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Level4 2015-07-07
Halo openricers, kali ini shervi bakal mereview tentang salah satu tempat nongkrong yang asik banget di daerah PIK, yaitu the Lab. The Lab merupakan salah satu restoran di PIK yang menawarkan aneka minuman bubble, variannya lumayan banyak juga loh, ada milk tea, yogurt tea, dan ada fresh milk juga. Selain itu, the lab juga menawarkan berbagai menu makanan seperti pasta dan juga baked rice. Pelayanan disini oke banget karena pelayannya cepat, selain itu tempatnya juga nyaman banget nih buat nongkrong. Konsep the Lab juga lucu banget karena tempatnya di dekor mirip laboratorium kimia gitu, gelas minumannya aja berupa tabung reaksi. Lucu dehMango Yogurt Tea ini disajikan di sebuah botol plastik yang mirip dengan tabung reaksi, lucu banget yah. Rasanya pun enak banget nih openricers, karena seger gitu apalagi menggunakan topping orange popping, jadi ini berupa popping bubble, jadi kalau digigit bakal pecah di mulut dan mengeluarkan jus orange yang seger banget. Perpaduan mango dan orange serta yogurt di minuman ini dijamin bakal bikin melek deh. Segelas ini dihargai 25000an aja dan porsinya lumayan gede loh.Nah,  chicken baked rice ini merupakan salah satu menu baru dari the Lab nih. Jadi di dalamnya terdapat butter rice, lalu ada chicken katsu, kemudian diberikan saus dan juga topping keju mozzarela yang enak banget. Porsinya lumayan banyak loh, mungkin kalau di makan sendirian bisa jadi enek. hehehe. Seporsi ini harganya 40ribuan belum termasuk tax continue reading
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Level4 2015-02-18
Hi Openricers.It's nothing out of the ordinary if you find quite a number of bubble tea tenants in the vast culinary area of Pantai Indah Kapuk.Well this particular area has emerged to a very intriguing culinary spot for most people nowadays, with new restaurants popping out along with its unique storefront design and tasty food.One of these places with stand-out storefront exterior and interior designs is The LAB.The LAB (Learn About Boba) could be considered to have a stunning interior theme.Walking inside, you'll see how the concept of the restaurant is made to resemble what a lab should look like. The waiters wearing lab coats, chemical bottles being displayed around, chemical formulas being written either on chalkboards and tables. All of these wonderful-detailed interior design will give you an ambiance of being in a lab, watching the "ScienTEAs" working on the formula for your bubble teas.Stepping to the 2nd floor, it's much more calmer, although you can still see the chemical lab theme sticking here and there in the interior design. But it's really more simple than the first floor, there's more modern touch, and urban ambiance you can feel from the interior. Still sticking with the details, I really love how the chandelier was made from test tube. I've never seen such thing before and I find it very attractive.Being invited here to try some of the new menus from The LAB. The new introduced menus include some light bites and off course some heavy meal since The LAB is now rebranding itself not just another bubble tea tenant but also a place to dine and get good food.Popcorn Chicken - IDR 35K.Nice tender, small-cut chicken covered with delicious batter. It tasted really good, especially since the chicken itself was seasoned so it didn't depend itself from the batter to get that delicious taste. My conclusion: excellent!XL Fried Chicken - IDR 30K.This was also delicious. The chicken meat was quite thick, yet it's perfectly cooked. It's juicy, tender and succulent. And I love how it was sprinkled with chilli powder, giving it an extra light spicy taste to balance the savory batter.Wing-a-fly - IDR 35K.Really excited to see my favourite dish available on the menu. Yeayyy! I could never resist to order chicken wings, and these babies didn't disappoint me. They were dynamite! In a good way, I mean. I can become picky about chicken wings but I have to admit that these could probably be included as the best that I've ever tried. Coated in delicious batter with what I presumed was teriyaki sauce, they're so delicious. Really recommended. I'd go back anytime for these wings!Original Cheese Fries - IDR 28K.It's good to know that they served large cut fries here and with quite a generous portion too. This one was the Original Cheese, fries served with cheese sauce. Besides the Original fries and the Original Cheese you can also find other variants such as Ginger Sesame Sauce, Sour Cream, Wasabi Mayo and Red Pepper Tartar (each IDR 30K).Bolognaise Pasta - IDR 50K.The Bolognaise was served also in quite a generous portion. The pasta itself was cooked perfectly, and the sauce was quite delicious too.Pesto Pasta - IDR 35K (add prawn + IDR 15K).The Pesto Pasta came as a treat. A nice one, indeed. Usually when it comes about pasta I always stick to Bolognaise although now it has shifted more to Aglio Olio. You know how pesto can be too oily, too garlicky, or too salty. Much to my amusement, this one came in the perfect amount of level for everything. Even the prawns were cooked perfectly. Bravo!Chicken Teriyaki Rice - IDR 40K.Another delightful meal I tried was this chicken teriyaki rice. Fried chicken covered in teriyaki sauce served with omelette and salad. The teriyaki sauce hands down was very delicious. And for the price of just 40K this should be one dish you won't want to miss.Buttery Chicken Rice - IDR 40K.Buttery chicken rice came also as a delish treat. The chicken was given so generously. The butter was very fragrant and in terms of taste it was phenomenal. The chicken was cooked to perfection. Awesome dish!Choco BuBOWlogy - IDR 35K.A big bowl filled with shaved ice with milk, taro balls, sweet potato balls, pearl, matcha jelly, and big scoop of chocolate ice cream. The hip of Taiwanese dessert brought this sweet-tooth endulgement to be enjoyed at The LAB. Very rich with toppings and the milky flavor will certainly make you fall in love with this dessert.Mango BuBOWlogy - IDR 35K.If you prefer something sweet but with a fruity taste then this bowl of dessert might satisfy your craving. The mango pudding came with the perfect level of sweetness. The other toppings were similar with the Choco BuBOWlogy, except the chocolate ice cream.Beverages - starting from IDR 21K - IDR 28K (topping start from IDR 3K - 4K).For the beverages there is a wide variants of teas, milk, and smoothies to choose from. Starting from IDR 21K for the Fresh Tea variants up to IDR 28K for the Beertea variants.Mango Bubblegum (IDR 24K) with Lychee Popping (IDR 4K).Wildberry Fresh Tea (IDR 23K) with Yoghurt Popping (IDR 4K).Mango Yoghurt Tea (IDR 24K) with Passion Fruit Popping (IDR 4K).Matcha Milk Tea (IDR 24K) with Big Boba (IDR 3K).ScienTEA's H-Oh Beertea (IDR 27K) with Passion Fruit Popping (IDR 4K).I quite enjoy their selections of beverages. They came in a quite unique taste. All with refreshing flavor, perfect sweetness (you can adjust the sugar level) and most important is that the price tags were friendly and the drinks came in a large tall yet unique glass serving.Overall conclusion, this is one spot in Pantai Indah Kapuk in which I think must not be missed. Starting out only focusing with bubble teas, The LAB has certainly shape-shifted to a much more delightful dining place with exquisite food to try.Really loving the overall dining experience I had that day. The food, the drinks, the ambiance, and the service was hitting top notch.A lot of reasons for me to come back here again. Give The LAB a try and be blown away.Keep on chewing!Jazzy DeeFor more of my culinary journey, visit: http://designerdoyanmakan.blogspot.comInstagram: @jzzydeeTwitter: @jzzydee continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-03
Satu lagi cafe unik di kawasan PIK. Cafe ini bertema laboratorium, dari dekor, pelayan sampe gelas minumannya. Pas banget buat yang suka cafe yang konsepnya beda. The lab ini lebih cocok buat nongkrong dan nyemil-nyemil soalnya gak ada makanan 'berat' nya. Kalo ke sini gak bisa rame-rame dan lama soalnya tempatnye kecil. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2013-12-04
Habis makan di muara karang kita cari tempat nongkrong yang asik. akhirnya jatuh hati sama tempat ini. Suasananya sesuai dengan namanya ini kayak laboratorium di sekolah. Di sini meja nya juga unik2. terdapat 2 ruangan. indoor or outdoor(Khas kawasan PIK). klo di outdoor ada meja yang kyk tabel kimia gitu. lucu deh. tapi kita milih indoor. karena gag tahan sama asap rokok. meja di indoor juga lucu. ada nama kimia2 gtu. berasa di lab asli. hahhaa. Pelayannya sigap. trus mereka pake baju lab2 gtu warna biru. lucu deh. orangnya ramah n baik. hihihi.. Karena kita semua kenyang akhirnya cuma pesan minuman. 1. Taro Milk Teaaku pake yg baru disini, yaitu mixtopping gtu. jadi 3 topping tapi hargnya 5rb saja.tapi topping nya itu cuma bisa boba, pudding and jellynya(gag bisa popping ) akhirnya aku milih big boba, taro pudding(biar serasi) and heart jelly. ternyata campuran ketiganya dengan taro milk tea itu enak banget. suka banget sama minuman ini. with no ice and less sugar. walau menurut aku masih kemanisan. hihiih. 2. Honeydew Bubblegumini pesenan pacarku. dia suka banget bubblegum. penasaran akhirnya cobain. menurut aku sih biasa aja ya. gag ada rasa honeydewnya. wangi bubblegumnya juga dikit. berasa tea banget. hehe. but oke lah. masih ada asem-asemnya. itu yang aku suka. and dia pilih cherry popping. kesukaan banget. cherry poppingnya enak banget sampe dimulut itu langsung meledak. enak banget. cherrnya berasa. Love it... continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-11-30
Lanjut lagi setelah makan di carnivor dan dessertnya masih kurang, akhirnya kita memutuskan lagi untuk lanjut favorite drink kita BUBBLE!!! sebenarnya sebelumnya sudah pernah ke the lab tapi belum sempat buat reviewnya. Di antara semua bubble yang konsep nya paling total menurut aku adalah the lab. Dari dekorasi ruangan, meja, botol-botol lab, abang tukang bubblenya yang pakai kemeja lab, sampai gelasnya yang kaya gelas lab. Meskipun memang rada pricey dengan gelas yang lumayan kecil tapi harganya seperti bobba pada umumnya tapi worth it kok karena rasa minuman nya semuanya enak dan mereka juga punya makanan, tapi berhubung aku sudah kenyang banget jadi hanya minum saja. Let's SLURPPP!POME YOGURT + YOGURT POPPING seger banget! favorite aku disini, campuran pomegranate dan yogurt yang asam ditambah dengan yogurt popping yang meledak dimulut dengan rasa yang asam juga yum!CHOCO BANANA MILK TEA + MIXOLOGY Rasa chocolate dan pisangnya seimbang dua duanya sama kuat tapi tidak bikin eneg. Dan yang baru disini adalah topping mixology, yaitu campuran antara pudding, jelly, dan boba, jadi kita boleh pilih dari antara bubble ( big pearl, small pearl, noodle, dll ) salah satu terus pudding ( taro pudding, egg pudding, chocolate pudding, dll ) salah satu dan juga Jelly ( grass jelly, rainbow jelly, coffee jelly, dll ) salah satu juga. Puas deh toppingnya banyak dan semuanya enak-enak apa lagi noodle yang bentuknya seperti mie yang bening iii bikin gemes! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)