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Level4 2015-07-12
WAFFLES can be good any time of day made any way.Oh boy! Why do people LOVE WAFFLES SO MUCH? I mean they are pancakes made in a WAFFLE iron. I LOVE WAFFLES! They are so fun and come in different shapes and sizes. Now-a-days there are restaurants that will make a WAFFLE for breakfast, lunch (as a sandwich) and BEST of all Dessert!The first time I had WAFFLES, I was knee high to a grass-hopper. And I have NEVER STOPPED eating them! WAFFLES are EVERYWHERE!So needless to say when I saw this place, the hairs on the back of my neck said woo, woo. I ordered the BEEF WAFFLE, which is probably the most basic one you can get! It was so pretty. And being the greedy piggy I am, I ate it all at once!BEEF WAFFLEOMG! THE WAFFLE WAS WARM AND DELISH with a touch of SAVORY YUMMY GOODNESS! I could taste the sweetness of the beef and it was cooked to PERFECTION! WHAT, WHAT! Eyes rolling, in the back of my head GOOD! The golden brown waffle was light and crispy. It had a very distinct flavor unlike any other waffle I've tried before. Not too hard and crunchy or too soft and gooey. PERFECTLY DELIGHTFUL! FRENCH FRIESThe outside was crisp and had a perfect crust to it. The inside was nice and wonderfully soft. The texture contrast of the soft inside and the crispy outside. I wouldn't mind munching this all day long. It really held its own as french fries. It was perfectly delicious. Just how I like it... very garlicky and crispy.CUSTOMER SERVICE:Wonderful! Super knowledgeable and friendly. The service here was pretty fast. I love the food came out quick, and you can usually get a seat here. As someone who doesn't like to wait for tables, it's nice to find a place where you don't need a reservation, nor a long wait, and still get a delicious meal. The ambience was very cool as well.SUPER YUM, YUM, YUMMY! I LOVED it!To describe ZUCKERWAFFLE:is like your ideal dream guy or girl1) beautiful2) extravagant3) amazing4) never disappoints5) can't take your eyes off it6) always crave their presence7) savoring each moment8) the whole packageOK, I'm done continue reading
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