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I have already eaten at Kogyo. Kogyo is located in Grand City. One of the mall that i liked in Surabaya. Kogyo is a Korean Restaurant for mid-range. It is Mid-range because the price is not cheap and also is not too expensive. I came with my girlfriend and also my friend ( yeah, they kept follow us ). When i asked them to eat at Kogyo, they agreed.It is not hard at all to find where is Kogyo. You just have to go Food Court area and just walk to the left area, after that you will see Kogyo. Kogyo is in the right. Beside Kogyo is The Spaghetti's. Kogyo in this food court is just the counter, not like in Sutos. So, we have to share the sit with the other people in this food court. We sat in the near of Kogyo. The counter was nice and good. There is TV although it was not on. The waiter was nice also and he gave the information about the menu. This place was also clean.The menu was so complete and we did not find difficulty to order the menu. There was only one menu that did not available at the time, it was Lapokki. It is like Tteokpokki, but they give noodle also at the dish. My friend who want to order was sad and changed into just Tteokpokki. So, we order Dolsot Bibimbab Beef, Jajjangmyeon, Tteokpokki, and Ice Lime. Actually, we want to order Ocha but we cancelled it when the waiter said that it was not sweet, hehe.1 big more information. For you all muslim, you can eat in Kogyo. Because in this restaurant did not serve the menu that contain pork. So, it is halal guys . Dolsot Bibimbab BeefI picked this one because i love Bibimbab so much. I worried about the beef because the beef was so expensive at the time so i thought that they will give the beef just little. But the reality NO, they gave me many slices of beef. The bibimbab also enough for the portion. If you want to eat bibimbab you have to stir and mix it as soon as possible because it served with the hot pot so if you do not quick the steam rice will dry because of the heat from the pot. After you mix it you can eat and enjoy you bibimbab. In Kogyo there are 3 options for Bibimbab. There are Vegetable, Chicken, and Beef. Ok, there were many components in that Bibimbab. I saw kimchi, other vegetables, slices of beef, gochujang, and egg yolk with sesame on the top. The view was amazing guys. After i mixed it, i feel hot. It is because the hot pot still give the heat to the bibimbab. After for a while i can enjoy my beloved bibimbab. The taste was extremely delicious. It was spicy, savory, and sweet at the same time. I love the spiciness. It was not really spicy but it was good. The gochujang was really amazing. Don't worry, you will not feel fishy because of the egg yolk. It mixed well with the bibimbab so you can enjoy eat the Bibimbab. The sliced beef was also big. The taste was good also. It was not hard to chew. The vegetables was also fresh and crunchy. I love the kimchi. It is the most delicious Bibimbab that i ever tasted.Taste = 9/10 JajjangmyeonIt is the noodle that i always see in the Korean Drama or Running Man. Korean love Jajjangmyeon so much. I like the Jajjangmyeon because it was not really liquid. It was thick enough. The taste of the Jajangmyeon was awesome. The noodle was chewy enough. The black bean sauce was really delicious and tasty. It was sweet and savory. Oh, 1 more information for you all. The Jajjangmyoen is really hot like the Bibimbab, so you have to blow the noodle because you eat it. There were boiled egg, cucumber, chicken, and also the other vegetables. I love the combination. The portion was also big enough to make you stomach full.Taste = 8/10 TteokpokkiYeay, if Bibimbab is my favorite dish in Korea, Tteokpokki is my favorite snack. In Kogyo they served Tteokpokki with many tteoks and odengs. The taste of the sauce was quite good. It was sweet and little spicy. If i have to complain it was too sweet and savory for me. I want the spiciness in Tteokpokki, but in Kogyo the Tteokpokki was not really spicy. The tteok was okay and chewy. I love the texture. The odeng ( the square one ) was tasty. It is from fish but it is not fishy. It was chewy also and savory. There were also vegetables. Actually i love the vegetables. But, the portion was too much for me. I want the tteok and odengs more that the vegetables. I know it is good if there are vegetables in Tteokpokki but i think that the tteok and odeng are more important.Taste = 7,5/10 Ice LimeIce Lime was also good and refreshing. I know it was sour, but in other way it was refreshing, cool, and made my mind recharge. The lime was nice. The portion also small but it was okay because it was quite enough for me. The taste was good and fine for us. We did not have something to complaint in this Ice Lime.Taste = 7,5So, i love Kogyo so much. The taste is good and i can remember when i write this review . I love the bibimbab beef so much. For the price is worth it for me. For Bibimbab Beef, Tteokpokki, and Jajjangmyeon that we ordered, each of them are up to 40.000 Rupiah. Expensive ? I think it is not, because the portion is big and the taste is good also. For your information, there are also Kogyo in Sutos and Ciputra World. continue reading
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