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Level4 2015-12-20
So there I was, furiously shopping at Central Park Mall, two weeks before Christmas, dodging tourists, children, strollers. I didn't plan on getting any food, but after a few hours of shopping, I was going to pass out if I don't eat something.I was browsing the stores, and saw Waroeng Kopikoe at Level 3. Indonesian food at Central Park Mall? Das cool.Anywho, enough contextual story, on the food!THE FOOD HERE IS LIP SMACKING FINGER LICKING AND NO SHARING TYPE OF GOOD!!!What should you get here? I ordered the following items:SOTO MIE (NOODLE SOUP) IDR 29,000It was a hearty soup with some spiciness. The soup was yellow in colour because turmeric was added as one of the ingredients. Tendons and cartilage in the soup appeared to be slow cooked, the noodles were thin and overcooked. The ingredients in the soup was too plentiful for me to finish the noodles before it became soggy.Before I could finish the soup, the server came over to present me with my dessertISANG BAKAR KEJU (GRILLED PLANTAIN TOPPED WITH CHEESE) IDR 27,000Plantain and cheese together for dessert? Why not? It's one of my favorite dessert indeed. The plantain was smooth and not overly sweet. Perfectly grilled till they were caramalized. And Waroeng Kopikoe was very generous with the cheese topping. YUM!ATMOSPHEREWhat is it like inside?The interior is very cute in a home-y kind of way, and it seemed like a good place for lunch with friends and family. I went there on weekday and there were just a couple other people there. Once you step into this place, you will feel it's your ordinary eating place in a mall, with several wooden tables and chairs, but look further... they do have INDOOR SEATINGS as well as OUTDOOR SEATINGS. Cool! I really like the idea of an outdoor lunch. It feels like eating in a park.So what sets Waroeng Kopikoe apart?This eatery allows you to create your tasting menu through a combination of small plates, large entrees and dessert.Pros/Cons:Very friendly staff and service.Delicious food, but the portions are a little small for the price you pay.Very quiet and cozy atmosphere, which I really enjoyed. Easy to have conversations with the people you come with.Huge parking space in the area at weekdays.It wasn't too busy when I came but I imagine it could get a little cramped if gets busy. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-27
mau nyari makan siang sama temen akhirnya gw memutuskan untuk nyari makan di Mall Central Park, dan gw sama temen gw makan di Waroeng Kopikoe nih sekalian pengen coba juga karena gw belum pernah makan disini.Gw pesen Bakmi Jawa, dan setelah pesenan gw dateng gw langsung cobain nih dan rasanya enak, bakmi jawanya juga porsinya cukup banyak. untuk isian mienya juga banyak ada ayamnya, ada potongan tomatnya juga trus juga pas disajiinnya ada kerupuknya loh, oke lah pokoknya.Untuk tempatnya sih gak begitu besar tapi ada ruangan outdoor nya juga loh, tapi kalo untuk pelayanannya sih lama banget.Selamat Mencoba. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-11-29
Salah satu tempat asik di Central Park untuk hangout yaitu di Waroeng Kopikoe. Letaknya di lantai 3 sebelah Omo Chicken. Tempatnya ada yang indoor dan ada juga yang outdoor. Sayapun memilih tempat yang outdoor agar bisa melihat pemandangan indah Central Park. Outlet ini meneydiakan minuman dan makanan ringan untuk bersantai dan ngobrol yaitu kopi tubruk, kopi susu, es cokelat, aneka jus seperti jus strawberry, alpukat, aneka es seperti es jelly longan, es kacang ijo, dan aneka makanan seperti pisang goreng coklat, kentang goreng bumbu BBQ/ keju, otak-otak goreng dan masih banyak lainnya.Saya memesan es cokelat Rp. 19.000. Rasanya lumayan enak. Dan makanannya saya pesan Pisang Bakar Keju Rp. 19.000. Rasanya biasa saja sih dan pelayanannya tidak terlalu cepat. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-18
central park mall ini mall emang mayan sering gw kunjungin, kemarin pas mau nonton disini kita sebelumnya cari cemilan dulu, males turun jauh, akiran kita cari makan di lantai 3 di waroeng kopikoe. ini dulunya tempat makan iga gitu cuman uda tutup jadi waroeng kopikoe, letaknya ada di samping billie chic sama omo chicken tepatnya. untuk area ada indoor maupun outdoor, gw kemarin di outdoor karena suasana cukup ok, menghadap ke taman tengah central park mall, cuaca jg lagi mayan adem kemarin. dari sisi pelayanan standar aja, pelayannya rada lama geraknya pas minta apa-apa.disini gw pesan teh tarik sama roti peanut butter, tampilan makanan dan minuman kaya diatas. untuk teh tariknya cukup ok, campuran teh dengan susu mayan pas, jadi rasanya manis namun gak berlebihan. untuk roti peanut butter, rotinya rada keras, selai kacang dan butternya mayan banyak ya cukup enak untuk ngemil, namun kyny tekstur rotinya musti diperbaiki, rada keras dan kering dipanggangnya. overall cukup ok ini tempat buat nongkrong atopun makan . continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)