The Goods Cafe, there are two seating area, a smoking area, and a non-smoking area. The smoking area is in the back position which I didn't exactly see yesterday since the waitress who served us just pointed it back there. The non-smoking area is in the front position which you can directly see, I think sitting here can make me feel a little bit like 'naked' since passers by can directly see you munching, eating or doing whatever things you like doing. But if you enjoy munching while looking at passers by and vice versa, you might as well love the seats here. And also, there is also another extra near The Goods Dept. It's more private (I prefer private than 'naked') and it has this dark romantic ambiance. The lighting is perfect (and it's very nice taking pictures of their f&b here). Thus, I prefer the one near The Goods Dept, and we eventually had our seats there. Sitting here was very convenient since we could just go to the Dept and do sight seeing. I think the concept of having a cafe and a dept in one place is very nice. I forget to check whether they have wifi or not since both my smartphones (guess they're not so smart anymore) were dead, ehm not literally though. This the area where I sat. And I loved their table arrangement, with very simple stuff, such as a real flower and the vase, plus some seasonings. And just behind me, there is a good picture. The waitress was very nice, serving us in a good way, by not being over polite and still manage to be likeable. She's informative too, as we asked about the cake The Goods Cafe would recommend except for Red Velvet which was sold out (I's really love to try their Red Velvet since I heard some really good rumors about it), and she gave us a couple of choices. Anyway, they have new stuff too, it's carrot cake, and I was hesitant to try since I'd never heard anything about it. Later on, after being confused for quite some time, I decided to have their Double Chocolate Cake. I wanted to have the Rainbow Cake but for a while, I think I had enough Rainbow stuff in my stomach, so there it was, Double Chocolate Cake!The drink I had is only Strawberry Lemonade. I thought that drinking lemon after my eating spree would be better for me. And Tada! Just in several minutes, they were on my table.~ Double Chocolate Cake ~Price: IDR 60 kOkay, don't be shocked yet with the price. At first, I have the same thought that it was quite pricey too, but the after seeing it for real, it wasn't so bad! One slice of the cake can actually be enjoyed by two people. Well, then again, like the name, this cake is just so chocolate! Of course, it's double right? Thus the cake inside and outside is just simply made from chocolate. The appearance of the cake was just simply beautiful, and I think it must have taken a lot of time decorating the cake. For the taste, other than being chocolaty, it's very good. It had this moist, smooth and not too soft texture. It could easily crumble and once you put it on your mouth, you could feel the cake melt in your mouth with this full chocolate sensation. The chocolate icing was simply outstanding, as I could feel the harsh sandy-like texture (it made it so good and unqiue), it just satisfied my craving for chocolate. Even though it's double chocolate, I don't think the chocolate was too much or overwhelming. Even my cousin who isn't too fond of chocolate, liked it. After several bites! ~ Strawberry Lemonade ~Price: IDR 25 kThis beverage is pretty simple, it made from fresh lemon juice and mixed with strawberry chunks. The lemonade was a bit sour, refreshing while the strawberry chunks made it fragrant. The amount of strawberry and lemon juice was perfect. It's more like mocktail somehow. It was simple, but good. If you like refreshing drinks, you might just like this beverage. if you'd like to have some other beverages, you can even try their Baileys Milkshake, or maybe Kahlua Milkshake. Both of them cost you about IDR 45 k, but I bet they're both very good. They have juice too, like Orange (40k), Red Cabbage Berry (40k) or maybe Apple Cucumber (30k). Green Tea Avocado sounds great too, and unique. You rarely find it elsewhere. If you like alcohol stuff, they have beer too.Well, I guess, I had enough for that day. And just by that short visit, I got a good impression for the stuff in The Goods Cafe. Certainly the place is nice, comfortable, and I'd love to come back and enjoy some more cakes they have. The food they have there is not just cakes though. you can find other stuff like Salads, Snacks, Mains, and Sweets.If you like Salad, you can even try Beetroot Salad (roasted beef, blue cheese, pickled red onion, with sherry vinaigrette dressing), or if you like some snacks, you can have Spinach Dip & Pita Chips (beef bacon, mushroom, homemade pita chips) and Creamy Mushroom Soup. For sweets, the have cute cupcakes and cakes of course. For the mains, I'd love to try Coffee Rubbed Burger some other time as it sounds really unique, coffee and burger huh? The mains' prices vary from IDR 45 k to IDR 80 k. While for the snacks, salads and sweets, the prices vary from IDR 20 k to IDR 60 k. Beverages start from about IDR 20 k to IDR 50 k.Btw, when I was taking pictures, I met a very nice woman, Chintia (pardon me if I mispelled the name ), who is the owner of The Goods Cafe if I'm not mistaken. I didn't get her name card since she ran out of it. But we chatted a bit, and apparently she said that they're going to discontinue the Double Chocolate Cake. Too bad, really but they're going to do some R&D about it, and make a better one. Some recommended cakes that she told me are Chocolate Malt and Rainbow Cake, and I haven't tried both. I bet they are delicious since the Double Chocolate Cake was very good. Well, I'll be coming back again of course some other time. Too bad Pacific Place is quite far, I guess I just have to make time to dine in there some other time! Maybe I should try going to the Goods Diner too. Well, either way, I guess we'll just have to see about it later! And another thing, I heard that they're going to open another one in PIM. So, yeay for south Jakartans! So, OpenRicers, you have to come here and have some cakes and stuff. They have great cakes and for cake lovers, it's a must for ya to try this place. Well, for people who enjoy a nice ambiance and good food, this is it. Visit here. See ya OpenRicers! Real thanks for reading! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)