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Level4 2016-03-23
rgernya enak bgt sih klo menurut gue nagihh.. Dan porsinya banyak jd 1 burger bisa berdua. Suasananya jg asik tp syangnya pas gue dteng lg penuh jd cmn dpet yg dikursi panjang aja. Pelayannya pun jg lucu, pas kita lg foto trnyata mereka ikut gaya dibelakang kita. Mau balik lg tp blm ada waktu continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
During this christmas season, Excecutive Chef Adam Penney created something new and artistic to please the loyal customers.Using truffle as the main concept, the Truff it Out series is setting higher standard for all the burger and cocktail fans out there.Street Truff Burger (IDR 105.000)Prime 150gr beef patty, melted cheese, lettuce, truffled onion jam, and silky den miso mayo. Definitely one of the best burger I've ever had! If the picture hasn't tell you enough, well take another look at that thick patty, it tasted as tender and juicy as it looks. And combined with the melted cheese, sweet onion with just perfect hint of truffle, also fresh lettuce and lovely homemade miso mayo, burgergasm alert!Truffle Mac and Cheese (IDR 35.000)Mac and cheese is such a simple yet delicious dish, but adding truffle on it has brought it to a whole new level. As sometimes creamy cheese could be overwhelming the whole dish, the earthy truffle comes as the savior to balance it. Very recommended dish, especially because they're very affordable and yet so good!Truffle Cocktail Selections (IDR 110.000)Not only food, Three Buns also brought truffle to their cocktails by adding truffle oil into them (you could see the truffle oil floating at the Chocolate Truffle Martini picture above). According to Chef Adam Penney, they did research and experiment for weeks to find which ingredients match best with truffle, and these three are on the top of the list. If you want to get the strong taste of the truffle, I recommend you to try the Truffle Pear Martini though.Truffle Gelato (IDR 25.000)Another happy news, Three Buns is now also serving gelato! Their homemade gelato is created by the famous Milkbar. Here's the Truffle Gelato, vanilla gelato with a hint of white truffle. Unfortunately, for me, the truffle aroma was a little too overpowering, but still acceptable though.If you're having confusion on which dish you should have because I know all of them are tempting, don't worry, because you could have it all! You could simply order the Truff It Out Set for IDR 250.000, and you'll get the Street Truff Burger, Truffle Mac and Cheese, one choice of Truffle Cocktails, and a cup of Truffle Gelato. Best deal indeed!The Truff It Out Series will only available during December 2014 and January 2015. This is definitely not something you could miss, dear burger lovers and fancy truffle eaters. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-12-21
Waktu itu saya dan teman saya hang out di daerah senopati..dan kami pun memutuskan untuk singgah di three buns dan tempat ini cukup nyaman jg sebagai tempat kongkow kongkow bersama dengan teman teman saya..dan waktu itu saya memesan french fries nya dan ada taburan keju cheddar nya lagi pada kentang goreng nya dan sebagai menu peneman ngobrol bersama dengan teman teman terasa sangat pas bgt.. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-11-18
INi merupakan restoran yang gw datangi karena dia booming banget di social media, dimana temen temen gw rata rata membicarakan tempat makan ini, gw jadi penasaran dan akhirnya gw datang kesini, ini tepatnya ada di daerah senopati, daerah ini juga banyak banget yang jualan makanan dan ada banyak resto resto juga yang bisa didatengin, nah gw datang kesini dan jreng... tempatnya ramai dengan pengunjung yang dateng. sehabis tidak lama antri g pun masuk kedalam dan duduk, susana didalam ruangan menurut gw seperti rumah kaca, karena bentuk tempatnya itu memang mirip dengan rumah kaca. kemudian gw melihat menu menu yang ada.Di sini ada menyajikan pastinya burger, karena namaya aja udah three buns hahaha, ada menu burgers, baby huey, burning man, four floors, rambo, honky tonk, the roots, nah itu adalah nama nama burger dimana isinya ada berbagai macam macam, dan di menu juga ada penjelasannya di dalam, selain itu disini ada kentang goreng, ada yang biasa dan menggunakan bumbu juga, ada pilihan salad, chicken wingsnya juga, kemudian ada menu dessert potsnya, ada rich chocolate, zesty lemon, untuk minuman ada pina colada, kriss kross colada, dan ada juga pilihan cocktailnya, ada juga moinuman cola dan punch, disini ada menyedeiakan minuman beralkohol juga loh, pastinya ada mineral water, teh dan kopi juga. nah gw pesen burger dan kentang serta chicken wingsnya.. rasanya yap enak.. dan sesuai kenapa banyak orang datang kesini, walau harganya sedikit mahal..Nah silahkan datang dan mencoba ya continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2014-08-28
I go to this place with high expectation. Many people and friend talked about three buns lately. Inspite of the rumors which says it is expensive burgers, i was curious because i think for so much price will come a high quality and yumms burgers. So at first i saw a great place to hangout. The ambience is clearly great. I love it. And it bring me high mood for hanging out and eat. Then we place order. Four floor, burning man, wing it chicken wing, and 1 another burger that i forgot the name. We are not shocked again with the price, because we have heard rumors that this place sell premium burgers. Not long until our order come, maybe like 15 minutes of wait. The burger doesn't come with fries or salad or anyother sidedish. It just burger, and sadly the burger served only with paper wrap, no decoration at all. Just like Fast Food burger takeaway. Well okay, as long the taste is right. No problem. Then we take a bite of the burger.............................. I take one big bite of it, high expectation answered by simple bite, and its a TURNDOWN. Its just like ordinary burger with quality beef added. I tasted the burning man burger, they said all of their burger are recommended and special, my opinion is BK whooper burger are way more worthy than this. i try to describe the taste in this paragraph. The burning man burger when i bite it, the patty structure is well made (well done for the beef patty structure) and the buns also good. But the sauce is not powerful, not you expected from premium quality burger. the jalapeno pickles, the japanese mayonaisse was not right. Beside it was to simple, It also doesnt bring the power of the taste. Its just like you made it yourself. Just put sliced jalapenos, japanese mayo, salt and done. Thats way to simple and to plain for premium burger.The wing it chicken wings also dissapoint me, its too sweet. Ketchup and sugar coated wings and a bit lemon for the dressing. very sweet taste. 1 portion consist of 6-7 piece only, and you know if its tasty juicy chicken wing 1 person can eat 7 piece ALONE, but this. 1 portion for us 3 people is enough.There is a review from other people with many photos of beautiful looking burger for this three buns. Well its just much more different when i go there. Conclusion : three buns for hangout YES! Food NO! kind regards continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)