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Level3 2015-08-31
Guess what? Located just next to Carl’s Jr. Kemang (yes, there’s also a Wing Stop shop one in Kemang), actually Carl’s Jr. and Wingstop is under 1 F&B Group. No wonder that they always open side by side. At this time, I also got a chance to try this restaurant! Hmm… I already crave to taste some wings here!FoodClassic Wings - start IDR 34,545With 10 level of hotness, starting from the mild until Atomic, my favorite one is the Garlic Parmessan and Lemon Pepper. While others like lousiana, Teriyaki, are not really my favorite. I don’t try the Atomic flavor though, since it’s really hot and I can’t stand chilli. If you wants to try all levels, then ask the waiter there the levels of the chilli, because you need to eat it step by steps. Because if you already eat the Atomic flavor (the hottest one), then the rest of the taste will be mixed up and you can’t tell the difference.Cheese Fries - IDR 24,545This is one of my favorite fries so far! It’s super delicious, creamy, and so yummy! I think this is a perfect finger food in Wingstop to eat together with your friends.Drumstick - start IDR 34,545Who doesn’t love to eat drumstick? Comes in a small pieces of drumstick, it’s really finger licking good!ChurrosYes, don’t be surprised because you could find Churros in Wingstop. Comes with a classic chocolate dip, you could smell the cinnamon and feel the crunchiness of the texture. It really is a classic dessert choice.BeveragesMilk Tea - IDR 12,727This is actually a hot beverage, however it’s really hot back then and I really need a cold drink, but not a soft drink. That’s why, I order a milk tea then ask the waiter to pour some ice in it. Their milk tea is really good though ;)ServiceAlmost the same with Carl’s Jr., Wingstop is also a self-service, however the waiters still serve you really well. For example, like when I ask for additional ice for my Milk Tea, they act fast and grab me some.AmbianceIf you would like to chit chat and play around with your friends, then I’ll recommend you to go to the 2nd Floor. Since in the outside, they have this fussball game (forgive me if I’m wrong, but it’s like a soccer but on a table, and you play it with your hands).--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com continue reading
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What I love the most from Wingstop is : this is a nice casual wings joint, never saw a wings joint with nice interior design. Cool lighting beetween the sun light and light bulbs, mixture of woods, metal, bricks and big mural painting, and the unique corporate colors used for a wings joint : green and brown, well... too bored to see red as colors of restaurants. In my opinion, it will add more fun if they put some television, I think the smoking area at 2nd storey suits for "nobar" a.k.a watching soccer matches together. Well, they have cool foosball to play with your friends too!There is the most favorite thing you can do here : Calling up one of your childhood memories here, you can mix the sodas as many as you like in refillable drink station at 1st storey. Cool thing to do hahaha but you can also ask the waiter to refill up your glass if you're too lazy to go to the refill station. What a cool service they have! Mushroom Fritters. (Rp 25.000)This battered champignon mushroom came in big size, when I bite it, it was still fresh and moist. Actually not a big fan of mushroom, but I must said this is a yummy and healthy appetizer! Served in 6 pieces with one dipping.Cheese Fries. (Rp 24.545)Fried fries came in big size and the most happiest thing in life..... GALORE CHEESE! So delicious and I bet you can't stop eating this and ended up with sucking your fingers to enjoy the last piece of fries and cheese.Cajun Rice (Rp 10.000)You're not an Indonesian if your stomack is full after finishing your meal without rice. Yeap, this rice menu is only available in Indonesia since we, the Indonesian, always eat rice three times a day LOL! But still, this rice gets a touch of American seasoning, cooked with Cajun seasoning, a typical spice from Louisiana, so the color is reddish.Veggie Stick (Rp 15.000)A smart menu for balancing the meals since most all of the foods served are deep fried. Served with one dipping.Mini Churros (Rp 25.000)Even they serve my favorite snack, CHURROS! This one is little bit smaller than the original size, the cinnamon taste was quiet strong, I like it, especially when the taste of cinnamon mixed with chocolate dipping.Wings - Boneless / ClassicFor me, I rarely eat wings as it is the least favorite for chicken since all the wings I see always has less meats, but these wings are bigger than the others you may see in other wings joint, and they're so juicy and succulent! I'm so in love with these wings, they have 10 variants of flavors for the wings, I will tell about it later after this. How many wings do you wanna eat? Choose as many as you like :5 pcs (2 flavors + 1 dip) - Rp 3454510 pcs (2 flavors + 1 dip) - Rp 66.36418 pcs (3 flavors + 2 dip) - Rp 120.000How do they make the wings? Well, after they fry the wings, they toss them in the special bowl with seasoning. Hmm, actually they take a little bit long time to prepare, because the wings are freshly made and they never reheat your wings up with microwave or stove.Many seasonings and sauces you can choose for your wings. From the sweet one to the most spicy one, they are : Teriyaki, Hawaiian, Garlic Parmesan, Hickory Smocked BBQ, Mild, Louisiana Rub, Hot Original, Cajun, and Atomic (DA SPICIEST ONE!).Flavors I like + recommend : Garlic Parmesan, Hickory Smocked BBQ, Cajun, and ATOMIC of course! The wings are extraordinary, I'm in love to Wingstop since the first bite! The price is fair, worth bigger portion and delicious flavors. Once I bite, I think it's never enough to stop!-SEE MORE PHOTOS of Wingstop at : bit.ly/wingstopkemangInstagram : @arsubrataaudreysubrata.blogspot.com continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)