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Level4 2014-12-16
Bagi penyuka sandwich bole merapat ke yo panino nih..karena rasa sandwich disini ajep ajep dah rasanya...hhh...dan disini selain menu sandwich juga ada menu yang lain nya juga..dan kala waktu saya kesini saya memesan menu sandwich nya dan roti sandwich yang saya pesan ada daging,sayuran,saus mayonaise dan ada yang lain nya juga dan yang pasti rasanya maknyusss..dan saya tanya teman saya dia pun cukup suka juga dengan rasa sandwich yang ada di yo panino ini.. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-10-23
Jadi ceritanya pas lagi di Plaza Indonesia sempet bingung mau makan apa.. eh terus ada salah satu resto yang membuat saya cukup penasaran, yaitu Yo' Panino. Tempatnya memang tidak begitu besar, namun cukup cozy dan membuat kita senang berlama-lama disitu. Pelayanannya juga sangat baik dan tempatnya bersih.Speciality dari Yo'Panino adalah sandwichnya. Tapi tenang aja.. Yo' Panino juga menyediakan aneka cemilan, salad, ataupun nasi lho. Apalagi roti-roti disini itu selain mengenyangkan juga sehat.Saya memesan Philly Cheesy Steak yang isinya adalah daging, keju, sayuran, telur dan saus. Rtinya soft dan sangat cocok dengan fillingnya. Paduan keju-telur-dagingnya itu enak banget dan buat super duper ketagihan. Pokoknya wajib banget coba deh openricers. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2014-10-04
Hallo Open Ricers,Bagi pencinta sandwich pasti akan suka sekali makan di Yo’Panino yang berlokasi di Plaza Indonesia. Disini kita bisa meracik sendiri sandwich sesuai selera. Baik itu sandwich berisi daging ataupun sayuran. Di Yo'Panino, pertama-tama kita dipersilakan memilih roti yang diinginkan. Terdapat empat varian roti dengan tekstur dan rasa berbeda yaitu Farmhouse White, Multigrain, Brioche, dan Turkish Pide. Setelahnya, kita dipersilakan memilih isiannya, yang terdiri dari daging, ayam, tuna, wasabi dory, turkey bacon, rending, tempe hingga sayuran. Setelah itu kita pilih topping dan sausnya. Selain sandwich, disini juga menyediakan salad, side dish seperti cheese nachos, French fries, buffalo wings, chick pops, java slaw dan fresh baked cookies.Pada kunjungan kali ini saya memesan Meat The Butcher dengan pilihan roti multigrain, Rp 69.000 yang isinya adalah Crispy Turkey Bacon, Smoked Ham, Beef Salami, Gherkins serta Ham and Cheese Melt dengan pilihan roti Turkish Pide, Rp 39.000 yang isinya adalah smoked ham dan cheddar melt. Saya juga pesan french fries.Ukuran sandwich-nya besar sehingga mengenyangkan. Rasanya juga yummy. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-10-03
Hi Openricers,Last week I was invited to a food tasting event which also included a movie screening event. The venue for the foodtasting event was at Yo' Panino which is located at Plaza Indonesia. The restaurant itself is quite renown for its delicious sandwiches. And truly, looking at the menu just got me drooling.The interior of the restaurant is quite hip. It looked like it's applying industrial theme into the restaurant. The overall feeling I get in this restaurant was cozy and comfortable. And I'm loving the decorations. Unique and so intriguing.Lots of piping and building materials were applied in the interior. The seating area was also very comfy since most chairs have cushions.I got the chance to tried some of Yo' Panino's Premium Sidekicks (light bites) while waiting for the movie screening event to get started. Here are some that I tried.Buffalo Wings - IDR 27KIf ever there should be any light bites that I love, it has gotta be chicken wings. This wings at Yo' Panino tasted decent for me. I love how it's not too greasy. And actually the sauce on the outside layer was pretty good. Unfortunately it was only on the outside. The meat underneath that sauce tasted a bit bland. Could be good if the seasoning was seeped inside. The chicken was cooked nicely though and it's still got that juicy meat.Chick Pops - IDR 24KTasted nice. Nicely seasoned, and went pretty well with the mayo sauce. I'm loving this dish.Truffle Parmesan Fries - IDR 24KI would presume that the Truffle mentioned in the menu is the Truffle mushroom. Well, Truffle mushroom is like a delicacy when it comes to ingredients, And for my palate it seemed a bit overthrown by the cheese. Well, the taste is quite good though, I just hope there would be more striking flavors from the mushroom.Cheese Nachos - IDR 27KThe nachos was topped with jalapeno. Well, I personally love jalapeno and the heatness that comes with it. So I certainly have no objections with this dish. But maybe the name of the dish should be added the word "Spicy" so it won't mislead customers who wouldn't expect nothing else besides cheese and nachos to be served to them.Java Slaw - IDR 15KIf you're a fan of gado-gado you would love this dish. The chips gave it an extra crispy texture which is yummy. The taste was good. Perhaps it just needs better plating to make it more visually appetizing.Spicy Cassava Chips - IDR 12KMy favourite light bites of that day. Maybe my tongue is just too Indonesian, right? lol. But actually this cassava chips really tasted good. The only downside was it's a little too thick. Perhaps if they were cut more thin, then it would be better. But the seasoning was excellent.As I mentioned, Yo' Panino has got some delicious subs to offer. Come on see what I tried.Sloppy Joe - IDR 69KThis is my order. The sandwich consists of ground beef, onions and of course the sauce. The taste was fantastic. The ground beef was delicious and savory. There were more beef than the onions (which is good btw). The buns were nice and soft too,The price may looked high but it came with a monstrous portion, so totally worth it. A really recommended dish. I love it.Crispy Dory - IDR 59KAnother loveable dish. I'm loving how they incorporated jalapenos in this sandwich. So the heat comes up with the nice savory taste from the dory and also the cheese at the same time. Bursting in flavors.Ham & Cheese Melt - IDR 39KDelicious. Good fillings. The bread was a bit hard. Almost too hard for the knife to cut. Had it be softer, it would be good.Philly Cheese Steak - IDR 69KThis one was also super delicious. The beef steak was super tasty, and there's a lot of cheese inside. The buns were soft and truly this is a memorable dish.Pesto Chicken - IDR 59KThere were quite a lot of arugula inside this sandwich. The pesto sauce tasted pretty good, I loved how the olive oil still shined in the dish. The chicken was cooked nicely, and it had a savory taste in it.Avo-Mango Prawn - IDR 69K.The Avo-Mango Prawn Salad had grilled prawns, sliced mango and avocado, frehly chopped mezclun and arugula and finally dressed in spiced lime sauce.I love the salad dressing, it tasted delicious. The prawns too bad there weren't many inside. The mezclun and arugula were fresh and tasty. The portion was quite generous too, so totally worth the price tag.Now let's go to my favourite part. Dessert.Fresh Baked Cookies - IDR 12KThere are 3 variants for the cookies: Chocolate Mint (clean, no topping), Chocolate Chip (with nuts topping) and Almond. From all 3 variants I would say I love the Chocolate Mint more. Basically because Chocolate Chip and Almond are just common variants easily found elsewhere. But they all tasted delicious. The sweetness was fine, and even the chocolate still had that bitter sensation. So it's not all sugary.Coconut Squares - IDR 18KThe most loveable dish that day. The sweetness was perfect. The coconut was delicious. A must-order dessert. Enough said.Banana Cake - IDR 18KNice level of sweetness and the actual banana flavor was decent and not too overpowering. The cake, however, could be better if it was more moist. Eating this cake that day made me thirsty.Speaking about thirsty, now let's see the drinks I had.Blackcurrant, Homemade Lemonade, Milo - IDR 12K/eachThose are the classic drinks I tried. None of them were disappointing. I love how these drinks were not too sugary so I didn't have to concern about having a sugar rush after going home. But if you need to feel more secure about what you drink, there is another option for you.Cold-Pressed Juice Yo! - ranging from IDR 36K to IDR 42K.For you who concern about health, definitely cold-pressed juice is the perfect choice for you. And here at Yo' Panino you'll find there are 12 variants to choose. So many right?I tried the Pineapple Express - IDR 36K and the Vitamin-C Detox - IDR 36K and I love them.Overall conclusion, I'm loving the food here. Especially the sandwiches. I think the restaurant really did a great job in making them.Price tags are quite moderate, considering the portion is fair and enough for a full tummy.Will I be back? Well, for those delicious subs, I believe I can find a spare time to have them again.Keep on chewing!Jazzy DeeFor more of my culinary journey, visit: http://designerdoyanmakan.blogspot.comTwitter: @jzzydeeInstagram: @jzzydeeQuestions: http://ask.fm/jzzydee continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)