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Level4 2012-08-19
Hi Openricers,Still from Batam hehe, after enjoy Soup Ikan Batam , we're going back to the Hotel for took a rest and also showering, and after we got back our energy , we went to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall again, yeah because that's the nearest from my hotel , so we didn't to use taxi or rent a car hehe, and now it's time for shopping ,as you know every woman loves shopping , and accompany my mom here was so exhausting , and I decided to wait her upstairs where there're a lot of cafe and restaurant.After looking the area, I excited to a cafe with unique name for me , Kangen Cafe hehe, so sorry openrice had a wrong data about this haha, it should be KANGEN not KANOEN haha but that's okay , fortunately I can find it and reviewing it now haha, what makes me interested to this cafe? haha their promo.Yappp, they has a daily promo, so everyday there's a menu which can we have with only pay IDR 3.800 , where you can find a cafe dish with that price ?? haha Kangen Cafe is the answer, from the beginning actually I already know , with that price, I didn't expect much for the taste haha, but I still try it , the atmosphere here is good loh hehe, just like usual cafe who provide wi-fi connection and also a comfortable sofa , so waiting here was so relaxing hehe, a service here was quick enough too, and the waiter is really kind to me too hehe.Just about 5 minutes my first menu has came out , wohoooo!!>>French FriesPrice : IDR 10.000This is for my appetaizer hehe, simply cafe menu, nothin spesial with presentation and also the taste, just ordinary thing here, a potato with season deep fried, but I think they didn't made it themselves, but they just fried the frozen one, the portion is not so big but fixed with a soloist eater like me hahaha *just because my mom shopping* ohh yaaa after i finished ate this thing my father came and join me to the meal haha.>>Nasi Goreng PattayaPrice : IDR 3.800This is the promo hohoho, only with IDR 3.800 you can get a big portion of Pattaya Fried Rice, this menu is unique too loh hehe, maybe looks like usual fried rice, but here they put some pineapple when it cooked hehe, so there's a little sour sensation from this unique fruit, maybe the portion is big but it's empty inside >__< , there's nothing in it beside egg and pineapple and only two pieces of fishball cutted haha, poor, but for me the taste is soso lah , you got what you paid hahaha, but it's kinda fun for me to try this promo food hehehe.>>Tenderloin SteakPrice : IDR 26.500Another promo menu haha, actually this was my father's menu, but I also tried it, in presentation not really good, and the meat didn't look like a tenderloin haha, it's so thin and dry, it served on hotplate with potato wedges and fresh vegetables, but in the pict there no potato .__. because already eaten by my father when I went to the toilet , even the tenderloin is so "tender" haha the sauce is good for me, they have a great mixture of sweet and salty , they also put mushroom on the top of the steak, yaaa with that price taste good beside of the rough meat hoho.Well, just as their name I'll be KANGEN with this cafe *only miss their promo* hahaha, yaa next time if openricers wanna go to Batam , there's nothin wrong if you want to eat here, just get what you paid haha, but for sure the taste is good enough ))cheers,Verdi13th continue reading
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