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Mon. -Sat. : 11:00-22:00
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Signature Dishes
Baked Chicken Topped with Creamy Mushroom Sauce Penne and Cheese with Additional Sausage Red Velvet Waffle Shrimp with Salted Egg Sauce Willas Chicken Spaghetti Aglio E Olio with Smoked Salmon
Review (3)
Level3 2016-02-15
Forgive me from being such an outdated person, but this was my first visit to Carpentier Kitchen, a cafe that had actually been existed since 2013. This cafe shares the same space with ORE Store - besides eating, you can do some shopping (or window shopping) here.This is how the store looks like. They sell clothes, footwears, bags and accessories from both indie and global brands like Havaianas and JanSport.Iced Lemon TeaNothing special. Just another typical iced lemon tea.Rating: 7/10Chocolate Milkshake - IDR35,000The chocolate flavor is thick and not to sweet, just the way I like it.Rating: 9/10Baked Barbeque Chicken - IDR49,000signature spicy baked barbeque chicken with choice of mashed potatoes/wedges/french friesDon't you agree with me that this dish look like ayam penyet? Haha. The chicken is tender and they're generous with the mashed potatoes.Rating: 8/10All Time Breakfast - IDR39,000beef bratwurst sausage, omelette/sunny side up, stir fried potatoThe omelette is nicely seasoned, the texture resembles scrambled eggs a bit. The sausage is just average, I like the stir fried potato better than the sausage. The potato is sprinkled with seasoning that kinda looks like Boncabe (a brand of chili powder), spicy but still tolerable and turned out to be addictive. It might not be the most complete or the biggest brekkie plate, but at only IDR39,000 it's very very worth it.Rating: 9/10VerdictCarpentier Kitchen is truly a hidden gem: good and affordable food with homey and laid-back atmosphere! The staffs were super friendly and they gladly helped us taking pics here and there. Second visit? Definitely yes! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Carpentier Kitchen is located on the same place as ORE, one of the hip fashion store located in Surabaya. As far as I know, the owner of ORE is also the one who came up with an idea of holding a Sunday Market in Sutos.I came here about Friday afternoon, and this place is super crowded with teenagers around my age. They’re busy doing with some projects, and some of them enjoying there time there, gossiping.Virginia Cheese Fries - IDR 20,000I LOVE the French fries! I think what makes it delicious is the mayo and cheese topping. This is a must order here.Punta Cana Carpentier - IDR 26,000The pancake taste great, but it’s not that “WOW”. You’ll have 2 stacks of pancakes. So if you feel that’s too much, you could always share ;)Playa Delamor Carpentier - IDR 29,000Actually, all their pancake taste the same and has the same appearance. The only differences is the topping. So this time, it’s coated with a blueberry sauce.Soda Cap Badak - IDR 14,000This is a rare drink to find! It’s not a rootbeer, and it has a sweet taste. Very delicious, and if I’m not mistaken, you could only find this drink around Medan area. So if you haven’t taste one, you could buy it in Carpentier.Milkshake Vanilla - IDR 25,000Milkshake never gone wrong, right? It’s a perfect pair with the pancakes!Vanilla Latte - IDR 20,000However, if you’re a coffee lovers, then vanilla latte could be the right choice. Taste great with a very affordable price, and it’s cold-served.ServiceEven though the place is crowded and we sit in the corner of the place, the waiter still notice us. She even turn on the fan just for us, because we’re sitting outside that day (the place inside is full already). A good service, indeed.AmbianceI must admit that ORE has a very peaceful and very comfortable ambiance to hang out. I love just to sit around here, zipping my coffee – or even milkshake! While waiting for your order, you also could look around the shop, who knows there’s a gorgeous clothes waiting for you there, right?Stay awake for another food journey!--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2013-11-28
Cuaca hujan di sore itu tidak menghalangi saya untuk datang ke Carpentier Kitchen untuk memenuhi undangan gathering Openrice. Cafe yang terletak di jalan Untung Suropati ini memang tergolong unik, tidak seperti cafe pada umumnya. Carpentier ini menyatu dengan ORE premium store, jadi apabila kita memasuki cafe ini harus melewati distro dulu sekalian cuci mata melihat model-model pakaian terbaru. Carpentier terletak di belakang distronya.Cafe yang bertemakan American Classic ini menurut saya memiliki kesan home sweet home, jadi kita bisa berlama-lama di sini untuk sekedar bersenda gurau dengan teman-teman berasa seperti rumah sendiri Kursi-kursinya ini juga seperti kursi tua di rumah nenek saya hehe..Memasuki menu pertama di acara openrice gathering malam itu, ada tiga pancake andalan Carpentier.Pertama ada Nutella Pancake, siapa sih yang nggak suka selai cokelatnya Nutella? Pasti semua akan tergoda dengan kelezatan cokelat Nutella. Maka tak heran Carpentier menjadikan Nutella salah satu topping sekaligus bahan utama mereka di pancake-nya. Jadi menurut saya Nutella dimakan dengan apa aja pasti rasanya udah enak banget Kedua, Pancake Original, Pancake dengan taburan gula halus ini indah dipandang mata. Rasanya manis (pastinya), untuk tekstur dari pancake di carpentier sendiri ini memang sedikit keras ketika dipotong. Tapi ketika masuk mulut rasanya sekali gigit langsung hancur pancakenya. Jarang saya temui pancake seperti ini di cafe-cafe lain. Oia pancake original ini juga ada tambahan saus mapple-nya, so tasty.Ketiga, BnP Pancake a.k.a Banana and Apple pancake. Saya paling suka sausnya, karena rasanya pas banget dicampur dengan pancake, apel dan pisangnya. Dan menurut pengakuan kepala chef di carpentier ini sausnya merupakan homemade dan ada campuran kopi-nya, sehingga gak bikin eneg.Setelah pancake, saya mencoba Baked Barbeque Chicken. Ini rasanya benar-benar enak! Recommended! Kalau lagi mampir Carpentier, wajib cobain menu ini. Potongan daging paha atas yang dipanggang dan disiram saos bbq ini disajikan dengan potato wedges. Bumbunya ini meresap sampai ke daging bagian dalamnya, belum lagi bumbu rempah-rempahnya sangat terasa banget. Dan ini enak sekali Kemudian saya cobain Fettucini ala Carpentier, suka dengan tekstur fettucini-nya yang aldente. Namun mungkin kurang creamy. Tapi itu mungkin menjadi ciri khas fettucini-nya di Carpentier yang membedakan dgn fettucini di tempat lain.Terakhir, yang saya cobain ada Penne Cheese. Memang ini menjadi menu terakhir di gathering kemarin, namun yang paling menjadi favorit saya karena saya pada dasarnya pecinta keju. Dan kebetulan Penne Cheese milik Carpentier Kitchen ini menggunakan 3 jenis keju hmm so yummy. Keju pertama ada keju mozarella, kemudian keju cheddar dan parmesan, hmm kebayang kan gimana rasanya. Gathering kemarin cukup membuat aku pingin balik lagi ke Carpentier di lain hari. Thank you openrice continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)